Sarah Powell: Celebrate yourself (even the bits you don't like)The first thing I want to say is: babes, you’re brilliant.

Even if that makes you cringe or think “she’s clearly talking about someone else.” No babes, its you, you are brilliant.

How do I know that? Because I guarantee in the last 24 hours you have done 45,000 things that were massive excellent achievements that you just didn’t notice. Got out of bed? High five. Got dressed? Amazing. Ate all your lunch? Filled up your water bottle? Messaged a mate back? Babes, you’re a superstar.

Everyday you have a million tiny wins that pass by completely unnoticed because they’re not big loud achievements. We feel they don’t deserve a celebration. I want to say, they do. Because who makes the rules about what we can and can’t celebrate? Who decides what is worthy of a celebration?! I don’t want you to wait to be given permission, I want you to own your personal inner version of self- celebration. A quiet and brilliant support tool in your back pocket at all times, cheering you on.

Everyday you have a million tiny wins that pass by completely unnoticed because they’re not big loud achievements.

Self-celebration is honouring, accepting and supporting the person you are right now. It is about saying to yourself, I’m doing my best. It’s about taking the time to appreciate yourself right now and acknowledge, you’re doing really well. It’s giving yourself permission to believe that you’ve got this. Because you have. No matter what it looks like or whether or not it’s perfect.

We all have stuff we want to change about ourselves. Things we don’t like. What can happen though is we believe that until those things change, we can’t live our best life. We put ourselves on hold, waiting for change and trapped in the belief that “when I get that job/ lose weight/ meet someone/ have more money etc… then I’ll be sorted and happy.” I call it The Waiting Room and I want to tell you that you put yourself in there and you can get yourself out. Because you deserve whatever it is you want, now. You might need to make some changes to get there but you can start right now, you don’t need to wait any longer.

The first thing to do is to accept yourself. Accept this is how it is right now. In fact let’s just stop and appreciate that everything you have done and been through has got you to here. You got yourself to this point, reading this. That deserves a celebration in itself so give yourself a little woop woop right now. When you accept something about yourself, you can start to change it. You take yourself out of that Waiting Room space and get really into your present, which is where all the best stuff happens.

I know there are those bits about yourself you really don’t like. The bits you’d rather not look at or think about. Those parts can be harder to accept because you might have spent a really really long time hating them, but you don’t have to anymore. Start by acknowledging that is how it has been but now it’s time to change. Thank your old self for everything they’ve done, but you’ll take it from here. Then you can work on accepting that part of yourself. I know it might take a long time to change your thinking but I promise you, you absolutely can do it. You can change how you feel about yourself. Because you deserve it. You deserve to let go of hating any part of who you are and you deserve to be your own best mate. You deserve to celebrate yourself.

And I want you to celebrate who you are. Because you’re brilliant.

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