QVC’s beauty stories

From a spritz of a favourite perfume to a layer of mascara, some beauty products just make us feel authentically ourselves and bring back fond memories. This June at QVC, we’re celebrating all the little things that make us feel beautiful, and to mark the occasion, we spoke to some of QVC’s own about their personal beauty stories and experiences.

Katy Pullinger:

“My mother had a drawer in her dressing table, which was filled with all of her make-up. I used to sneak in and look inside at all the beautiful gold cases, compacts, palettes and lipsticks. The glass bottles of ‘Estee’ by Estee Lauder lined up on the top, which I would steal a cheeky spritz from. I remember the smell of the make-up and wishing to be old enough to wear it myself. I love the fun of getting made up and the ritual of mascara and a bright lipstick. It gives me a lift even when I feel flat and I will always finish with a spritz of my favourite fragrance before I walk out the door.”

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Alison Keenan:

“I think my first foray into the world of beauty was when I discovered my mum’s mascara palatte. In those days, it was a little plastic container with a tiny brush in it and a section that contained black kohl paste. The brush looked like a miniature toothbrush and you needed to wet it and rub it into the kohl. Sounds bizarre now, but when I discovered what you could do with it then, my obsession with eyelashes and mascara began. It’s still one product I would be loathe to leave the house without wearing. Your eyes are the window to your soul and sometimes indicate your emotions far more accurately than even a smile can.”

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Miceal Murphy:

“One of my earliest memories as a child is the smell of my mother – the scent of her hair, the fragrance from her scarf and the feeling of warmth and comfort as I inhaled her perfume on her neck when I snuggled into her. Since then,  fragrance has been a vital part of my life and my everyday routine. I never leave the house without it and, if for some reason I do, I feel out of sorts and not quite ready for the world. Fragrance , to my mind, is like a child’s colouring-in book. Without it I am simply an outline, once I apply my fragrance, then the picture comes to life. The best part is you can decide with your fragrance how you want the picture to look: bright, sparkling, vibrant and full of cheeky colour like when you wear Shay & Blue’s Lilacs and Gooseberries Eau De Parfum or alternatively maybe you want the picture to be dark, moody and sultry, like Shay & Blue’s Oud Alif Extract of Parfum.

Fragrance, to my mind, should be the final step in any beauty routine. Doing your make-up and fixing your hair are all about setting the scene, but applying your fragrance as your final step completes the picture.”

Make like Miceal and finish your routine with a spritz of delightful fragrance. We love Floral Street’s Arizona Bloom, with notes of black coconut and pepper.

Jilly Halliday

“My beauty routine is really all about anti-ageing, not only with skincare, but I think make-up plays a huge part. I think as we get older, make-up can actually be really ageing on the skin, especially if you are using the wrong products. I’ve found that now, I actually use less make-up than I’ve ever used in my life but the right products can have a youthful effect.

I’m very picky too – although I want to appear to have a youthful glow, I definitely don’t want to use the same products as my 17-year-old daughter! I need products that will work hard for a more mature skin and look flattering rather than harsh, and I certainly don’t want a foundation that looks great when first applied but then works its way into every line and wrinkle, and then I look like I’ve aged 10 years by lunchtime! (Face Tape from Tarte is excellent, as is Laura Geller Balance-n-Brighten and Blush-n-Brighten.) Also, having longer hair, I really do all I can to keep its strength, as like everything else, hair gets old too!”

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