The supplement brands you need to know

It’s getting to that time of year when looking after ourselves becomes top priority. The food we eat gets a little richer, the weather gets a little colder, and our bodies might need a bit more help when it comes to getting the daily dose of vitamins and minerals. That’s why we love our supplement brands here at QVC. We have so many on offer, targeting different needs and goals. Let us introduce you…

Dr Seaweed

Welcome to the wonderful world of seaweed. Yep, you heard us! Doctor Seaweed’s range of supplements are all infused with this wonder ingredient that helps to provide key nutrients such as iodine, which supports normal thyroid function. With other natural ingredients in the mix too, this range will help you to feel wonderful from the outside in.

Our top picks: Weed & Wonderful Organic Scottish Seaweed Capsules and Weed & Wonderful Immunity Capsules.


Living a busy lifestyle? We get it. You need easy, reliable solutions when you’re on your feet all day. That’s when Imedeen steps in. This range of beauty supplements are an ideal addition your routine if long skincare rituals are too time-consuming. With natural-based formulas designed to support you from head to toe, think of Imedeen as your spa in a capsule!

Our top picks: Hair & Nails collection and Prime Renewal 50+ Years.

The Naked Pharmacy

If you’re looking to introduce more plant-based formulas into your lifestyle, The Naked Pharmacy has you covered. This brand powers its supplements with high-strength plant-actives to help you work towards your health goals. From Black Garlic to Vitamin D, you’ll find targeted formulas to support your lifestyle.

Our top picks: Natruflex Turmeric & Black Pepper Capsules and Natruflex Turmeric Saffrosun & Black Garlic.

Your Zooki

Science-led with a focus on experience, Your Zooki mixes high-quality ingredients with advanced delivery methods to make getting your daily dose of vitamins, minerals and more easier than ever. Even better? They’re delicious! Long gone are the days of hard-to-swallow tablets now that Your Zooki are around. These gel-like supplements can be taken alone or mixed into a drink. Tasty!

Our top picks: Vitamin D and Omega 3 with Vitamin D.

Prime Fifty

Get ready to take on the prime of your life with supplement icon, Prime Fifty. You’re probably well acquainted with this name by now, but if you’re at first introduction, Prime Fifty has a range of supplements targeted at the over 50s, tackling joint health, heart health, brain health and more. 50 is definitely the new 30 with these supplements on your shelves!

Our top picks:  Healthy Joints and Skin, Hair & Nails.


With over 25 years stocking the shelves of wellbeing fans, Healthspan is well-loved for its range of vitamins, minerals and supplements. Offering innovative solutions to support everyday health concerns such as immunity and heart health, Healthspan’s range works to bring you the maximum benefit of it’s chosen ingredients in a simple way.

Our top picks: Love Your Health and Love Your Joints.

8 Greens

Now, even as adults, eating your greens can be a bit of a chore, which is why we love 8Greens so much. Using a combination of spinach, wheatgrass, blue green algae, kale, spirulina, chlorella, barley grass and aloe vera in an effervescent, drinkable formula (that’s delicious too, might we add) you can get all the green goodness in one simple hit – no blending, juicing or chopping required!

Our top picks: Skin Effervescent Drink Tablets with Marine Collagen and Effervescent Drink Tablets.

U Perform

Whether you’re a fun-runner or a wannabe yogi, U Perform’s range of supplements are made with active lifestyles in mind. Infused with collagen and science-led, this range is the perfect addition to your wellbeing routine, especially if you’re one who is always on the go.

Our top picks: Active Berries and Active Collagen Gels & Active Sports Collagen Tablets.

Get your stash stocked up and head over to our full supplements page to discover even more.