How do you refresh your routine?

Spring is on its way, bringing with it a feeling of renewal and a fresh start. So, to celebrate the new season, we spoke to guests, models, presenters, and you, our lovely customers for a little inspiration on how to refresh our routines! Get ready to give your ritual a spring clean!

What is your favourite beauty product to incorporate into your wellbeing routine? 

Eneke, customer

I start with Liz Earle and I love it. Every evening I take my make-up off with the cleanser, then use the toner and I’ve got the Rich cream for after. In the morning before I go for a walk, I quickly have a wash and put a little bit of moisturiser on to stop my face drying out. I’ll come back, have my shower and put my make-up on. If I’m just staying at home, I won’t use make-up – just moisturiser.

Jane, customer

The first thing that I tend to do is look at my fingernails and toenails and make sure they’re manicured as I like them to be neat and painted, so that they look smart. Particularly in the summer when you wear sandals, it’s nice to have nail varnish on your toe nails, it makes you feel so much better. I tend to care for my feet a lot. The skin on my feet tends to get a bit dry, especially in the summer, so I always make sure I cream them well before I go to bed.

Ailsa, customer

I have two – Elemis I absolutely adore. I like the creams, the eye creams in particular, and I use this beautiful product you put on at night – Peptide 4 Plumping Pillow Facial. It soaks straight into your skin and it’s got the most divine smell and texture, it’s lovely. It’s almost got a cooling effect. I literally have it on the other side of my bed to me and put it on as the last thing I do. I use Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, and then the plumping one at night. I love the Absolute Eye Serum, and Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment.

Lara, guest

I’m not big on make-up, but I am big on fragrance. I pick different fragrances for different moods and I think we can use them as pick-me-ups or calm-me-downs. We can use scent in so many ways to focus and sleep well. Scent can powerfully affect how you feel.”

Do you have a set bedtime routine that you follow?

Patricia, customer

I like to try and get a good eight hours sleep in. It’s not always possible but if I can, I do. I like to just lie on my bed with all my nice products on just relaxing, and it’s calming for me, it keeps the mind clear. I try not to have negative thoughts, just positive thoughts. Just think about your family, and how lucky you are to have them. Not everyone’s safe. That kind of thing.

Shanti, customer

“Definitely cleanse and moisturise, and usually I use a retinol product. I’ll watch some TV, have a nice hot drink, and go to bed with my iPad, sometimes I do a sheet mask and sleep. I definitely always take vitamins at night time!

How do you like to relax? 

Julie, customer

“For me, it’s having that time in the evening when the children have gone to bed, just to switch off.  I don’t look at my phone, I watch TV or read a book, and that is my time, and I wont deviate from that. It keeps me going and I look forward to it.”

Anne, customer

“I spend more on candles than I think other people do on food sometimes, but they make me very happy. Having that scent… it relaxes you. Scents can evoke feelings that other things can’t. Any rose scent is my favourite. My mother was a great rose grower and she grew wonderful roses, and any time I smell anything rose, it reminds me of my mum and reminds me of when I was very young. It’s a comforting memory.”

Katherine, customer

I know some people suffer from anxiety and stress more than I do, but I think it’s important to have routines and things that calm you down if that’s something that you suffer from.

How do you change your routine as we head into spring?

Alison, customer

I tend to change my skincare. I use a different moisturiser as it tends to get a bit lighter and warmer, when I can see my skin starting to change a bit. I do change up my eating a bit too. If I’m honest, my eating over winter is a bit more stodgy, a little less healthy, a lot of slow cooker stuff. I think I do make an effort to eat a bit more healthy – a bit more salad, nice stuff – just to try and kick-start my body into being a little bit lighter and brighter.

Joanna, customer

“When it gets warmer and lighter with longer days, I try and go for walks every day. I live outside a town and we have a lovely field I can walk around in, but it’s too dark in the winter. In the springtime I do more outdoor exercise. For skincare, I use more sunscreen on my face and body in case I have my arms out, but that’s all I change.”

Oreke, model

I think our homes are a big reflection of us, so in terms of springtime I love a spring clean. I think if your home is cluttered, sometimes your mind will also feel cluttered. I donate stuff to charity and treat my home to special things, like nice candles. I think if your house smells nice, it feels homely. Maybe a nice cushion to brighten up the space, or a blanket. It’s nice to inject something bright and positive during spring.

How will you refresh your routine this March? Take a look at our Health & Wellbeing department for more inspiration.