How to make your at-home holiday special!

Holidays have taken on a new look for now and being the adaptable types, we’ve found some great ways of making your staycation a little different from the everyday, stay-at-home and do-nothing kind of days. So what can we do to make it different?

Boutique-style home

Why not make a luxe space to enjoy this year? Whether it’s your bedroom or living area, create a peaceful sanctuary where you can switch off from the day and completely relax. Lots of us are taking holidays from work and although at the moment we may not be able to actually go anywhere, we can still make staying home a blissful escape.


So if you’ve got a couple of days off, prepare for them with a bedroom makeover. Our stunning range of bedding and décor means you can create a space that will rival a boutique hotel. Update your bed with this fresh spring bedding set from Cozee Home, add a sleek JM by Julien Macdonald mirror to open up the space, lay down a sumptuous shaggy rug by the bed and envelop yourself in a Cozee Home blanket. Or why not hang up these gorgeous Home Reflections light strands to brighten up your room? And this chic Alison Cork velvet storage stool is a must-have for any space. Then comes the hard part – switch off your phone, close the door, aaaand relax.

Prepare your outside space

Your garden is set to become your family’s picnic spot, play area, barbecue site and relaxation place all in one this year, and we have all you need to make sure you enjoy it to the fullest. Hopefully we can look forward to some good weather in the coming months and to prepare for it, our range of outdoor furniture is ideal for creating a place you can slip away from the computer and the television (or the kids in the evening!) and just relax. This bistro set will create a chic oasis and along with these outdoor tea-lights and (let’s face it) perhaps a cosy throw you’ve got an outdoor space that the neighbours will envy!


Eating al fresco is great fun and we’ve got a selection of products that can take your garden picnic to the next level. Sit back on this versatile Home Reflections rug (great for indoors and outdoors), throw on this fun, printed blanket and you’ve got a cosy area, add some paper plates and delicious snacks and you’re on your way to enjoying food and fun with the family – outside!

In the evenings you can make this same area a little more grown-up. Fire up the barbecue with this brilliant design from Kalorik, play some great tunes on your speaker, or sit back with a glass of wine, dessert and some gorgeously decorative lanterns for a little ambience. Really make your space one you can enjoy with loved ones.

A spa at home

If you crave some me-time or are just missing the pampering of a spa session, why not recreate one at home? We recommend making sure you have some time and space to yourself, in the evenings when the kids are asleep or possibly after you’ve bundled everyone off on a walk.

Switch off your phone (the landline too!) light some delicious candles; we love these from Yankee Candle with their touch of the exotic, and enjoy a lavish bath with all your favourite goodies like this Molton Brown set. Treat your skin to some all-over care with fragrant oil from Elemis and indulge in a full skincare regime with a luxe Gatineau set. It’s the perfect way to close the door to the demands of your day-to-day.

While holidays abroad might feel like a dream for now, we can still aim to enjoy ourselves at home. We hope we’ve inspired you, find even more in our full staycation range here.