Get Cozee this season!

Well, it’s official! Winter’s almost here and by now you’ll have noticed a chill in the air, but instead of shying away from it, why not embrace all that the season has to offer by creating your very own snuggly sanctuary?

If you’re ready to wrap up warm and hunker down indoors, Cozee Home‘s AW21 collection has you covered from all angles. From gorgeous throws to cosy clothing, their specially created fabrics, like Velvetsoft and Fluffie, will surround you in softness – now there’s a good reason to stay home!

As the cold nights draw in, why not dress your house in Cozee Home’s gorgeous designs?

‘One of the certainties of life in the UK is that the weather always gets considerably colder at this time of year,’ Debra Leigh tells us, ‘and now heating bills are on the rise, what better way to sit out the storms than to wrap up warm with Cozee Home?’

Beautiful bedding
We’re all familiar with ‘sheet shock’ – that cold feeling when you get into bed, which makes you huddle up in a tight ball. Avoiding it is easy when you kit out your bed in cosy fabrics that warm you as soon as you settle down in them, making it much easier to ward off the chill on cold evenings.

‘For bedding that’s snuggly from the moment you get in, our Cozee Home Dappled Dots Velvetsoft four-piece duvet set is hard to beat,’ Debra says, ‘If we have to brace ourselves for the colder season, why not cushion the blow with sublime Velvetsoft fabric as a real treat? The design on this set is gorgeous – oval shaped dots to go with the trends, and it’s also a full set with two pillowcases, a deep fitted velvet bottom sheet and a duvet cover, so you can book in your duvet day ahead of time and just luxuriate!’

The must-have throw
There’s nothing more versatile to have at home than a super-soft throw, and you can’t get better than one from Cozee Home.

‘Something from the Cozee Home cupboard that you are bound to love for years to come is our Family oversize Velvetsoft throw,’ Debra says, ‘It really is the biggest throw we do at a massive 2.65m x 2.8m. I reckon three generations of a family could snuggle up in this one, not to mention your pets too!’

To keep those feet warm
For those nights when a pair of socks simply won’t cut it, the heated foot warmer Cozee Home has to offer is one not to miss.

‘It features heat that you can easily control at a temperature to suit with a choice of six settings on the user-friendly digital display controller,’ Debra explains, ‘It even has a removeable fleece lining that you can wash at 40 degrees. What I say is – warm feet, happy heart!’

That’s right, Cozee Home isn’t just about soft furnishings anymore! With their fabulous range of clothing, it’s never been easier to wrap up warm in a matter of moments, whether you’re lounging after a bath or snuggling down in bed for the night.

‘As the colder weather is upon us, it’s the perfect time to think about adding some Cozee Wearables into your winter wardrobe,’ Imogen Connolly says, and when you see what they have to offer, we’re pretty sure you’ll agree!

The perfect pyjamas
It’s easy to ignore what we wear to bed (after all, who’s really going to notice?), but this also makes having beautiful pyjamas that sit softly against your skin an unexpected luxury.

‘One of my favourite pyjama sets is the Cozee Home velvet hooded pyjamas,’ Imogen tells us, ‘They are my go-to loungewear as soon as I get back from the QVC studios and have the luxurious feel of the Velvetsoft fabric, which, as always, gives you that instant hit of warmth without the weight.’

And pyjamas aren’t just for sleeping anymore! Imogen loves to do her pamper routine in hers, and not only because they’re ultra-comfy.

‘The hood adds that extra bit of warmth around the neck and head, so it’s perfect when having a pamper night. I like to put Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer hair mask on and pop the hood up to help the mask absorb with the extra warmth… and I know that I can pop it into the washing machine afterwards with no issues!’

Something a bit different
Sometimes it’s the unexpected things that make the biggest difference to our daily lives, and Imogen reckons that this could be one of those can’t-live-without staples – the Fluffy hooded poncho.

‘This poncho comes in a super snuggly fabric and it makes a great alternative to grabbing the wrap or blanket from the sofa. It’s perfect for layering over loungewear, clothing and coats,’ Imogen says, ‘I meet my son from the school bus, so I’ll be wearing this over my jackets and knitwear for that extra hit of warmth, as well as reaching for it when relaxing at home!’

The me-time hero
If you know someone who deserves some TLC (and perhaps isn’t so great at the whole relaxation thing!), Imogen recommends giving them a gift that encourages them unwind after a long day.

‘As we head towards Christmas, I always like to get a new dressing gown. It’s always a winter treat to myself and this year I can’t wait to try the Cozee Home belted dressing gown,’ She tells us, ‘It has a Sherpa collar, so it’s perfect for snuggling down and it has handy pockets too!’

Feeling inspired to cosy up your home? There’s plenty more where that came from – discover the rest of Cozee Home’s AW21 collection here at QVC!