Get your spring clean sorted in a matter of moments

With the season well and truly upon us, it’s time for that much-needed spring clean, though with everything going on, you’d be forgiven if that’s taken a backseat until now! We know that the last thing you’ll want to do is a big tidy up when there’s friends and family to meet up with for an al fresco lunch or a glass of wine in the garden, but we’ve got some quick, easy tips and tricks to get your house looking neat and tidy in a flash, ready for when you open your doors to guests again. Trust us, you’ll be feeling house proud in no time!

Store it away

By far one of the most important factors of a spring clean is storage to tidy out-of-season clothes, children’s toys, bedding and so much more, and it just so happens that this fabulous set from Periea is the perfect way to get the job done. A QVC exclusive, this set is crafted from a durable metal frame but is also collapsible when you don’t need to use them, so they’ll slot neatly under your bed or in your wardrobe without taking up unnecessary space.

They have handy windows in them too, so you can see everything you need without having to rummage around for it and make a mess. There’s even a range of five neutral colours to choose from, so they’ll match your decor perfectly.

This set is our Today’s Special Value on 4th May, so why not get it at an amazing price and make your home tidier than ever?

Organise everything

Fed up with clutter all over your surfaces, from your home office desk to the top of your chest of drawers? Now you can keep everything neat and tidy with these very versatile drawer organisers, which are just the thing for slotting into the tops of drawers to separate your make-up, underwear, stationary and much more. You won’t be searching for what you need again!

Heaven Scent

When it comes to unpleasant smells in bathrooms or even drains, the cheekily-named Poo Pourri is no joke! It comes in a set of three rather pretty bottles that sit discreetly beside the loo, and all you do is spritz them into the toilet before you go and it creates a film on the water that acts as a barrier to bad smells. That’s it!

It’s one of those products you never knew you needed until you try it… and trust us, when you do, it’ll become an absolute staple in your home. Everyone in the family will love to use it, as the scents are delightful – it just gives that extra ‘clean’ feeling to your home, so you won’t be worrying about it smelling anything less than lovely!

Drain it away

Drains can be a real pain when they start to smell or get clogged with food debris, but luckily you won’t have to crack out the harsh chemicals and rubber gloves with these Ecozone Drain Cleaning Sticks! You just pop one into your drain and let it break down soap scum and organic matter, and it also prevents it from building up again – that’s one spring cleaning job done in a matter of seconds!

Get compressed!

If you’re finding you simply have too many clothes, bedding or even soft toys lying around to get your home looking anywhere close to tidy, an absolute essential is a set of good quality compression bags. As long as you have a vacuum cleaner, you can reduce the amount of space soft items take up in a matter of minutes and tuck them neatly away under the bed, in the attic or in a cupboard.

In a range of different sizes, this set of six from Periea is a winner, because they’re strong and help you save up to 75% more space in your home. They also come in a variety of pretty patterns to suit your decor, so they won’t look unsightly in your cupboard!

Your wardrobe heroes

Once your out-of-season clothes are packed away in compression bags, you’ll have a bit more free space to get your wardrobe organised, and this needn’t take long with the Wardrobe Organiser Set from Huggable Hangers close to hand.

Even if you’re still struggling for space, the hangers in this set are each less than 1cm thick, so they’re ideal for conserving room in your wardrobe that would otherwise be taken up by chunky, bulky hangers. An overfull wardrobe can cause clothes to slip off hangers when you’re pulling things out in a hurry too, but thanks to these hangers’ plush, velvety finish, your clothes will grip onto them and you won’t be left with a pile on the floor!

The set also comes with shoulder shapers and trouser/skirt clips, so you really can get all your clothes sorted in one go, and the results will be instant wardrobe tidiness.

Mop up the mess

Sometimes there’s no avoiding the fact that your floors need a good mop, but it doesn’t have to be the gruelling task it once was. We think that the easier it is to mop and dry them, the more you’ll get round to doing it, so with that in mind, the Aqua Laser Flip Flop Spray Mop is the perfect solution.

It lets you mop and dry in one, so you won’t have to wait all day for the floors to dry or spend time soaking up the water you’ve laid down. All you do is fill it with your favourite cleaning solution, then spray it onto the floors as you mop them – no suds and bucket required! Then, when you’re ready to dry, you just flip the mop round to the dry side to soak up all that excess water. The results speak for themselves, but it’s perfect for busy households when you don’t have time to spend all day mopping and drying.

With these quick and easy spring cleaning solutions, you’ll be able to get your home spick and span without the fuss this season, so all you have to do is enjoy spring itself! Plus, right now, you can spread the cost of selected cleaning products with code CLEAN2, so what are you waiting for?