Our handy duvet tog guide

Feeling chillier? There’s no doubt about it, autumn is here and with the change in season an important factor we should be thinking about is the tog rating of our duvets. It’s likely you’ve come across tog ratings before, but may not 100% understand what they mean.

The tog rating of a duvet essentially tells us how warm it will keep us and as we covered in one of our recent blogs, Six Sleep Tips From Dr Nerina, temperatures can have a big impact on how well we sleep.

So whether you’re on the hunt for a new duvet, are trying to improve your sleep or are wondering if your current duvet is suitable for the colder months, read on to find out all about tog.

What are tog ratings?

A tog rating is a measurement of a duvet’s ability to trap warm air (otherwise known as thermal insulation). The lower the rating, the lower the level of insulation so the higher the rating, the toastier the duvet will be.

In general, tog values range from 4.5 to 13.5:

  • 4.5 tog – one of the lowest options, this is a light duvet perfect for the warmer summer months when you want to keep cool
  • 7.5 tog – another light option for summer that also works well in the transitional stages between spring/summer and summer/autumn
  • 10.5 tog – great for spring and autumn when you’re not quite ready for a summer or winter duvet yet (layer a bedspread or throw over it on cooler nights to stay snug if needed)
  • 13.5 tog – a high tog rating ideal for winter when you need the extra warmth

Choosing your duvet

Here at QVC, we have an excellent range of duvets with various tog ratings, including plenty suitable for this time of year and the coming winter months. Take a look at some of our different offerings below.

Silentnight Dual Tog Duvet

Tog rating: 4.5 and 7.5

One problem you might face is deciding on the right tog rating to suit both you and your partner due to different preferences in temperature. In which case, this Dual Tog Duvet from Silentnight is a fantastic choice. It features a split design with a lighter tog on one side and a heavier tog on the other for those who want more warmth – the perfect compromise!

Slumberland Supreme Comfort Duvet

Tog rating: 10.5

With a breathable cotton cover and a soft microfibre filling, this duvet from Slumberland is an excellent option for those looking for a duvet with a versatile 10.5 tog rating and is ideal for this time of year.

Sealy Select Balance

Tog rating: 13.5

A cleverly designed duvet from Sealy that actively works to keep you at just the right temperature during the night, this 13.5 tog Balance duvet from Sealy is perfect for helping you to stay warm and snug over winter.

Northern Nights All Season Duvet

Tog rating: 4.5, 9, 13.5

We understand buying multiple duvets for every season is not always realistic, so a great alternative is an all-season duvet like this one from Northern Nights. With a 4.5 tog duvet and 9 tog duvet, plus the ability to clip them together to create a 13.5 tog duvet, it’s adaptable for all seasons!

Head over to our website to see our full duvet selection and check back to this blog post any time you need a refresher on tog ratings so you can comfortably whatever the season.