Your spring cleaning checklist

As the days begin to brighten there’s nothing like a satisfying spring clean to clear away the winter cobwebs, but what to tackle first? We recommend breaking your tasks down room by room, so it feels less daunting.

It also means if you don’t want to tackle it all in one fell swoop, you can pick a room or even a specific area like ‘the cupboards’ to tick off that day. We’ve taken a look at three key areas of the home below, the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, to help you get started.

Remember to kit yourself up beforehand too! You’ll find an excellent range of cleaning supplies, organisers and useful tools to give you a helping hand in our Spring Cleaning Collection.

Right, let’s spring to it…

The kitchen

  • Oven – try using an old toothbrush to reach tricky corners and gaps, and remove burnt-on stains and residues with the help of an oven cleaner like this non-corrosive, odourless cleaning gel from Ecozone.
  • Countertops – stick to the recommended cleaner for the type of surface you have and wipe countertops clean with a soft cloth like this multi-tasking microfibre one from Kochblume.
  • Cupboards/pantry – take everything out and give the interior and doors a good wipe down and dry before putting everything back (a good chance to re-organise too!).
  • Fridge – remove shelving and bins, and wash them in warm, soapy water before drying and placing back in, also giving the interior walls and door a wipe down.
  • Kitchen sink – if you’re going to be using this regularly as you spring clean, make it the last thing you do. Try sprinkling a small amount of salt on the sides and bottom, slice a lemon in half and clean the surfaces with the halves, rinsing the basin with warm water after.


The bathroom

  • Bath and shower – safe to use on marble, tile, metal fixtures, fibreglass and more, the Foaming Bathroom Cleaner from this Sunny Valley Apple Cider Vinegar Cleaning Set is fantastic for cleaning bath and shower zones, helping you to cut through limescale and hard-water build up.
  • Mats and rugs – for a thorough refresh pop any bathroom mats and rugs through the wash on a gentle, cold setting and hang them to dry. Remember to shake them first to remove loose dirt too.
  • Shower curtain – remove metal hooks and place in the washing machine, then hang back up in the shower to dry. Alternatively, wipe down by hand using a damp cloth and warm water.
  • Toilet – spray the exterior with an all-purpose cleaner like this Anti-Bacterial Spray from Ecoegg and scrub the bowl with a toilet brush.
  • Odour – make it smell nice and fresh with diffusers or candles like the ones in this Odour Eliminator Set from Price’s Candles. Featuring beautiful spring scents, it’s perfect for filling not just your bathroom but your whole home with uplifting scents for the new season.


The bedroom

  • Bedding – there’s nothing quite like sinking into soft, clean sheets! So give your bed linens a wash but don’t forget to run duvets and pillows through a cycle too, always checking the labels before washing as some may need to be dry cleaned.
  • Mattress – doing a thorough spring clean is good motivation to focus on your mattress too. The upholstery and crevice tools on vacuum cleaners are ideal for this and spritzing with a disinfectant spray or a DIY solution of fabric softener and water can do wonders for a fresh finish.
  • Wardrobe – have a good sort and organise of your wardrobe, checking if anything needs to be repaired, removed or repurposed. This is a good chance to pack away winter clothes and bring out your spring and summer garments too! Storage solutions like chests and boxes are great for this.


Whether you’re planning on doing a little or a lot, we hope you’re feeling motivated to breeze through the spring clean this season! Don’t forget to check our collection for any extra supplies you may need.