Inside QVC Podcast Episode 108 – Patrick Hoy

Will Gowing catches up with brand ambassador for Quacker Factory and QVC fashion presenter, Patrick Hoy. Patrick tells Will all about his QVC journey, why it’s so important to trust your instincts and how a cruise set him on a different career course entirely.

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  1. My first podcast ever it was brilliant! I had a meet and greet with Patrick I never met him and he contact me and when I said I wanted to meet him someday and we had a very special time together with other of his friends the four of us and Hollywood it was so special… He’s a very special person he’s my friend now I couldn’t imagine not knowing him he’s the most diverse person that I have met… Love always, Janice McQuaide
    This podcast was such a delight

  2. Absolutely love Patrick presenting ,he is so thorough in the detail ,which is a real asset,as the measurements are crucial, and save haven’t to return as sizing is out ! He is a blessing,so please KEEP him ,he’s such a joy x

  3. Thank you, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed listening to this podcast, love watching you Patrick whatever you’re presenting 🙂

  4. I’ve watched Patrick on QVC from his start – and purchased many lovely Quacker Factory items along the way too! It’s so great to see him now bringing his expertise to other brands. He is always cheering, enthusiastic, bright, knowledgeable, informative, persuasive without being pushy. I don’t listen to my inner voice enough and am inspired at how much Patrick trusts his. I have lots of friends in real life, but feel like I have a virtual friend in Patrick. He certainly makes me feel better when I’m down in the dumps and he brightens my day. I think he would be a perfect gameshow host too. I bet he’s fun at parties!
    My parents were from Hartlepool too, by the way!
    Another interesting podcast, Will is a good interviewer – perhaps a new career path?

  5. Well what a great time I have had listening to Patrick. What a very interesting fun filled life he has had, I found it fascinating to hear about all his adventures through life. Keep it up Patrick.

  6. WOW – thank you all so much for the lovely comments – and most of all for taking the time to listen to this podcast – I really am so grateful to each of you!!!

    And thank you Will for asking me to be a part of this – not only are you a wonderful friend – but you’re a sensational interviewer – thank you for making me feel so much at ease during our conversation!!

    Thank you all again for your lovely words – I’m the happiest grownup kid in the world!! 🙂


  7. Wow Patrick . I have just listened to your amazing podcast . Such an interesting and brave career you have had . I am sure it will inspire many people to take a chance in their career moves and hopefully find a job they really love . I love watching you on qvc you were made for the role !! Inspiring people to look and feel their best . Thank you Patrick for brightening our days

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