Inside QVC Podcast Episode 110 – Rosa Speyer

Will Gowing speaks to Yankee Candle brand ambassador, Rosa Speyer. Rosa talks about the power of fragrance, her early years training in law and what life is like away from QVC.

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    1. Rosa I have always enjoy listening to you on QVC over the years. You always express your passion about Yankee Candles scented fragrances in such amazing details. You have got me a lot more interested in Scented Candles and how to use them.
      You are also a great 5 star story teller and I can always appreciate how much time you have taken to resource your products throughly.
      I love your energy and drive and I always look forward to seeing you on QVC and hope you stay for many more years.

      Thank you for telling your story and wish you every success for the future.

    2. Hi, I was wondering if Rosa is ok, as she’s not be on QVC for a while? Hope she is well.

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