Inside QVC Podcast Episode 116 – Simon Brown

Will Gowing catches up with cooking expert and presenter, Simon Brown. Simon shares some of his top festive cooking tips, how his foodie career began and what he loves about presenting at big live events.

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  1. Hi Simon,

    Enjoyed listening to your podcast. I always look forward to your guest presentations. What always comes over is a genuine interest in food preparation and an awareness of your audience. It’s never about you, no showing off or bragging how lucky you are to have a job with so many samples. Having said that it is the Brand Ambassador who should have product samples, QVC presenters are there to represent us, the paying customers and ask relevant questions. In my opinion they do not need samples but that’s another story! This podcast reinforces what a good person you are and I look forward to seeing you a lot more on our screens. Wishing you and those close to you a peaceful and special Christmas.

  2. Hi Helen,
    Thank you so much for your lovely message. I’m so glad you enjoy what I do on air, and that my passion for cooking comes across. I just want to share the joy of being able to cook without getting stressed, eat good food without spending a fortune, and have fun whilst you do so.
    Don’t worry, I do get a chance to use everything before it is on-air, and I think my house would burst at the seams if I had a sample of everything I demonstrate!
    Hope you and yours have a lovely Christmas too.

  3. hi Simon i have one of the adjustable plasic kettls for rice or veg and it is is fantastic and everyone wants to know where i got it but it hasn’t been back on i have had it for about 6 years will it ever come bsvk

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