Inside QVC Podcast Episode 54: Debbie Flint

Will Gowing chats to QVC Presenter, Debbie Flint, as they celebrate the first anniversary of Inside QVC! Debbie talks all about her early career, coming to QVC, writing and working in business. Debbie also shares some of her favourite episodes from the last twelve months.

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  1. Hello Debbie I listened to your podcast i found it very interesting i saw you the first time time on QVC and was so please that you came back as you were part of the QVC family i always read your stories about your family and upcoming news on QVC photos of your dogs past and presence enjoying spending time with your family and friends you are amazing Lady sending you best wishes Lyn and Mr Pip the cat 🐱 xxxx

    1. Thank you Lynn how lovely of you to comment this way. It was a pleasure to do it with Will. Nice to know you are there. X

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to your podcast, Debbie. I have always admired/ envied your energy. So happy you have moved into your gorgeous flat, marvellous to be near family, I did worry about you zipping up & down to Devon in what I thought must be ungodly hours! Best wishes in all your future ventures. X

  3. Hi Debbie, love watching you on QVC, just seen a vid of you on fb, how do I go about watching/listening to your podcast xx

    1. Do you mean my weekly Facebook live my lovely? Just search Debbieflintqvcchat – I always post a link there each Thursday night, so you can watch it after if you miss it live 🙂 X thank you for being interested X

  4. Debbie & is Will thank you so much for that. I love you Debbie and you can sing Kate Bush songs!!!!! Wow you are a lovely lady I wish I lived down south, well maybe not I would miss Yorkshire too much. But I would love to be able to meet you for a coffee or a Bailys Almonde!!!!!!!! Or you can mix the two!!! That is one of the best things about Baileys you can put it in a coffee ☕ and skip the milk lol
    Sending love and hugs. I hope you are enjoying your new flat xox

  5. My first podcast that I have listen to …..WOW…..really enjoyed it …….Debbie was really interesting to listen to and the many things that she has done….. I will also go and look for the other podcasts that she said about ,

  6. Loved listening to your podcast.
    I used to watch you on SSVC TV in Germany. It was great to hear your story. Very interesting and inspiring.

  7. Hi Debbie first time accessing QVC podcast enjoyed every minute listening to your story always enjoy watching you on the shows .

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