Inside QVC Podcast Episode 138 – Michael Perry

Will Gowing speaks to gardening expert, Michael Perry, aka Mr Plant Geek! Michael chats to Will about sustainability, the latest trends, growing your own food and creative tips for summer garden parties.

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  1. Can I ask this please? I’ve checked if my plants are on their way, and they are in process. I have my potting compost and washed out my pots ready but I’ve ordered Richard’s ‘super food’ but what if the super food doesn’t arrive until I’ve potted up my plants? You can tell I’m a novice can’t you?
    Thank you very much guys.

  2. Good evening Michael,

    I have a rosemary tree which has a lot of time on some leave, when I check I can see little egg like bugs are they harmful to the rosemary and what can I do to keep them off. I tries Richard Jackson last control but it’s not helping.

    Please advise what I can do.

    Love your shows

    Thank you and Kind regards

  3. Hi Micheal Perry, please can you help me. I have suntastic plants I used ericaceous soil I’m new to gardening. Should I be using the other type soil and why. Thanks for been there to answer my questions . Have a great year love Bernadette xox
    West Yorkshire

  4. Hi Michael I love the tree Lillie’s and have just seen the RJ Freesia lily which are beautiful. I am hesitant to buy the as I buy new ones every year and the red beetles have a banquet on them even before they flower. By the time the flowers are in bloom they are on the top of 5′ stick. I bought some insect repellent for red beetles but they seem to like it. How can I stop them so I can enjoy my Lillie’s. Thanks Jacqui

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