Sleep well this Sleeptember

September is upon us and here at QVC it’s not just September, but Sleeptember! This annual event run by the Sleep Council aims to raise awareness of the importance of sleep, what you can do to achieve a better night’s rest and the benefits a good night’s sleep can bring. We’re welcoming it back this year with top tips and a fantastic collection of products from some of the best bedding experts in the business, including Silentnight, Sealy, Tempur, Northern Nights and Cozee Home.

As schools start to go back, longer nights beckon and you begin to settle into a new routine, this transitional seasonal period is an ideal time to look at how well you sleep. What with the lighter, longer days of summer, heatwaves and the uncertain times we’ve had over the past months, you won’t be alone if you’ve found your sleep being more disturbed recently. Poor sleep is a common problem for many people, which is why campaigns like Sleeptember are so important.

So, what can you do if you’re struggling to get a good night’s sleep? One of The Sleep Council’s key tips is to make sure you have a calm, relaxing and comfortable sleep space to retreat to. An uncomfortable bed and bedroom environment can have a significant impact on how easily you fall and stay asleep, and what one person finds comfortable, another may not. This is why it’s important to tailor your bed to your needs and along with Silentnight, we’re here to help you do just that.

The experts in all things sleep, Silentnight offer products for every sleeper including practical solutions designed to help with overheating, aches and anyone in need of a little extra support. Let’s take a closer look at them and some of the most common problems that may be disrupting your nocturnal hours.

For overheaters

Often go to bed or wake up during the night feeling hot and bothered? This is a regular occurrence for many over the warmer months as well as women going through the menopause. Switching to more breathable bedding can do wonders to help you sleep through the heat and Silentnight has an excellent array of cooling options specifically designed for overheaters, providing superb breathability and comfortable temperature control to help you get a refreshing night’s sleep.

Some of our favourite cooling finds include the Comfort Control Anti-Allergy Mattress Topper, which is designed to react to your body temperature to either cool or insulate it and maintain the optimal temperature as you sleep. While the Airmax 13.5 Tog Anti-Allergy Duvet features air mesh walls that work to increase airflow inside the duvet, allowing maximum breathability and circulation.

Top tips

To cool things down come bedtime, you can also try:

  • Lowering the temperature in the bedroom with a fan
  • Keeping curtains closed from mid-afternoon onwards on warm days
  • Keeping your feet outside of the sheets


For sink-in snoozers

Often wake up feeling stiff? Looking to relieve pressure or ease aches whilst you sleep? What you are sleeping on can make a big difference and it could be time to replace your mattress or pillows with something that conforms better to your shape. Silentnight’s memory foam bedding is ideal for this, as the cocooning material works to gently mould with the contours of your head and neck, helping to keep you comfortably supported.

A quick way to help enhance your bed with memory foam is with Silentnight’s Breatheasy Memory Foam Quilted Topper and this set of Breatheasy Memory Foam Pillows. Both boasting memory foam centres and breathable hollowfibre, they offer tailored support and breathability to help keep you comfy from head to toe.

Top tips

To help take your mind off any aches and wind down, try any of the following before bed:


For support seekers

Supportive bedding can help relieve pressure, keep the body in an aligned position during the night and helps ensure you (or your partner) move less, so you can get the best out of bedtime with more uninterrupted sleep. When in need of extra support, you may instantly think that means a brand new mattress and although this is a great investment, it is not always feasible or necessary. A new pillow may be all you need.

Silentnight offers a number of pillows designed to provide super support and comfort for every shape, size and sleeping position. This Multi-Way Body Support Pillow for example, aims to deliver excellent back and neck support whether you are sleeping or sitting up in bed reading, watching TV or nursing. If you’re after something similar but slightly more squeezable, we’re also big fans of this Squishy Body Pillow too, which is encased in a soft microvelour, velvet-touch removable cover for added comfort.

Top tips:

To find your most comfortable sleep position, try:

  • Switching up sleep positions to see if a different way feels better
  • Pay attention to the position you wake up in, if it is different to the one you fell asleep in you may not be getting adequate support
  • Sleeping with a pillow between your knees to help relieve pressure


Think your bedroom setting needs a sleep-focused overhaul? Remember we’ve got plenty more practical and luxurious options to choose from in our Sleeptember collection. It features a wide array of duvet sets, mattresses, throws, pillows and more, from Silentnight and other big-name bedding brands. Take a look and sleep well this September and beyond.