Live cosy this winter

Model sat on a bed holding a mug in both hands

Searching for ever more creative ways to try and keep warm this winter? We’ve got a few cosy ideas to help you feel a little toastier at home that will make your place look great too!

Fluffy bedding

Cozee Home Fluffy 3 Piece Duvet Set - 815487

We all agree that the feeling of slipping into a fresh set of bed sheets is amazing at any time of year, right? Well, as far as we’re concerned, you can multiply that sensation by a factor of “Jiminy Christmas, this feels incredible” when it comes to enjoying new and fluffy bedding on crisp winter evening.

A good fluffy duvet set just seems to radiate heat, like getting a hug from a bear – a cuddly and gentle one, mind. If that sounds like just the ticket, then we’ve got some fuzzy duvet covers and pillowcases that are going to make your bed snugglier than ever.

Cozee Home Popcorn Fleece 4 Piece Duvet Set - 819100

Cozee Home are our first port of call (you might not be surprised to hear that their name will be coming up quite a lot over the course of this post – they really do do what they say on the tin) and, honestly, when it comes to their three-piece fluffy duvet set we don’t know whether to curl up in it or stroke it. I mean come on now, look how fluffy!

Alternatively, this Popcorn Fleece duvet set, also from Cozee Home, offers a wonderful balance of aesthetics, texture and warmth with its popcorn face and its luxurious solid fluffy sherpa fabric reverse.

Cosy throws

K by Kelly Hoppen Dashed Faux Fur Throw - 815329

What we really need to help us keep warm is to have a blanket close to hand in almost every room in the house, that way we can enjoy that bedtime cocoon feeling in the study, the conservatory and the lounge, as well as providing a little extra warmth in the bedroom.

Warmth, cosiness and a soft, decorative interior design touch all in one? You know, we might just be on to something here…

Cozee Home Luxury Teddy Fleece Throw with Velvetsoft - 820352

If you’re looking for a spot of tactile luxury from your handy throw then K by Kelly Hoppen and our old friend Cozee Home have you covered. This dashed faux fur throw from K by Kelly Hoppen combines hibernation-worthy levels of fluffiness with the intriguing sensory experience of its design of dashed divots throughout.

This teddy-fleece throw from Cozee Home, on the other hand, combines a simple, fluffy style with Cozee’s much-loved VelvetSoft fabric for a simple decorative touch that you won’t want to share.

K by Kelly Hoppen Signature Logo Throw - 814776

Looking for a little more glamour from your throws? Well, for that we turn once again to our interior design queen, Kelly Hoppen, and the ever-fabulous Julien Macdonald. Kelly Hoppen’s Signature logo throw is a great way to finish your lounge or bedroom look, particularly if you’re an adherent of Kelly’s wonderfully elegant minimalist design principles.

JM by Julien Macdonald Animal Foil Print Throw - 819451

Alternatively, you could go for all-out glamour with this animal foil print throw from the JM by Julien Macdonald range. Flashy without and cosy within, there’s both style and substance in abundance to cater to the frosty fashionistas among you!

Long hot water bottles

Cozee Home Long Plush 2L Hot Water Bottle with Pom Poms - 814375

Yeah, you read that right. These aren’t your everyday hot water bottles – these are longer.

Much more than a fun novelty (though they’re also both fun and novel) these long hot water bottles are an absolute dream for draping around a sore neck or running all the way down your back or across your torso.

With their elongated, slim shape, they’ll help to deliver heat to a broader area for more relaxing and less repositioning, and they’ll also help to avoid the swelter scenario of having too much heat concentrated in just one place.

YuYu Body Hot Water Bottle in Fleece (728056) and Waffle (728057)

These Cozee Home long hot water bottles feature a cute plush cover with adorable pom pom decorations, while these YuYu body bottles are available with a breathable cotton waffle-textured cover or with a fuzzy polyester fleece cover.

For more ideas on how to keep cosy at home (and look good doing it!) make sure to check out our Home Comforts selection.