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Whether you’re an Olympic athlete or a serial entrepreneur, every woman will go through menopause. At QVC we feel that while this should be a unifying, solidarity-building experience, it’s woefully under-discussed and under-represented in our everyday lives.

What we’ve learnt

Atomik Research* have discovered that more than one in five women feel that they have no-one who they can talk to about the menopause, and that only 9% of the 2000 women surveyed feel prepared for this life-changing event. Additionally, a third of women they spoke to had never even discussed menopause with another female relative.

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These startling statistics showcase a real need to change the narrative, and it’s the reason why we’ve created this new campaign featuring inspiring women from all walks of life as they share with us their own journeys.


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Strictly Come Dancing head judge Shirley Ballas has this to say about her menopause: “My experience going through the menopause was an emotional one and something that will stay with me for the rest of my life – it was a very difficult time. I couldn’t control my body;  it was controlling me. It’s such a huge milestone and yet, it’s talked about so little.”


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We’ve also been speaking to Heather Jackson, co-founder of Gen-M, an innovative business that partners with forward-thinking brands to make menopause education and information more accessible. “The research tells us that over one in five women say they have nobody they can talk to about the menopause, and that is staggering. Quite frankly, that must change – the menopause can be a lonely place and it doesn’t need to be. I would urge anyone who feels alone to talk. We need to normalise the conversation in order to change society for the long term, and by doing so, we can ensure we make today’s experience of the menopause, better than yesterday.”

Discover more at QVC

As part of our Menopause Your Way campaign, we’re fostering a sense of community by involving you in our weekly QVC Live shows, answering your questions with industry experts on Facebook and Instagram Q&As, and hearing about your game-changing product picks too.

You can find a wealth of articles on our Stories page, including this interview with CBT nurse Emma Persand on how talking therapies can help you to manage menopause symptoms like hot flushes. We’ve also spoken to Elvie founder Tania Boler on the benefits of kegel exercises to protect your gynecological health. Get The Gloss beauty editor and yoga teacher Victoria Woodhall has shared her passion for yoga as a tool to support bone density, while GP and women’s health expert Dr. Lindsey Thomas has compiled a guide on how to make the most out of your initial GP consultation to discuss your symptoms and treatment plan.

There’s so much to discover with a range of perspectives on offer, from first person accounts to  interviews with leading industry voices, so that you can go through menopause, your way.

For more stories, advice and interviews, head to the Menopause Your Way Stories hub. To browse and shop a curated edit of menopause products, visit the Menopause Your Way page on QVC.

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We understand there’s a lot of information out there on the menopause. You can read through the NICE guidance on menopause management, as well as the NHS overview on the menopause.

*QVC’s online survey was conducted by Atomik Research among 2004 females in the UK, between 25th July – 1st August 2022