Crystal facial tools are having a moment right now. From jade to rose quartz, brands are capitalising on the natural properties of stones that have been used in Chinese medicine for millennia, in the form of a type of facial massage called Gua sha. When used in conjunction with your facial oil, the manual pressure and pressing of these crystal tools work to bring blood to just under the surface of the skin, expelling stress (in the form of heat) and leaving your skin looking balanced and clear, with a rosy flush that disappears in a few minutes.

The act of pressing or ‘scraping’ (as it’s called in the practice of Gua sha) can also help to encourage your skincare product to penetrate deeper and target the areas that need a little extra attention too.

Perfect if you’re feeling stressed, tired or puffy, a small-but-mighty crystal might be just the thing to help you up your beauty game, as not only can these mystical stones increase the absorption and efficacy of serums and oils, they also do a great job of relaxing facial muscles and targeting any tension. Plus, they feel cooling and refreshing on the skin – just what you need if you’ve got an early start or are in need of a pick-me-up.

As an act of self-care to enjoy a moment of calm and clarity before bed, and to help your skincare products work harder and absorb quicker, these crystal tools are a real game-changer in any beauty routine.

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