With the rise in recent years of targeted, topical products, the focus has been firmly on skincare: powerful ingredients to cocktail, serums to layer – but what about the humble eye cream? Not so humble, as it turns out; eye creams have been receiving the same treatment as the rest of the skincare industry. The same combination of ingredients that work for your skin can also work for the delicate eye area, albeit in less concentrated amounts.

Eye creams can do a myriad of tasks – they brighten and disguise dark circles, they reduce lines and wrinkles, and lift and firm your eyelids. They’re almost paramount to creating a smooth base for eyeshadow and concealer. If you haven’t had enough sleep, or need to look less tired like, right now, an eye cream is the place to start.

Make sure your eye cream can keep up with the rest of your skincare, with our edit of the ones that work the hardest.

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