It’s blooming June!

Hey guys. As always I hope you’re taking care and are well.

So, it’s June, officially summer, and that means I just have 5 weeks of home schooling left, which if I break that down into 25 days seems much more manageable! I want my dining table back!

I’d love to say “it may look chaotic but there’s a system”, but I’d be lying. It’s just chaos! I think you know your own kids, so I have made my peace with the fact it’s unlikely mine will be Nasa scientists, or something else dead brainy! They’re also still small so I don’t think I’ve damaged their tiny brains too much with this term off school.

So my ethos has been to keep school work to what we def have to do, and the rest of the time we have been mainly exploring our area and discovering some really cool places!

We visited Lee Valley Park today, which is AMAZING!

There are so many beautiful paths, canals, rivers, birds, sculptures and even otters, although we didn’t see any of those as stealth and quiet is also not something the kids excel in. Add Ninja to the jobs I’m pretty sure they won’t do.

I managed to get us lost because I didn’t realise how huge it is, but they managed to walk and cycle for 3 hours before they started moaning. Maccy Ds was finally open on the way home and the promise of a Happy Meal kept their spirits up all the way back. All in all today was a solid mum win!

I have to do a big shout-out to Apple who have massively upped their game on the cameras on their phones! Look at the detail of this dragonfly I captured on our walk! It’s crazy!

We have an iPhone 11 Pro at QVC at the moment, I love the photos I can take now. I use the portrait setting a lot and the photos I take of the kids now are a million times better than my old Apple.

We have also found another sculpture park near by, in Boxbourne park… no prizes for what I’m googling to find these places.

And even though they’re too big for it really we managed a couple of laps of the Gruffalo Trail in Ealing before they remembered they didn’t read the Gruffalo anymore.

My next adventure, although the rain has halted these for a bit I fear, is Virginia Water Lake with waterfalls. If you have been and have any tips, or if you know of any other Greater London trips they might enjoy please let me know.

So when there’s a new month at the Q there’s all sort of new promotions.

A new Supersize of the Month – the Skinsense Anti-ageing Revitalising Facial Serum. This is a lightweight, fast-absorbing formula that works to revive tired-looking skin, while targeting the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It has Abi Cleeve’s patented technology that means the serum is locked into your skin all day.

I really like the way this feels on my skin, especially after so much sunshine this year, my skin needs extra hydration that’s not greasy. Easy to use too, you just massage it gently into your skin in the morning after cleansing before applying your usual moisturiser.

A new gardening Product of the Month – this amazing set of 3 x 90cm thunbergia pots in orange white and pinky red, and a barrel tower planter from Thompson & Morgan. The mixture of flowers will climb and intertwine as they grow together, creating a colourful column with the wooden barrel effect tower pot included.

A new beauty Product of the Month – a mega-size of the Magic Finish Make-up Mousse from M.Asam. This adjusts to all skin tones and it’s like your skin’s been photo-shopped! It blurs out any redness or imperfections, I bought this for my mum and she loves it. She doesn’t wear make-up, but this gives her just the right amount of coverage if she’s meeting friends or just having one of those days wear you need a bit more confidence in your skin. I genuinely don’t think you can tell anyone is wearing make-up with this on, it just makes your skin look flawless.

We have a new Diamonique of the Month. I really love our Diamonique design this month. It’s a droplet necklace. You have 4 options, the heart droplets in Rhodium plating or Gold. Or the Mixed cut design again in Rhodium plating or Gold. It’s a really ageless piece and great alone or perfect if you’re going for the stacking look.

We also have a fashion event happening the weekend 12th June. 48 hours of QVC’s high summer fashion! Expect some lovely new pieces, and keep an eye out for some great fashion TSVs that weekend. A gorgeous Kipling Anzo bag and a beautiful MarlaWynne Tunic Shirt!

Thanks as always for reading my blog.

Stay safe.

Much love,

Alex xx

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  1. Oh, Alex, you do make me laugh. Gok was absolutely spot on when he talked this week about how zingy you are. When he said that, I was still busy laughing about you warning everyone that your producer was about to wet herself. You’re utterly, utterly fab, never change!

  2. Hi Alex, you very recently wore a fabulous white patterned floral dress when presenting a Tech TSV & I wondered who the designer was? Many thanks Angela

    1. Hey Angela – it’s from Baujken on our website. I love it!! It’s on sale from £160 to just under 90! 176054 xx

  3. Hi Alex
    I tune in every night to qvc just to see what on and I just love when you are presenting
    You are so natural and wonderful at presenting You are a joy to watch I hope you never retire
    Linda from Ireland

    1. Linda! What a very kind thing to say! Thank you so much! I’ve no plans for retiring any time soon 😉


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