The winner of the Diamonique bracelet dress watch!

Three Diamonique watch bracelets

Hello there!

And what a fantastic response to our Diamonique watch giveaway: so many wonderful comments here on the blog and also many more on Instagram. It was lovely to read them all and to find out if you’d be gifting it on to someone else or treating yourself. Thanks too for sharing the memories this beautifully designed timekeeping piece of jewellery evoked. I did want to send a hug to Lynn Gibson, Sylvia Ash, Chris Moran, Morag Sharp, Maayan Boccara, Julia Smith and Valerie Bruce as I realise this year has been particularly difficult for you and those you love, and I am very much hoping that next year will be easier.

I wish I had a watch for every single one of you but, as promised, a winner was picked at random and the silver-tone option of our Diamonique Bracelet Dress Watch is going to Andrea Collins – congratulations! 😊 This was her comment:

I would keep it myself as it reminds me of my mother as she had a similar watch which she wore all the time as she absolutely loved it, brings back happy memories as she is no longer with us, but still missed.

Andrea, I very much hope you enjoy wearing it, and that those memories will make you smile this Christmas. And if you would still like to treat yourself, or someone you love, to this beautiful design then it’s item number 347112 and, at a feature price of £54.98 at the moment, you’ll be saving just over £20 on the original price of £75. It comes in a beautiful box and, if you order by 8pm on 20th December, will be delivered in time for Christmas too!

I’ll bid you adieu for now, but I will respond to your comments before posting my pre-Christmas blog in the next week or so! Just heading downstairs where it’s closer to Ice Station Zebra in temperature than my cosy back bedroom, which I’ve now set up as a temporary workroom, complete with the Dyson Hot & Cool fan! The sitting room and dining room ceilings are coming down today and it’s mighty cold and very noisy in the house, but the workmen need feeding!

Take care, stay warm and thanks again for taking part in this giveaway. See you soon!

Love, Ali xx

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  1. Hi Alison, that really is a beautiful watch. I’m very tempted. I have huge sympathy with an upside-down house as we are also having renovations and work done at the moment. The majority will be happening after Christmas … I’m just trying to keep the end goal in sight as I clambour over boxes and piles of the workmen’s stuff. I hope yours all goes to plan. Lots of love xxx

    1. Cherry your life sounds very much like mine except the additional dust from angle grinding the outside surface of the house! It looks as though it’s been snowing. The dining room and sitting on our completely gutted it’s jolly cold in our bedroom with nothing between us and the concrete below! I very much all your work goes to plan and you are happy with the results. Have a lovely Christmas, love Ali xx

  2. Beautiful watches Alison.
    Merry Christmas to you and thank you for the lovely programmes you bring us all 🌺🌸🌼 .
    Best Wishes
    PS By the way is Catherine Huntley ok ? We have not seen her recently , my friends and I were wondering if she is still with QVC so I said I would ask!😊. Please send her our lovexxx

    1. Dear Erica, so glad do you enjoy the shows as we enjoy bringing them to you. I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas but I hope that you and your family are well. Catherine Huntley had taken some time away for personal reasons but now is off like so many with Covid. She’s coping well though and we hope to have her back with us as soon as. I hope you stay well, love Ali xx

    1. Hi Martin, at the moment we are all well, and hoping very much we stay that way. Thank you I have received your card and yours is on its way to you! Take care and I hope you stay well and have a happy Christmas xx

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