Doll 10, Dentists and Dubious Transactions!

Well, it’s almost a fortnight since my birthday, and thank you so much for your kind words and birthday wishes.  The day itself was pretty quiet but Colin made the most fabulous meal for me that evening.  Using the Gordon Ramsey recipe for Beef Wellington, he replaced the beef with chicken and it was delicious.  I’ve just bought some seed trays for the little growing house the children bought me, and the seeds Lucy had ordered for me have arrived.  I am hoping to grow chard, lettuce, tomatoes, spring onions, rocket and a fair few other things.  Slightly hampered by the demolition of our local garden centre where I would have headed to get compost etc. but it sadly folded due to Covid and is now to be replaced by a brand new Lidl… silver linings I guess!

I had a bit of shock the other week when my bankcard was used online without my knowledge.  Someone had hacked into my details and started trying to buy things from Skate Hut, Youngs Brewery and Deliveroo! The largest transaction attempted was for £990 but mercifully all but one were declined.  The bank have refunded me the sum but I have had to alter everything I had set up, and it’s almost impossible to find out how it happened.  Luckily it’s all sorted and my QVC account and other regulars are still safe as houses.

I’ve managed to all but finish my book which has cheered me, but of course it may well be heavily edited once the literary agent gets her hands on it! I wasn’t at all sure how many words were the usual for a first novel, but was advised not to worry about that, just write what I felt so fingers crossed. Sometimes I’ve found it easier to dictate what I’m thinking when I’m on a walk, rather than sitting for hours in front of the computer.  It helps me to leave all the other daily stuff behind and just concentrate on the plot, and that can be therapeutic.  When you see the kind of open space I’m lucky enough to be able to walk in, I think you’ll see why this works for me 🙂 I’ll let you know how I get on in due course, although these things do tend to move pretty slowly.

I’ve been having a bit of nightmare with my nails lately.  Not since I was on chemo have I not been able to grow them, but in the last two months they have become paper thin and just disintegrate whenever my crystal nail file is anywhere near them. I’m using OPI’s Nail Envy and Orly’s Nail Strengthener plus Margaret Dabbs’ Nail and Cuticle Serum and Perfect Formula’s Gel Topcoat in the hope of sorting it.

I have a blood test booked too just incase I’m deficient in anything and have started taking Prime Fifty’s Fighting Fatigue as it has all the essential vitamins and I’m hoping will help me to feel less tired.  I’ve always been lucky with my nails, which is a bonus when presenting the jewellery shows, so I’m hoping this is just a blip!  It was lovely to have an hour with Michelle Mone on Tuesday with her range of Diamonique jewellery.  She was unable to join us on Jewellery Day because she was struggling with Covid, and although she looked fabulous on Tuesday she told us she’d found it really hard to get her strength back.  Thank heavens the vaccination programme is forging ahead!  My sister works as a volunteer and did her first jabs last week.  She really enjoys the interaction and being part of it all and I think it’s great that since she’s now retired it’s enabled her to get involved.

It’s definitely been fashion forward at QVC this last month what with the launch of Dannii Minogue’s Petites range and our Fashion Sale Day too.  I found this gorgeous dress from the Monsoon range and have just ordered our Big Deal from the same brand (item number 188726) for £52.96, two Easy Pays and no P&P!  Jackie Kabler looked fab in the green but I’ve gone for the blue multi by way of a change.

It’s definitely a spring/summer dress with the shorter sleeves and ties in nicely with the Doll 10 This Covers Everything four-piece Today’s Special Value that’ll be launching on-air this Saturday at 9pm.  The delightful Doris Dalton has put together a limited edition collection of her make-up miracles including the T.C.E Full coverage Serum Foundation (in 8 shades)which is gives remarkable coverage, the skin buffing brush to apply it, her Lash Remedy Transforming Peptide Mascara and a beautiful bold lip colour.  It’s available on Pre-sell for under £38 (item number 242754).  Doris will hopefully be joining us via video link to talk through it all in her own inimitable style!  I can’t wait to see her again and will be presenting the 4pm and 7pm hours on Sunday the 4th April.

And so for my final piece of news, which is definitely a case of saving the best ‘til last.  Colin’s son Joe and his partner Hayley were safely delivered of a son – Corey James – on the 31st March.  He’s just perfect and both mum and baby are doing well.  In addition to Hayley’s son Rhys, this means we now have four grandchildren, so both Colin and I are feeling truly blessed.   I very much hope that the slight lift in restrictions at the beginning of the week have meant you’ve been able to finally see those you’ve been missing and that the sunshine we’ve seen in the South has reached you too.  Take care, keep in touch, and as always, I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

With my love, Ali xx

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  1. Congratulations to you and Colin on the birth your new Grandson, I love the dress Alison, it suits you. Take care xx

    1. Hi there Madelune, and thanks for your good wishes. We are hoping to see little Corey very soon! I too am really delighted with the dress. Hope you are well, love Ali xx

  2. Good morning Alison, a very belated Happy Birthday, its been wonderful to read all your news and to know your birthday was a good one with such great gifts.
    I had lockdown birthday number 2 on 26th it fell on a Friday I was not at work and it was, much like last year, a quiet one! Mum was very much in my thoughts and I had a few tears but that was inevitable, it’s only been a few weeks since she passed and I get good days and sad days. ..
    I had asked for money for my birthday as I finally decided to bite the bullet and purchase the dyson hairdryer..mine is grey and pink and Chloe bought me the dyson stand for my looks so fabulous on top of my chest of drawers..along side my Rylan Luxenoa ice shard candle holders..looks well posh! Shame the rest of the bedroom doesn’t match..we have been in a situation to decorate properly since we moved in 25 years ago, half my built in wardrobe is ‘walk in’ cos the door finally fell off!! The bedroom is the next project after the garden..
    The hairdryer is amazing, dries my worzel gummadge style hair in 7 mins and when my hair is finally cut, 2 weeks today ( not that I’m excited or desperate but nearly 5 months without a haircut when you have short hair is not ideal) it will dry it in seconds. I’m so glad I took the plunge..Chloe is also enjoying using it on her very long red hair, she’s very impressed..I think I need to charge her per usage!
    So as is the norm, I have a list of jobs for the Easter holidays. We have had to have the outside of the kitchen extension re rendered as it was literally throwing itself off the walls..that’s been beautifully done by a lovely guy called Dan who was very touched by our hospitality of constant cups of tea, biscuits, and the occasional sausage sarnie and pasties. We have always done that for workmen, but he told us that some customers don’t even offer a glass of tap water..I was mum always said look after your workmen and they will look after you
    So my job is to paint it all, probably need three coats!!
    I cant do much in the garden as with some of the money mum left me I am having a bit of a redesign in the garden and having a lovely new large patio, new pathways running alongside the edge os the flower beds and the top patio is being repaired. They are starting the first week in May and I have got to remove all my pots and furniture out the way..luckily my neighbour has an unused space I am going to borrow so I will begin moving everything. Luckily the space is adjacent to the part of the fence which doesn’t have a full fence panel. When our kids were younger we took it out so they just used to play in two gardens..we have a low panel in now because of Olly but it’s perfect for our gin o’clock spot,!
    I’ve ordered some beautiful pots and plants from QVC again this really have had some fabulous garden stuff this year. Well that’s me done I think, its cold and windy and I’m going to walk the dog early with my sister and ger dog, Erik, then I need to go an buy a new washing rock n roll.
    Happy Easter avd much love, Mary

    1. Dear Mary, lovely to catch up on all your news and so pleased you bit the bullet and bought the Dyson! I too have the grey and pink one and I bought it for Lucy too some years back so it now works well for her very thick hair and Honey’s finer hair. Glad you found a decent workman to sort your rendering. They’ll be queuing up to do the work if you offer them pasties and sausage sarnies – infact I’d come and work for you for those! 🙂 I bet you can’t wait to get the new pathways sorted and the patio. Good job you have somewhere to store everything in the meantime and I hope we’ll soon get sufficient sunshine for your four o’clock gin spot! I too have ordered my plants from QVC – some spectacular petunias on their way soon. Enjoy your walks with Olly and I hope the temperature warms us soon. Love Ali xx

  3. Hi alison as we say in aberdeen fit like whic means how are you iam still on furlough if you dont mind me asking awhile back you said i think your son sam was in amotorbike accident maybe acouple of yeras ago if you dont mind me asking how is he doing hope your granddaughter is behaving how old is he now may be 5

    1. Hi there Martin, I’m all good thank you and hope you are too. Thanks for asking about Sam. It was actually 2007 that he had his motorbike accident and lost his leg. It’s been a long haul since then, but he’s doing brilliantly and is just about to start his own business Rushmere Engineering where he’ll be servicing Land Rovers and Steam Engines. I’m very proud 🙂 Honey is doing really well at school and will be six years old on the 6th May. I don’t know where the time has gone. Love Ali xx

  4. Oh Ali that must have been a nightmare having your card cloned. Congratulations on your new grandson hopefully you will be able to meet him soon.My nails have been the same as yours since i had chemo and i bought the Margaret Dabbs cuticle serum and have found it has really strengthened my nails. I don’t have as many breakages as i used to so it is working. Have a lovely Easter
    Alison xxx

    1. Dear Alison, Thank you for your kind words re Corey – he is such a sweetie – can’t wait to meet him! Thank you for your advice re nails. I am continuing with my Margaret Dabbs cuticle serum and the Nail Envy etc. Slight improvement so fingers crossed I may be turning a corner. I hope you had a lovely Easter. Love Ali xx

  5. Hey a Lidl by you. I nip there for my champagne 🥂. The Best. And delicious! Very reasonable at 12.99 a bottle. Congratulations on grandchild no 4. So blessed. Been to the beach this week 🏖.. as it’s been really warm.. yay . We live in Wales so restrictions are a bit more ahead. Real life .. yay. Looking forward to reading g your new book . Happy Easter 🐣 to you & Colin.
    Love from Liz 🏖🏖🐣🐣😎😎😎

    1. OOh thanks for the tip Liz! I love Champagne so I’ll have to remember that. So glad you got to enjoy the sunshine by the sea. I dreamt I was in Wales last night weirdly, but I fell off a cliff!!! Not the best dream. Thanks also for your interest in the book – I’ll keep you posted. I hope you had a Happy Easter. Love Ali xx

  6. Hi Alison sorry to hear about your bank card some horrible people out there. Still haven’t moved but could be very soon one of the twins buying ours,was furloughed so bad to wait to go back to work before the mortgage was sorted out.We have been taking the prime fifty fatigue not sure if they are helping think we are tired with all the stress,of waiting to move to be honest. Lovely news about the baby that was my mums birthday. How’s your hair doing I’m really getting fed up within the colour needs doing badly I’m surviving with crayon cover ups at the moment, my hairdresser said she will kindly come on Tuesday the 13th in the evening to do mine and cut Les’s also. Will keep you posted what happens next with the move roll on I say.Good luck with your garden and hope your family are well we are seeing ours Easter saturday which will be nice . Love and best wishes Loraine xxxx😀

    1. Dear Loraine, I am so sorry that you’ve still not moved, but hopefully the weather will have improved for you by the time you do. Yes, it was lovely news about the baby and also Colin’s mum being 100! I too am fed up with my hair, but have my appointment the day after you 🙂 I cut Colin’s but it’s already growing again – he has crazy hair! I hope you and Les are both well and that you enjoyed the Easter Weekend with the family. Love to you Ali xx

  7. A remedy for “badly behaved nails” that works for me is one jelly cube each day. From having nails that disintegrated as soon as you looked at them I now have very strong and long nails. The only downside is that my toe nails are also strong and my visiting chiropodist has now retired!

  8. Hi Alison happy Easter to you and your family. When my nails went through a bad spell ,I used my nail envy every other day and lots of Avoplex oil. I also change every few weeks to nails inc base coat and perfect formula. At the moment my nails are at their best. So I’m hoping your nails will improve for you soon too. Let’s hope the coming weeks will be a better time for us all and we can have a lovely summer. All best wishes to you luv Jill T xx

    1. Dear Jill, that’s interesting that you change things up a little. I am doing much the same and I think although it’s just tiny changes at the moment they are definitely improving. I’m also taking the Prime Fifty Anti Fatigue which has a whole heap of vitamins in so that’s probably helping too. I hope you enjoyed the Easter Weekend?? Love Ali x

  9. Hello Ali,

    I’ve just read your blog and I’m also having a problem with my usually very healthy finger nails, but right now they are looking exactly like yours, my local Pharmacist thought it might have something to do with the excessive sanitizing and washing of hands which has been so necessary recently.

    Just a thought.

    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Gwen, I think you may well be right about that, and I know that I need to up my game with the cuticle oil so the Margaret Dabbs cuticle treatment is working nicely. Thanks for thinking of me. Hope you’re well. Love Ali x

  10. Hi Ali
    Great news congratulations on the arrival of your new grandson
    You are such an elegant lady, my mum always say you dress so smartly. Such an inspiration and so lovely to people.
    We loved watching you launch with Dannii fab show, she seemed lovely.
    Also love your shows with Ruth she also seems so lovely, it nice cause both Ruth and Danni listen to viewers needs, it’s very rare.
    My mum and I our nails are looking worse for wear at moment probably whats happening at the moment, but we have been trying nails inc nailkale so far so good. Hope your nails are better soon.
    Love watching qvc thank you for being there and brightening the day
    Toni and Tracey

    1. Hi there Tony and Tracey, and thank you for sharing your nail advice with me. I’ve not tried the nailkale but may well give it a go along with all the other remedies! Glad that you are enjoying the fashion hours – Dannii was absolutely charming and very enthusiastic and I’m looking forward to working with her again soon. I don’t often get to work with Ruth but it’s always fun when I do and you’re right, they do both listen to their customers and their ranges reflect that. I do hope you both are well and enjoying the splash of sunshine we have today. Certainly need to up the temperatures! Take care of each other and thanks for getting in touch, love Ali xx

  11. Hi Ali many congratulations on the birth of your new grandson. So nice to celebrate happy events in a year that has had so many opposites of that.
    I must say that you look lovely in the monsoon dress looks like it was made for you.
    Sorry to hear about the hacking problems such a worry but also a feeling of intrusion into your own personal life and quite disturbing.
    Well as I write this the sun is out but we have just had snow five minutes before that. It’s been bright but bitterly cold. At least it keeps me out of the garden which has left me with a flare up which I can get if I overdo it. I have metal rods in my spine and scar tissue is very painful. But I am trying to keep up with Keith’s standards (although in reality it will never match up) but to see the shrubs coming into bloom that he has planted gives us all such pleasure. He is missed so much.
    Congratulations on finishing your book. That will be something I will look forward to reading even though I haven’t been able to concentrate on a book yet. But I have loved some recent TV programmes especially Unforgotten and Line of Duty. Grayson Perry’s Art Club has been so moving and uplifting.
    Both him and his wife Phillipa showed such joy and genuine empathy to viewers sending in their artwork and telling their experiences over the last lockdown year.
    I have placed an advanced order for a lovely recliner chair in sage. I bought one last year and is a bargain & sells out very fast.
    You have access to some great nail products at QVC. I know only too well how your hair and nails can reflect your health both physically and emotionally.
    My daughter Emma is still struggling with long covid symptoms six months on she has tried to go back to work twice but certainly not up to it yet. Sarah’s husband isn’t well sol lots of wishes for ‘things to get better’ We have all got Charlotte’s new baby to look forward to. Four year old Ivy asked will the virus still be here when the baby comes? It just shows how the virus has affected all ages.
    Take care sending much love Julia xxx 🤗🤗

    1. Dear Julia, I’m sorry I’m replying to these back to front, but I am glad to know that you’re able now to get out into the garden, and as the weather is so improved these last few days it may be easier on you with the warmth! Your sage garden chair sounds good and you’re right to get an order in now. the prices seem to rocket just as soon as the weather improves. I know you’ll be with the family now, so very much hope that the baby comes soon and gives you all something wonderful to celebrate. Love Ali xx

  12. Hello lovely, The moment I put digits to keyboard the sun appeared which is lovely & very welcome after yesterday which was flipping freezing & snowy. What a wretched thing to happen to your card there are some very clever people in the world who use their intelligence in the wrong way & I’m relieved that your bank acted quickly. Breaking one nail is annoying, when they all play up it is, as you wrote, a nightmare. I change the nail products I use every few months, rub vitamin E into mine & only use glycerine soap when I wash my hands. I also use electrolysed water instead of hand gel & wear gloves when Colin & I go on our daily ‘Freedom Walk’. I have noticed that as I’ve got older there are vertical ridges appearing on some of my nails so I now keep them short(ish) so if one splits the others don’t look so very different. Congratulations to the two of you & welcome to the world Corey, is that two granddaughters & two grandsons? We’ll meet another one in mid September when Ellie & David have their second one, Etty knows but doesn’t really understand & if asked what she’d like to call the baby replies “Percy”. I introduced her to one of my all time favourite songs last week – “I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas” & she mimics Gayla Peevey’s actions perfectly, worth a look on Youtube to see this girl singing it in1953 & then a few years back. I read your blog several times but can’t see any reference to a dentist! Love from Jo x

    1. Dear Jo, I’ve done the same with this comment for you as I have done for Julie – rather late to the party but didn’t want you to think I’d not read your news. It sounds as though you’re doing everything possible for your nails and I’m certain they will improve, but it’s often as a result of health or stress some months back and heaven knows we’ve all had a fair amount of that to deal with. Yes, we now have two grandsons and two granddaughters- we are definitely blessed. Loving the idea of Percy and I do know the I want A Hippopotamus song. I used to love Flanders and Swann’s Mud song… I’ve sung that to Honey and it makes her laugh. I’ll check out YouTube. I hope you’re enjoying the warmer weather and are well – exciting to think of a new life in the family for you after the summer. Love Ali xx

  13. Dear Ali, Congratulations to you and Colin on the birth of your new grandson. Lovely news. My nails have always been weak and split easily but I found Margaret Dabbs nail and cuticle serum really helped for me, and not messy like some oils. As always, really enjoy your blogs. Take care, love Anne

    1. Dear Anne, I too have been using the serum and think I am JUST beginning to see the first signs of improvement. I file them most days with the crystal nail file as our Orly guests told me to, and feel hopeful I’ve turned a corner. so glad you are enjoying the blogs and thank you for taking the time out to write to me. Love Ali xx

  14. Hi Mary,
    I have heard that before so will treat myself to some blackcurrant jelly next time I’m at Tesco’s 🙂 Happy to have strong toenails too! I hope that you are well and that you can see a new chiropodist soon. Take care, love Ali x

  15. Hi Ali, congratulations to you and Colin and the birth of your new grandson. The last few days have been quite chilly, but the sun has shone and blue skies, so we have been busy in the garden sowing seeds and mowing the lawn. The daffodils look lovely and brighten up the garden, roll on summer! Merchex

    1. Hi there Merche, Thank you for your kind words – yes very exciting and happy times ahead. Can’t wait until June when we can get together as a family and celebrate properly. I too have been mowing the lawns and sewing seeds to put into my propagator! My daffodils are all over now and sadly my tulips didn’t bloom this year but the wallflowers are lovely and my roses are looking very healthy. Roll on the summer as you say! Love Ali xx

  16. Hi Ali,glad to hear you’re news about your new grandson,it’s a boost to have lovely news in these strange times,but babies are welcome and special anytime 👶since I last wrote I have been able to see Simon and crew ,we spent the day together for his birthday which after so many months it was amazing,then 4 days after it was his Dads birthday which we all managed to be together,Harry and his girlfriend Rebecca who had there birthday’s on 8 March and 3 April respectively we had belated celebrations for too so we all had an amazing time,lots of catching up to do ,John and myself have our second COVID injection this coming Thursday so hopefully things are going the Wright way now for all of us ,we’re slowly getting back to a new normal with shops,hairdressers and nail salons opened again we just need a good summer to enjoy now . I must add one thing how amazing does Colin’s mum look she certainly doesn’t look 100 and such a game bird with things you have said she’s done in the past ,good luck to her and a few more birthday’s ,better sign off now keep well and keep safe . Love Linda F xx

  17. Hi Linda, thank you for your kind words about little Corey – good times indeed. I am delighted that you have finally been able to see Simon and his crew, then his Dad, Harry and Rebecca. I know you’ve had to be soooo patient, but I’m sure it was all worth it. You’re right Colin’s mum does look amazing for her 100 years and she’s not had that easy a life either. Apart from being very deaf and a little forgetful she’s still as she always was and so we’re hoping to have her over here again once restrictions are lifted. You’ve got a good memory – I posted on her once about her driving the digger when she was 98! :). I hope you’re enjoying the warmer weather, love Ali xx

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