Pigeons, pergolas and a fab Garden Pressure Washer!

I hope this finds you well, and coping with all that’s going on around us.  We seem to have been living in a world of contradictions of the last couple of weeks – conflicting reports about Covid, weird and wonderful weather, and a question mark hanging over us as to how best we are to contend with it all. Holding on to what I know of some kind of routine makes it easier. I will be honest though, since I was poorly last month, I’ve not really felt very safe going for my walk on my own so most of the exercise I’ve done recently has been in the garden. We have a fair bit of lawn to mow, and the number of pots I have has increased over the last few years. Colin also added the water feature last year, which I planted out in May and thanks to a fair bit of watering and of course Richard Jackson’s Flower Power, it’s looking pretty healthy.   This year though Colin’s really put a lot of time into the garden, and has made the very best of what was a really dull and barren part of it by building this pergola and creating two more flower beds.

We plan to put gates in the middle of the laurel hedge there so will be another entrance into the back garden.  You may have heard me comment on my Saturday night story reading that I’ve had to move around the house to avoid the banging and sawing noises.  Not that I’m complaining as it’s going to look great when it’s all planted out, and the family were so impressed when they visited recently, that he’s now got an order from my Lucy and his son Dan to make them pergolas too! 🙂

I’ve almost finished sanding down the little table to go with the chairs I’d renovated last month, and then that will be the last of the garden furniture sorted.  Mind you, I’ll have to re-treat them all before the winter otherwise the wood may suffer.  I can completely see why man-made patio furniture is such a popular choice, and if you have some, you may well be interested in our Greenworks G30 Home and Garden Pressure Washer (520931). I think it’s got to be the best price I’ve seen one for at just £119.97 and it comes with all kinds of accessories like an extension lance, turbo nozzle, foam sprayer and patio cleaner and brush.  Because it’s on a little trolley it’s easy to move around and it will be our Today’s Special Value this weekend, launching with Tommy Cross and I on Saturday the 8th at 9pm.  Keep an eye out on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook though as I’ve been promised one to have a play with before Saturday, so that could be interesting!

We had a bit of a family relay the weekend before last for Calla’s fourth birthday.  Of course we’re still trying to stick to the social distancing rules and so staggered each of them arriving and leaving but in spite of all that it was lovely to have some time together.  Last year I made Calla a PJ Masks cake as that was her choice.  This year….. Morph!  Hands up though – I only made the cake – the fabulous decoration of Morph himself was made by Granddad Colin.   She loved it. 🙂

I managed to get up to see Lucy and Honey again last week, and we went to the park, played on the swings and then had a lovely meal before Honey went to bed.

Lucy and I then watched the stage production of the musical Hamilton that you can find on the Disney Channel on TV. I’d heard about it but didn’t get to see it when it was at the theatre, although I now understand why it received so many accolades! It was really quite remarkable.  Although I am not a political animal, it was very interesting to see how little interparty relationships have changed in spite of the world moving on.   People, their personalities and egos lead the way and in this particular story, this behavior leads to a truly tragic situation.  Lin-Manuel Miranda who wrote and starred in it is such a talent! I have to admit to never having heard of him until I saw the film Mary Poppins Returns where he plays a very original version of the character Bert. I have always enjoyed musical theatre, and feel so desperately sorry for all the artists, dancers, actors, make up artists, costume makers, set designers, producers and directors who are not able to work while the theatres are closed.  And I know it’s the same for so many other industries too. Let’s pray things change soon for the better. While I was with Lucy and honey we made a little production of our own – I had taken the Aqua Laser duster set which was to be our Today’s Special Value and Honey decided she wanted to make a film about how to use it. Suffice to say she did such a brilliant job that part of this little film was used on air. We sold out before 9 am but I’m happy to tell you that if you missed out, Aqua Laser have been able to bring a few more to QVC on advanced order.

Keep your eyes peeled for some great fashion too!  One of my favourite brands who are famed for their fabulous gaucho jumpsuits – Coco Bianco – have a beautiful longline linen mix shirt dress (185488) for under £38. It is a Today’s Special Value from Wednesday and comes in a number of different colours.  Perfect for wearing now and certainly through into the autumn. You could team it up with any of the Phase Eight cropped trousers or maybe Ruth Langsford jeans? And don’t forget our selection of sandals and sneakers – have a look on QVCUK.com and you’ll be spoilt for choice with brands like Moda in Pelle, Vionic, Marc Fisher and Sam Edelman.

One last bit of news to share.  We have pigeons nesting in our porch-like shelter that sits against the back wall of the house. We keep the garden chairs and cushions in it, and we also have a very large pair of audio speakers on top of the cupboard for whenever we play music in the garden.   The nest is right on top of one of them.  You can just see mama pigeon balanced on the nest and peeping over the edge of the speaker!  A pair of them spent days flying in and out of the porch with ridiculously large pieces of twigs and sticks and have made the most untidy nest I’ve ever seen! . We didn’t have the heart to dismantle it early on, and it’s too late now as she’s definitely sitting on eggs. I cannot begin to imagine the mess once the baby birds start pooping everywhere! Still, it could have been worse…. there was a report in the National Geographic last month that had a fabulous photograph of wild white storks nesting on the Knepp estate in West Sussex – they had five chicks and apparently it’s the first time in centuries they’ve done so in the UK!

Thank you so much for writing to me last month, and I hope you’ve found my response.  Do keep in touch again this month, and don’t forget my weekly story on Instagram and Facebook – it’s nice to have an opportunity to escape the world every now and then.  Take care and stay safe,

With my love,

Ali xx

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  1. Lovely garden Alison. I hope you have some good weather to enjoy it. I don’t envy you the pigeon nest! They are quite untidy birds! They do work so hard though to make a nest. I have watched the ones in my garden using the cypressus trees for nesting, and the way they test the twigs around to ensure they are flexible. They discard so many. Thank you for a good blog. Look forward to the Saturday story.

    1. Dear Hazel, good to hear from you and you’re right about the pigeons being messy! I didn’t realise they had to test the twigs to see how flexible they were! I’ve checked to see how long it takes for the eggs to hatch and this poor pigeon seems to be at least three or four days overdue! I don’t want to disturb her though. Yes, we are very lucky with the garden although when we first moved in it was just literally a huge square of grass. We have added an enormous amount of things to it now and both of us really enjoy spending time outdoors. I hope you’re not too hot and have a nice space to sitting outside, love Ali XX

  2. Hi Alison,

    I hope you are now on the mend.
    Lovely blog as always.

    Your garden looks amazing and Colin in very good in what he is able to build etc.

    I am so envious of your water feature. I cannot have one as I am petrified of frogs!

    Take care and keep well.

    1. Hi Theresa, lovely to hear from you and I will pass on your compliments to Colin. He spent a lot of time this year on trying to put the garden straight and add points of interest which I think he has definitely done! Oh dear! I hadn’t thought of frogs! Always seem to get in our water feature or masses of willow leaves as there is a giant tree above it. I hope you’ve coped okay in the recent hot weather and thank you for writing to me, love Ali XX

  3. Hi Alison, love your pergola, Colin’s made a great job of your garden. Was it an easy task to make as my husband and I would love one in our garden. Andy says he can make one himself but I’m slightly worried about it, having the right tools etc. Be great to see the finished garden. Take care.
    Love Karen

    1. Hi there Karen, yes I know I’m very lucky that Colin can do these things – he assures me the pergola is relatively straightforward but you’d need to make sure your measurements were correct and if you wanted to have a shaped ends to the pieces of wood your husband might have to get that done specially at a wood merchants. I will have more photographs in my next blog of the planted out flower beds and mercifully this last lot of rain has really helped the plants to bed in. Hope you’ve been enjoying the warmer weather, love Ali XX

  4. Oh Ali, your garden is gorgeous especially the water feature and beds. Colin is very useful isn’t he? I would love a bigger garden. Mine is all containers (about 60 I think ) which Are very time consuming to deal with. Honey is growing into an ever prettier girl than she was and definitely very good demonstrating for QVC…. get her signed up quickly! Good luck with the pigeon…..😳😳 xx

    1. Hi Kathryn, thank you for your kind words – our garden was solely pots and containers until Colin started adding the extra beds in. It does take a fair amount more work but we’ve had so much pleasure from putting it together and enjoying the different views that it’s been well worth it. Are used to have a tiny garden and I love working in that too – the warmer weather has made it so much more enjoyable. I hope you’re well and I’ve had some sunshine and I am fingers crossed that the pigeons eggs will hatch any day now, love Ali XX

  5. Hi Alison, So glad you are beginning to feel stronger and hope your recovery continues. Your garden is looking great – love the pergola. Hopefully the sun will continue to shine for several weeks yet so that you are able to spend time there – fresh air and sunshine are so good for healing and making you feel better. Take care, lots of love xx

    1. Dear Cherry, I was completely agree with you – I never feel better than when I am able to spend time in the sunshine but unfortunately it looks as though things have changed for a while. That said I wasn’t too keen on the incredibly hot weather as I found that too warm to sit out in but it has been a phenomenal summer so far. I hope that you’ve had a chance to enjoy it and thank you for writing to me, love Ali XX

  6. Hi Ali,

    What a coincidence, I took an almost exact photo this week of the “moody sky” snap you’ve shared with us.

    Ali, Honey is so cute and gorgeous, and growing up so very fast. You will have to watch she doesn’t steal your job,
    Ali, as she’s a little natural at selling, just like her Nanny. Her little video made me smile – bless her. Having grandchildren is one of the precious joys of life, that’s for sure.

    Your garden looks fabulous. Well done, Colin! He’s a man of many talents. We spent time improving our garden through lockdown too. Don’t you feel a great sense of satisfaction from all the hard work?

    Take care,

    Love, Sue Radford xx

    1. Hi there Sue, so glad that you enjoyed Honey’s little video – she is definitely a natural! I didn’t even take time out to explain to her what the products were she just got on with it! Very proud 😊 Bit like Colin with all his creations in the garden. You’re right it does take a lot of effort, But we definitely feel happy now we’ve got through the lions share of it. Let’s just hope we get some more beautiful weather to enjoy it. Do you hope you and your family are all well, love Ali XX

    1. Hi Maureen, That’s a really good idea! I shall see what I can do. Glad you’re enjoying the blog, love Ali XX

  7. Hi Alison.
    I’m 82. I’ve been watching you for years and admire your style so much. Your change of hairstyles are terrific. Please dont be offended that someone my age should like to wear your style. I have three daughters and they keep me young in attitude and fashion. Most people I know find it hard to believe my age. I’m in good health thank God and surviving this trying time with the help of my daughters and my son. I have one daughter living in London. Works at the BBC and my eldest daughter lives in Paris. They ring all the time but are very homesick not being able to come home to visit since last Christmas.
    I watched you today demonstrating the mop and bucket. Not a glamorous item like the Diamonique but you looked your usual stunning self. Your skirt and top were just beautiful. I liked the top so much I went through pages looking for it but failed to locate it. If you can remember what top it was as today’s item was a repeat, I would be so grateful for the designer’s name so I could check if it was still available.
    I just want to wish you the best of health and a continued happy and enjoyable life. Three of my friends have survived breast cancer and we still meet weekly for our lunch outing. Having been ‘locked up’ for the past four months we are enjoying our gettogethers all the more.
    Look forward to seeing you on tv again and keen to see what lovely outfit you will be looking stunning in.
    Kind regards and very best wishes.
    Sheila FitzPatrick
    23 Lissadell Drive

    1. Dear Sheila, lovely to hear from you and I am exceptionally flattered by your kind comments – age is but a number as far as I’m concerned and I think when it comes to hairstyles a change is as good as a rest! These last six months or more must’ve been very trying for you and I know how difficult it is to be separated from your family. I’m glad that your daughters keep in touch with you though and hopefully it won’t be too much longer before you can see them. That’s good news about your friends – I’m nine years through now still in remission but keeping everything crossed. I think the top you are referring to was a Phase Eight top – unfortunately it has sold out but I would suggest you look through Phase Eight pages on our website as you may find something similar. However if it A taupe colour and had sparkles on the front of it, it was the Frank UsherTSV – I do believe there are still some of those remaining. Thank you for writing to me, it’s lovely to hear from you and I hope you’ll keep in touch, Love Ali XX

  8. Hi Alison,glad you are feeling better.The garden looks great and it’s a fantastic way to exercise when you aren’t feeling up to venturing out for a walk.Xxx.

    1. Dear Rachel, that’s very kind of you to say and yes you’re right, I’m very lucky to have space in the garden to get a fair bit of exercise although I really do miss my walking and am planning to get back to it in the next week or so. I’m glad you enjoy the blog – you may enjoy the weekly story I read on a Saturday night? You can find It on Instagram or Facebook. Just a thought. Take care and keep in touch, Love Ali XX

  9. We here in Ayr have a seagull problem if you dont bin everything properly its mayhem and the noise is deafening you cant do anything as they are protected but people still feed the I wish they could see the result on my velux window! Any way finally got to the hairdressers what a difference Hallelujah! Congrats to Honey on her success with her lighting show an to Colin and you on your beautiful garden x

    1. Hi there Susie, I don’t envy you your seagull problem! My pigeons don’t seem to have hatched out yet but I’m sure it’s going to be mighty messy if they do! So pleased you manage to get your hair done – it’s a wonderful feeling when it’s back in shape and colour isn’t it? Thank you for the kind comments about the garden too and I’ll pass your kind words onto Honey. Do keep in touch, love Ali XX

  10. Hi Alison your garden looks beautiful and Colin has made a great job of your pergola
    We would love one in our garden. Was it a straight forward job? It will be lovely to see the garden when you’ve finished it.
    Love your blogs.
    Love Karen x

    1. Hi Karen, I would love to say it’s a straightforward job with the pergola – and for Colin it was relatively straightforward – but I wouldn’t have a clue where to begin! I’m sure you could probably get some from advice on YouTube or even from a local wood merchant but it’s all about the measuring and also making holes deep enough to stand the frame up in. I should have some more photographs for you in the next blog, and I’m glad that you enjoy reading them. Love Ali XX

  11. Hi Ali you’re garden is beautiful Colin has done great job. Ever since I turned 70yrs in March I have High blood pressure, now I have bad chest infection. Well I suppose this is what will happen as you get older.

    Take Care x

    1. Hi Christine, I am sorry to hear that you’re under the weather. Chest infections are grotty and I hope that you will be feeling better very soon. I don’t suppose the incredibly hot weather helped either, but now it does seem to Have cooled down and thank heavens we had some rain for the garden. Thank you for your kind words about the garden – I’ll pass them on to Colin. You take care of yourself and do keep in touch, Love Ali XX

  12. Hello Ali, That lovely man of yours is multi talented – from cake decoration to garden landscaping & I can see why everyone’s putting in their orders for a pergola.Clever idea to have a gate in the hedge, both useful & a feature all in one, I saw an aerial shot of a lovely garden today & it’s given me an idea that I’m going to try in ours. Honey did an amazing job of describing the Aqua Laser, I love the idea of going to a friend’s house & using it, she’s so gorgeous! I agree totally with your comment about those working in the theatre, my sister told me about a short film produced by Birmingham Hippodrome of last year’s youth cast who performed West Side Story & it was put on YouTube last week. They sing Somewhere, it’s the most wonderful interpretation of that evocative song; they all sing in isolation & then it’s put together in rows of them performing as a choir. I haven’t described it very well but it is stunning & their beautiful voices & their youth gave me back some of my lost hope. We’ve also got pigeon lodgers… Their original nest was destroyed when a branch broke off our neighbour’s tree so they took up residence in our plum tree. Their nest is on one of the thinnest branches, they are both the size of Thunderbird 2 & approach it with all the grace of a Chieftain tank, this can be amusing to watch but spooks the cat! We’ve had to move the bench because of the mess & once this baby’s left home I’m going to take the nest down because they breed all year round & the next squab will have to have a different address. As with so many I love the Saturday night story, last week’s was fantastic, I watched it in the garden & my neighbour told me the next day that she was listening to you from the other side of the hedge. Blue skies & sunshine. Love from jo x

    1. Hi there Joe, you’re right about Colin being multitalented! He really enjoys his time outside and getting the opportunity to use his imagination rather than being told what to make. Yes, honey was amazing wasn’t she? We didn’t give her any help she just took the things out of the box and decided to tell us what they did – she is a natural. I’m definitely going to look out this version of West side story on YouTube – I’ll let you know what I think. I do worry about this pigeon – she was so hot in the porch area that I had to give her water and food but she’s been very stoic and not shifted from her nest. Hopefully the babies or baby will hatch soon but then I will take your advice and get rid of every remnant of the nest. I wouldn’t want them there again next year or even this year! I’m so glad you are still enjoying the Saturday story – I am looking into different authors this week but I feel it may be my final one from they’ve been cheeky instead. Nice that you sat outside and listen to it. I hope you and Colin are both well and you enjoyed the sunshine. Thanks as always for writing to me, love Ali XX

  13. Hi Ali,
    Your garden is actually unbelievable! It’s amazing! I knew you had a pool but to see your new pergola and huge water feature, amazing! You did well wit the furniture too. It’s nice to have wooden as it’s natural isn’t it. Colin is very handy to have!
    I don’t know that I’ve ever watched the Disney channel so didn’t know about theatre being shown. It’s dreadful isn’t it with all this unemployment, as we’ve talked about before. Such a huge impact for our generation. On that note, I really think the shoes are so so expensive on qvc now…all the ranges you mention are nearly £100 each. I really hope qvc bring more affordable ranges soon.
    Glad you could have a birthday for calla and a lovely cake. Hope you feel more confident soon but it’s very understandable.
    Take care for now x

    1. Hi Susan, yes we do have a pool although when we first moved in I was intent on decking it over as I said. It’s been a godsend though in this hot weather. Colin really enjoys coming up with ideas for the garden and is grateful that I am mostly in agreement! My remit is the lawn and the pots and plants – he does the rest! I’m sorry that you’re finding our shoe ranges expensive – try Vionic, Clark’s or maybe Skechers? Their prices are fairly middleground but it depends what kind of shoe you are looking for. Take care, and thanks for keeping in touch, Love Ali XX

      1. Hi Ali,
        Thanks for thoughts on shoes. I still find vionic and Clarks expensive but we are all on different budgets. Just hope the bosses will be being cheaper ranges especially when we’re all really struggling these days x

  14. Hi Ali. So pleased you are now feeling better. Colin has done a lovely job of your garden. I don’t know what I would have done in lock down without my small garden. I am shielding until 16th August which will be 5 months.
    Lovely video of honey. She is like your mini me😃. It was so hard not being able to grandchildren but think we are all making up for lost time.
    I love listening to your story telling every Saturday. I find it very relaxing.
    Take care. See you Saturday xxx😊

    1. Hi there Sonia, lovely to hear from you and glad you’re enjoying the blogs. I’m so sorry that you’ve had to shield this incredibly long period of time but I’m certain once you’re able to get out and about and see your family and your grandchildren it will make that time meltaway. Yes honey is a little button, I love her so much and she has such a personality. Colin is very pleased with how the garden is turning out and has even more plans for next year! So glad you enjoy the storytelling – another one for you this weekend. Take care, love Ali XX

  15. Hi, Ali, thanks for sharing another great blog. Well – QVC need never worry for it’s future presenter, little Honey was amazing! So confident and speaks so beautifully, too. Definitely been watching Nanny with a keen (or should that be Keenan!) eye! Take care and stay safe xx 🌈

    1. Kim, that is so sweet of you to say! I’m seeing Huntley next week and I’ll make certain I read all these comments to her – she was very very chuffed that a little piece of the film was used on air. Her mummy was very proud too. Thanks for writing to me and do keep in touch, Love Ali XX

  16. Hi alison hope you and family are well i am not bad was supposed to return to work this coming monday but with spike covid 19 in aberdeen i am back of furlough hopefully afterr 4months i will be back soon to work at mcdonalds in aberdeen not looking forward to the new normal and wearing face masks.

    1. Dear Martin, I’m sorry you are not able to return to work because of the spike in Aberdeen but fingers crossed they will get control of it soon. It will be different for you having to go back to work wearing a mask but it’s better that you are safe. The family are all doing well and thank you for asking. I hope you are well too, love Ali XX

  17. Hi Ali ,your gardens looking really nice, we have been busy doing decorating and rearranging our garden and patio ,at the moment John is in the process of putting a side door in the garage, something he has wanted to do for a while ,but I think it was the thought of having to dig half the patio up that was putting him of ,he’s well under way with it now though .we have taken the plunge and booked a holiday for next year with Simon and crew to Cornwall, I am so looking forward to it ,what with lockdown this year and John getting attacked last year we haven’t had a holiday for two and a half years, and o think this will be the last one Harry will have with us because he’s got a girlfriend now so who knows what he wants to do .I can’t believe Calla is 4 all your babies are growing up so fast .Colin has made a good job of the cake ,hope everyone has a good time .keep well and safe my friend, lots of love Linda Fxxx

    1. Dear Linda, good to hear from you – it sounds as though you’ve been busy as well! I know what your husband means about putting jobs off that he doesn’t want to do. Colin still has to put the slates on top of the garden containers and he’s not wanted to do it for the last six months but it’s the final thing to finish things off in that part of the garden. Well done your husband for getting to grips with the patio and I’m sure it will look great when it’s done. Nice to be able to plan ahead for a holiday – we really don’t know quite what we were going to do as I have leave owed to me in September but it doesn’t seem that there are many countries it’s safe to visit. If the weather stays fine in England it will be lovely to stay here though. You’re right about time flying – hard to think that honey will be six next year – but then I find it hard to believe I’m 60! Age is but a number… Thank you for keeping in touch, Love Ali XX

  18. Hi Ali I will try again to send a reply (my third attempt) I keep pressing post comment & it disappears!
    Lovely photos of the garden an outside retreat – just what the dr ordered. Lovely to see Honey & whatever she was ‘selling’ I would definitely buy.
    Well we will finally see Charlotte & Ivy on the 24th-28th but I am afraid it will be bittersweet. Unfortunately my husband of 45years has been diagnosed with terminal cancer it has metastasized in his lung. We have great support
    from hospital district and Macmillan nurses. Once again our brilliant NHS are there for us.
    We will make the best of what time we have. He is still able for now to enjoy his prize winning orchids in the greenhouse & we can enjoy some in the house.
    I hope I haven’t spoilt your optimistic blog but I know you would want to know (even though we will probably ever meet I feel you are my ‘my virtual friend’ ) Take care & look forward to seeing you on your next show with love from Julia (Smith) xxxx
    P.S. I can recommend Liz Earle’s Eyebright very good to sooth crying eyes x

    1. My dear Julie, I was so terribly saddened to read your news and to know of the heartache you’re going through, But I am thinking of you today When you will finally have the chance to see Charlotte and Ivy after all this time. These moments are so precious, and as you say it is good to fill the days with the people you love. Orchids are my favourite flowers too and although I don’t have a greenhouse kitchen. I’m sending you much love and a hug, and although as you say we may never meet, it is so good to be able to support each other this way. I’m certain I won’t be the only person on the blog sending you their love and support too. Please do keep in touch and take good care of yourself. Lean on those who love you XXX With my love Ali

  19. Good afternoon Ali..I have finally found time to write and apologies for not being in touch..I am in the cabin at the end of the garden reading having felt a bit off this morning. I am house sitting at night this week for my friend who is in Wales and as Jack’s room is being decorated we are minus a bedroom and it’s been so hot I’ve struggled with my breathing. It was supposed to be a quick decorating job; steam off paper, re paper then paint..but it all went wrong. My friends hubby was supposed to be papering the walls but a week before I steamed off the paper I had a terrible reaction to a new fabric conditioner..I was literally covered in a sold red rash..so my friends husband decided he wasnt coming as a rash is a sign of COVID..but it wasnt covid and I had seen two doctors. So plan A put the window…so me and my sister decided to paper..however as soon as I started to steam off the paper, plaster was literally falling off the walls. So found a plasterer..whole room needs to be re plastered. An expense we could really do without as out income is depleted because we cant open the micropub fully until social distancing stops..my plasterer was supposed to start this week but been delayed until Monday so I am saving my energy today for a mammoth amount of painting at the end of next week!
    I loved hearing all your news, Honey is very beautiful little girl and her cake was fabulous.got to love a morph…that’s what I get called at work!!
    I have found my garden a valuable asset during this time and have removed large shrubs and planted up new plants and shrubs..I love getting my hands dirty!
    The garden work looks fabulous..Colin is very talented.
    It’s much cooler today but we have not had any rain at all in Westgate on the coast..although Whitstable which is only 20 miles away have had torrential downpours..
    Have a great weekend.

    1. Dear Mary, lovely to hear from you although I’m sorry that yet again you have been struggling with your health. I have to say even reading about what you have been doing over the last few weeks makes me exhausted so I’m not surprised you are feeling a bit under the weather. I’m sorry that you ended up having to find a plasterer – it is an expensive thing to get done But I’m certainly now looks a lot better. I’m keeping everything crossed that the law changed and John can open his micro pub again soon. I also hope you manage to get on with the painting this week. Yes Holly is a beautiful girl, and we had a lovely time at the seaside these last few days. Strange how they can be rain in one place yes only a few miles down the coast it’s dry. We’ve had a lot of rain here but it’s done the garden a power of good. You take care and stay well, love Ali xx

  20. Hi Ali I keep trying to post you a reply to your blog but haven’t had success but I will keep trying. It’s always lovely to hear your news. The garden looks lovely a real nature retreat. I loved the video of Honey she was very professional and I would definitely buy anything she was demonstrating! The morph on the cake was so well done it reminded me of my youngest daughter Charlotte (now 41) whenever Morph was on she was always glued to the TV.
    You asked me to let you know how my husband has gone on with the scans/tests he had. Unfortunately it isn’t good news the cancer has spread and there is no treatment just palliative care.
    We are all very shell shocked as you can imagine. Charlotte and Ivy are still coming here on the 24th-28th. It will all be bittersweet but we look forward to them coming and will celebrate Ivy’s 4th Birthday while she is here. She is excited and the amount of cuddly toys she wants to bring could fill an extra carriage on the train!
    I hope you get this message. Until next time with love from Julia (Smith) xxxx

    1. My dear Julia (apologies for misspelling your name in my last response). I’ve been thinking of you and am very much hoping that the arrival of Charlotte and Ivy will have brought a great deal of joy to you and your husband and allowed you to make the very best of the here and now – especially with it being Ivy’s fourth birthday 🙂 I’m so glad the blog made you smile and yes, Honey is a natural in front of a camera 🙂 I think when you write your response and press send, it will disappear from the page but then my copy editor will receive it and post it. It does the same with my responses, but bless you for persevering. Take care and please do keep in touch, love Ali xx

  21. Hi Ali

    Happy you’re getting better.
    I think we have a new QVC presenter in the making – Honey !
    Loved reading your blog so thought I’d send you a little message

    Keep well

    Sue x

    1. Dear Sue, I think you are absolutely right! She is a natural – adopts the pose and is very articulate 🙂 I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. I hope this finds you well, love Ali xx

  22. Hi Ali,

    Really enjoyed Marla show lots to tempt me but please could I ask you about the brown/amber long pendant you wore over the Marla canvas tunic. I looked through Marla’s jewellery range but could find. Hope to hear from you as it would go with so much jewellery I already have.

    You are looking good I really hope you feel as good as you look

    Vanessa x

  23. Hi Ali. really enjoyed the Marla show yesterday temptation meant a purchase almost two. I really like the canvas tunic you wore. Is the pendant you wore one of Marla’s range as I would like to add to my collection but couldn’t find.
    Look forward to watching QVC soon
    Take care love Vanessa

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