Vax is back at QVC!

Hi there, hope you’re enjoying the cooler weather although in our house we seem to have gone from traipsing dust and grass into every room, we’re now leaving muddy footprints everywhere after the incredibly heavy rainfall. Good job QVC are reintroducing the brand Vax!

For some women it’s shoes, for others it’s handbags and a great many of us love jewellery but for me I have a real fondness for cleaning products! Anything that’s going to make my life simpler, save me time and improve the level of cleanliness and I’m in!

Years ago, I invested in a Vax carpet shampooer and it’s still doing a great job.  I got it originally when I was renting a place where the carpets were very grubby. It cleaned, refreshed, and over the years has saved us a fortune on replacing carpets. So, imagine my delight when I was given a sample of the brand-new Vax Platinum SmartWash Carpet Washer!

We all know about smartphones, smart TVs and endless electronic gadgets that use specific technology to make them work, but this is the FIRST EVER carpet washer that uses motion sensor technology to clean your carpets! Can you believe it actually washes and dispenses clean water and antibacterial solution automatically? So, it cleans when you go forwards, and it dries when you go back but it does it automatically without you needing to press a trigger! Amazing!

This brand-new Platinum model also comes with a separate tank for the cleaning solution and it then automatically works out how much is required. QVC’s offer includes a brand-new antibacterial solution that works in tandem with the antimicrobial brush head, so the brush and the bristles won’t be affected by fungal or bacterial growth which I think is genius. You can even remove the solution tank and SmartWash your carpets in rinse mode, and for particularly stubborn stains we’ve included the SpinScrub hand tool. There’s even a dedicated Dry Only mode so your carpets will be touch dry in minutes if you have to mop up a stain.  They really have thought of absolutely everything!

Although it looks like a mighty piece of equipment with three independent brush bars, it is actually lighter than the older Vax I still own and I can’t wait to try it! If you fancy giving it a go, we have a 60-day money back guarantee and an incredible price. It also comes with all the additional attachments and the brand-new antibacterial solution! Be sure to tune in on 13th August at 9pm for the launch.

Keep in touch with me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as I plan to give it a go on my grubby carpets, and do let me know how you get on with yours.

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  1. Excellent thank you Alison I’ve been contemplating replacing my Bissell with a Vax that can also dry. I cannot wait for 14 Aug to purchase and of course hope it’s at a TSV super price with easy payments. Thank you and look forward to seeing your carpet after use.

    1. Hi Helen, It’s definitely a super price and if you want to get in extra early then we’re actually launching it at 9pm on the 13th! So hopefully I’ll ‘see’ you on Friday night at 9pm 🙂 Love Ali xx

  2. Hi Ali ,sorry not been in touch for a little while but had a few problems with technology but all sorted ,I have the old vax carpet cleaner and as you say it saves a fortune on hiring a cleaner or buying new carpets win ,win situation 😊well Ali we have just had a brilliant 2weeks holiday in Cornwall with Simon and crew ,the first week was absolutely scorching it was so hot you couldn’t walk on the beach the sand was too hot ,even Charlie the dog refused to walk on it 🦮. The second week was a little cooler but we did have gale force winds of 85 mph and torrential rain one night,( not good in a caravan having to re peg the awning down at 2.30 am ) but that’s the joy of camping we love it . I was utterly proud of our Harry he only past his driving test in may and he drove his car all the way from up here in Yorkshire to Cornwall and back and he did a lot of driving while down there showing his girlfriend Rebecca lots of sites as she had never been before,looking forward to the next one now wherever that may be well Ali take care love from Linda F xxx

    1. Dear Linda,
      So glad you know that your holiday in Cornwall was such a success! Sounds like you were there while we were in Gozo although we got home for the tail end of the glorious weather in England. Not so keen on the sound of being in a caravan in 85mph winds! Congratulations to Harry for passing his driving test – that’s a heck of a long way to drive but I bet he loved it! I hope you can book something else up again soon. Thanks for writing to me and take care of yourself, love Ali xx

  3. Hi Alison hope you don’t mind me asking but did you have to have the PCR test before you went to Malta we are thinking of going and I’m getting confused with what I’m being told by travel agents and chemists etc.Thank you Loraine xxx

    1. Hi Loraine, No we didn’t need the PCR test before we went but we had to take one while still in Gozo, two days before we came home and then again within two days of being back in England. I hope that helps. Love Ali xx

  4. Hi Alison,
    Many apologies for my lack of writing..i have been consumed with the Tokyo Olympics..watched it all hours, actually probably obsessed! And now it’s finished I’ve started my to do list and started the process turning my shabby bedroom..not decorated properly since we moved in 25 years ago.. into a boutique chic domain. I’ve stripped the walls, chipped off loose plaster and removed the dado rail so now waiting for the electrician, plasterer avd carpenter to do their stuff..
    As I am now at a standstill ithought I’d have a quick catch up..Jack and Anna have been given boxes full of baby clothes, blankets, towels, muslins etc so as they don’t have a garden I’m in the process of washing and drying on the line..very nostalgic! I cannot believe my children were so tiny.
    Apart from that I’ve not done much, managed catch ups with girl friends abd read a couple of books.
    I’ve loved reading your blogs..your holiday looked awesome.
    John and I celebrate our 25th Wedding anniversary on 24th August..I’ve bought himself wireless in-ear silver of course!
    Take care love Mary

  5. Hi Alison, I’ve been watching the Vax launch tonight and have got slightly sidetracked by the cardigan you’re wearing – it’s a chartreuse colour with pockets. Which range is it from please as I didn’t hear you mention it. Thanks, Hilary x

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