6pm Monday… it’s a date!

Hey everyone, hope you’re all well!! Are we happy to be out of what seems for so many of us, the absolute longest month of the year and into February? To be perfectly honest my life is that busy at times, there never seems to be enough hours in the day and many of the things I had down for January in my “to do” list just tend roll over into February anyway (including the odd New Year’s resolution or five!!).

Back to the plot though and what’s so special about 6pm on Monday? Well it’s a Beauty Loves show and this is going to be great, because it’s going to feature an amazing young woman who is bringing us a brand new hair product selection all the way from Scandinavia! With a long history in the world of hairdressing and many salons all over that neck of the woods, the lovely Chris will be introducing us to the range that was developed by her and her mother Eleni, hence “Beauty Loves Eleni and Chris” and I have to say… so do I!! I think this is one of the most exciting hair ranges we’ve seen in a long time.

Fresh, new and invigorating, their products are infused with ingredients indigenous to that part of the world… cloudberry, glacial water and volcanic ash to name a few and they do indeed make for an unparalleled experience.

I got to meet the lovely Chris (who just looks fabulous and is so lovely) on a couple of occasions recently here at QVC headquarters in order to introduce her to our world and I can tell you she is super excited about Monday. Our resident beauty expert, Alison Young, will be introducing her on the 6pm show so please, please do not miss it. You can of course check out the Eleni & Chris range on the website now if you can’t wait until then (and hopefully I have you intrigued sufficiently to do so!!).

Oh and another thing, we are all champing at the bit to see the fabulous Today’s Special Value (TSV) offer coming up this Saturday from Dyson – the Cyclone V10 Vacuum Cleaner. The value really is going to be super amazing (we reckon unbeatable!!) and with all that spring cleaning just around the corner… well this will make it a complete doddle (great word).

So happy days indeed as we enter into the month of Feb and nudge our way tentatively towards the time of daffodils, tulips and snowdrops etc. That reminds me… join me for lots of plant ideas in my gardening show midday on Sunday. I just love that time of year but I do realise we’re not quite there yet!! Still, we all need something to look forward to don’t we? And it’s good to prepare!!

In the meantime, take care everyone.

Anne xx

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  1. Hi Anne,
    Great to hear from you. I have to say I really don’t like this news blog site! I know nothing to do with you but my goodness it’s going to be so hard to keep up as I can’t see anywhere with your faces on!? Am I missing it?
    How are you all? All the boys and the kids well? And you’re so right, we all need to look forward to spring!!!x

    1. Hi Susan (and Anne!)
      I agree, it will take a bit of time to get used to! If it helps, you could add to favourites/home screen/bookmark the presenters bit and then scroll through and read the ones you fancy rather than all the stories? Hope it helps xxx

  2. Hi couldn’t agree. More with the previous qvc customer the new presenters website is terrible. You can only read about the current presenter!! Please bring back your original site

  3. I agree with Susan & Carol, change for change sake. And, as is so often the case today
    the “improvement” is no improvement whatsoever. Having said that it is nice to hear
    from Anne after a long search.

  4. Hi Anne hope your well. I agree with other ladies why is there certain presenters blogs up and can’t get the other presenters blogs, I know your not to blame. I wonder if you can find out.

    Take Care

  5. Anne wonderful to see you and you look fit and healthy I love the new layout and I loved the old one we all have to give changing ideas a chance sometimes a few little tweaks here and there and we will all be singing from the same sheet maybe a list of all the presenters will keep us all happy ha-ha x Pamela

  6. I do not like the new style on the ap or on the blog. It does appear to me that QVC are changing to a more American style. I liked QVC when it appeared friendly, easy to use and quality. As I cannot go out I liked watching the programme, being tempted with interesting items, and being kept up today. Now it appears pressure, pressure and no time to discuss or interact. Do not ruin this shopping channel by cheapening the goods also. If we are at home we still have money to spend

  7. Have to agree with most comments – the new lay out is pants as they say ! Maybe Anne will help us fans and speak to the bosses !! Anne – from a fellow weegie – do your best x

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