A sprinkling of joy

Yes folks I’m talking about our recent sprinkling of the white stuff… clearly I’m referring to last Sunday’s snow scene!!

I’m still a bit of a kid at heart and I remember how I would be beside myself with excitement as a child when I would wake up to the beautiful, crisp, snowy wonderland scenes. Well not last Sunday… I was at QVC doing the morning Gardening Show with the fabulous Michael Perry and all was dull and grey to begin with (the weather that is, not Michael Perry!!). By the time I got home, check out what my back garden looked like! And there was much more to come!!

It’s quite difficult getting in and out of the village where I live so after a 10mph journey of edging my way back the final mile or two, I was not about to venture out again. Well, only later on to watch the kids have an absolute ball. I found it amazing but not unusual that children of all ages (and many an adult too incidentally) were having the time of their life. Not a phone, screen or beeping gaming sound for miles, just hours of fun for everyone – snowballs, sledging and some very interesting looking snowmen too!!

I remember my own three boys when they were younger, can’t remember how many changes of clothing they’d end up getting through. There never seemed to be enough radiators in the house! In fact, I can remember only a couple of years ago the same scenario… except this time it was with their wives/girlfriends. 😊

I just love it!! Personally I think this time it was made even more special given everything that’s been happening of late. So a bit more of the “white stuff” please, not too much and for too long, just another weekend sprinkling to put a smile on everyone’s face ⛄️⛄️⛄️…including mine. 😊

Well this weekend I can think of a few reasons that we’ll all have a smile on our faces and into next week too!! To start with, Friday’s Mr Max Today’s Special Value (TSV) is an absolute must. A great pair of flattering slimline everyday leggings at a fab price.

Wear them immediately with a chunky knit on top but equally they’ll look great with an oversized shirt or top going forward into spring. And let’s face it… it’s great to have those basics as we usually have more tops than bottoms in our wardrobes. We’ve got a host of colours to choose from so who knows, you may want to go for a couple of pairs at these great prices.

Drum roll please for Saturday. I’m off but I will be tuning in for this amazing offer from the Laura Gellar range… an utterly brilliant Artisan All-Stars Four-Piece Collection TSV on pre-sell already.

If the Mr Max trousers are a great wardrobe basic, then this little kit is your absolute go to for your make-up basics. In fact if you’ve never tried the range (or want to introduce someone else to it) then look no further. The queen of foundations and a QVC award winner for several years… it’s the Balance-n-Brighten Foundation complete with brush. You then have the stunning French Vanilla and Pink Buttercream Highlighter, which is so flattering on all skin tones and then to complete the look, the most moisturising, sumptuous marbled lipstick. I know for a fact that many of you will be bulk buying.

I don’t normally work on Tuesdays but I’m glad I’m going to be in next week as we have fab little jacket from the Joules range.

I’ve opted for the navy (might even wear it with my Mr Max trousers!!). Many of us love the range for tops and jeans but I do love their jackets too. Can’t remember if I told you that one of my Christmas presents was a beautiful Joules jacket. It was from my brother who I look after. How it goes is that I buy the present (with his money), then one of the kids wraps it and gives it to him to then give to me. He then looks all chuffed as I do my BAFTA winning performance at how surprised I am and how perfect the gift etc. etc. It’s truly amazing… been doing it for years. I’ve had everything from Emu slippers, Centigrade coats and the year before last I believe was the Shay & Blue TSV (talking of which, watch this space… exciting news on the horizon with this, my absolute favourite fragrance brand!!). All good stuff, so lots to look forward to over the next few days folks.

Stay tuned, stay warm and stay safe too!!

Lots of love,

Anne xx

Ps. Thanks to those of you who responded to my “just one thing” on my last blog. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about… you’ll have to look back here. Still time to join in though and I will be posting my responses to you lovely people shortly!!

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  1. Hi Anne I like watching you on QVC, honest and down to earth! Had to laugh reading about your brother’s pressies, I do exactly the same with my son ha! ha! Stay well, stay safe!

  2. Hi Anne,
    How are you? You sound as if you’re doing ok which I hope you are. How is your brother through all this? And your boys and family? Have you got anyone at home with you? I wonder how your niece and children are too? Lots of questions. Look after yourself x

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