Deliciously simple!!

Hey everyone,

Hope you’re all well and safe.

I just have to drop you a quick line ahead of our fabulous Ninja Today’s Special Value (TSV) this weekend. This is a fantastic help in the kitchen and although it’s probably my favourite room in the house and I thoroughly enjoy cooking, anything that’s going to give a helping hand is always welcome!! Drum roll please… enter the Ninja Foodi Max, the latest multi-cooker from the Ninja Foodi range.

All the genius and benefits as the previous model we have shown but with an even larger capacity… a whopping great 7.5 litres in fact and nine ways of cooking!! So cooking large meals is a breeze… but please, if you’re thinking well I’m on my own or it’s rare that I cook for large numbers (even with Christmas on the horizon), I have used it this past week when only cooking for a couple of people and even just myself! This is total 360 degree cuisine!! By that, I’m not talking temperature but all-round meals with speed and ease. Meat or fish with veg and rice or pasta all at the same time? It’s like your new best friend (well in the kitchen anyway!!).

Whether from fresh or frozen, it’s so quick and simple… I am very impressed. Check out a couple of my photos – nothing fancy, just good, wholesome and healthy cooking with minimum clean-up time too!!

The last photo is a cauliflower and cheese purée that I took from the recipe book included, giving you even more inspiration. I intend to try the mac ‘n’ cheese and a roast vegetable with Romano cheese later today too! This can replace so much in the kitchen or for cooking for large numbers, it’s like an extra pair of hands! And what a price?? Tune in to find out. Exceptional value… the ability to spread the cost and don’t forget, you’ve got 60 days to play, get creative and if you’re not happy, we’ll take it back!!

I’ll be launching the Ninja Foodi Max at 9pm this Sunday evening so please join me as I reckon it’s going to be busy… especially at this time of year!!

Now, staying with the theme of food, glorious food (and why not indeed), one of my favourite ranges is coming up with my good self on Saturday at 4pm… The Real Pie Company!

Oh my word if you’ve never tried them, you are in for a treat and if you have… you’ll totally get it!! Crammed to the crust with amazing sweet and savoury fillings and with all the goodness and taste of homemade, you will not be disappointed. I’m ordering some Winter Warmer Steak & Beef Pies for dinner Christmas Eve 🎄 to enjoy with some creamy mash and roast veg (using my Ninja Foodi), but also the Assorted Festive Fruit Pies to enjoy (now actually) with a big dollop (love that word) of whipped cream!!

And if I have any energy left after all that indulgence I might play a game or four with our TSV on Sunday, which is the Arcade1Up Games Machine!!

Join me this weekend… there’s so much to enjoy!

Take care,

Anne xx

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  1. Dear Anne ; love your chat ; I would imagine you are a pretty good cook and modest with it ! I find your blogs interesting and you never brag about anything .A true presenter , slainte from Glasgow .

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