Happily “chugga-ing” along!

Yes I may well have invented a new word there!!

Well hello everyone and I hope you’re all in as good spirits as possible given everything that’s going on at the mo!! I have to say that I’m absolutely delighted to be back at QVC and keeping very busy indeed too.

There is so much going on currently. Of course, the big news that you’d need to be living on Planet Zog not to have heard about (is there such a planet?), the amazing, the incredible, the absolutely stunning Elemis Eight-Piece Christmas Today’s Special Value (TSV) that’s coming up at the weekend… but of course is available immediately. The new Neroli Blossom option is truly beautiful beyond words. This is possibly the best ever hand cream and body lotion that I’ve ever tried from the Elemis range… and that’s saying something (and that’s only two parts of the whole collection).

But, we don’t want to forget the guys either and Elemis have brought out a simply spectacular Men’s Four-Piece Complete Grooming Gift Collection too. Check out my photos on these two fabulous collections… you’ll be scoring some serious brownie points in the gifting department. In fact, so many of you have been saying that you’ve gone for more than one set of the Elemis TSV and I agree that is a very wise move indeed this year!! It has been insanely busy so far, way beyond anything we had ever imagined.

Now aside from all the Elemis excitement and the day before actually, we also have an amazing TSV this weekend from one of my favourite brands, you guessed it… Skechers!! It’s the latest in the Chugga boot collection. I’ve included a photo of mine – these were the originals and I live in them for a fair chunk of the colder season.

They are so warm and comfy (as you would expect) and the latest style here I think, truly takes the whole look up a notch or ten! Everything you would expect from a Skechers boot… and then some. Great colours, great price and my usual # here that Vonda just loves is #whatsallthefussabout. Well “chug-along” with my good self and tune in Saturday to find out!

You’ll also see in the photo of my ones that there’s a hat and snood. This is the Chenille Pom Pom Hat And Snood two-piece set from Muk Luks. I love them and just ordered another set.

So that’s just a quick heads up re this weekend, but before I go I would like to thank those of you that were kind enough to welcome me back in the comments section in my last blog. You really are a lovely lot!!

See you at the weekend everyone 😊

Stay warm and stay safe,

Anne xx

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  1. Hi Anne,
    So great to hear from you and know you’re doing well after returning to work! I haven’t seen you due to work but I can hear your voice immediately with these blogs! I love it! I love the look of the hat and snood but I have a hat already. Looks cute though in pink!
    How are your kids and daughter in law? Hope their jobs are safe. It’s just so sad as worrying what’s happening.
    Have a nice weekend x

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