Red alert!

And it’s a huge red alert at that!!

Hi everyone and hope you’re all well and getting organised in the run up to the big day.

Five weeks to go!! Can’t believe it!!

But I interrupt this blog to bring you as titled, a Red Alert announcement.

Today sees the pre-launch of our Red Limited Edition Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer! Red Limited Edition because of the fabulous Christmas red colour hairdryer in the beautiful red presentation case. What a gift!! Anyone who has to blow dry their hair will truly be “blown away” (bad pun I know) by the absolute last word in hairdryers… The Dyson Supersonic!!

I was the biggest skeptic of all when I first saw this technology. Not because I didn’t think it would be any good, but because I knew how bad I was at doing my own hair!! This has utterly revolutionised my blow drying skills. So much so that for the very first time in my life I’m getting compliments when it’s me doing my own hair… unbelievable! There is zero skill involved. It so does all the work for you.

It’s lightweight, so it’s easy to do the back of your hair, it comes with a full set of the necessary attachments and is kind to the hair too. That’s a lot of boxes ticked indeed! All down to the amount of rigorous research Dyson put into their space age-like technology!!

Top that with an incredible price offer of over £50 off plus six interest free instalments (easy payments) and zero P&P, and you just have to get on board with this. It truly is where we stand head and shoulders (that could be taken as another bad hair pun but let’s not go there) above the others, in so much as there will be many skeptics out there as I was, …but where else are you going to be able to try this stunning piece of Dyson genius for just £45.83 on the first instalment and send it back if it doesn’t float your boat?!! Also, don’t forget that money back guarantee lasts until the 25th January if it’s a gift.

But it’s all in the presentation of this one I can tell you… absolutely stunning in the Red Limited Edition. It is the official Today’s Special Value (TSV) for this Saturday and promises to be one of the biggest of the year. But why wait until then? You can simply click on the link and beat the rush. Then sit back and relax at the weekend enjoying Abi and the girls hints, tips and demos, knowing yours is on its way!! This Red Alert is a guaranteed redundancy for virtually all your old hairdryers… nothing even comes close!!

I shall be thoroughly enjoying all the excitement in the 5pm Saturday Dyson Show.

I hope you’ll join me.

Take care,

Anne xx

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  1. Hi Ann
    Whose jumper were you wearing this morning on Vercella Vita Italian Shapewear

    It was a brown /beige with glitter is it a QVC make. Also I ordered the Dyson hairdryer on your blog

  2. Wow QVC and Dyson – kudos to both of you for putting your heads together to come up with making my wish come true!

    I understand the sheer cost of developing this hairdryer must have been ‘megabucks’ as our friends ‘across the pond’ say – and it takes time for a business to recoup at a premium price point. So, with social media now more involved with QVC than ever before, I suspect a company has to be able to price well and be able to produce a huge production amount, to enable anything to be a TSV. And I do remember it being said that the Supersonic wouldn’t ever be a TSV so effectively ‘don’t hold your breath’.
    I’ve seen some different colours and either the stand, the box, or easy pays gradually came along as time went on, and as I bought a good Ego hairdryer from QVC in 2013 (no longer available) for an upcoming wedding, I couldn’t justify the cost anyway, not with costs of trying to move home, taking on a mortgage to the max etc and needing a new job – and although I saw a red version once, it wasn’t yet enough to make me go for it then.

    But this TSV – wow, every box ticked and then some, it’s come along at a time when I’ve been going through some unexplained, mystery, extreme hairloss – average daily is 50-100 strands, and I’d say mine had always been around 80-100 for sure, but when I started getting 354 to 500 (counted one lot & knew I got just under double that amount on other days, so that’s how I know 500 is an ‘accurate’ maximum ‘guesstimate’ without actually counting). Anyway, I’ve only gently sponged through my hair to freshen it since this started and not dared do a full wet hairwash yet. But I will when the Supersonic arrives next week as how could I say no to this fab TSV? It really is the dream team, Dyson and QVC, and I did promise that you’d get my custom if you did a fab TSV offer and in The RED. And you have, at the very time I need the gentlest of hair care during this loss situation! And, if the loss turns out to be permanent and I’m left with about half the hair I previously had, then I’m going to need to make the best of what I have left and make it look ‘more’ than it really is, by doing more styling so this is where the Supersonic comes in, as usually more heat styling isn’t good for the health of your hair, but in the case of the Supersonic now I’ll dare to, because it should help me keep whatever I have left in super-duper health and condition.

    Rhyme: Thank you very much Dyson and QVC for this great Supersonic TSV !

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