Shocks and surprises!!

New Year resolutions in April? Really?

Well all my healthy intentions went a bit out the window a few weeks ago when I moved house. I’d been fairly good up until then, but ended up in a series of takeaways and ready meals whilst I got sorted.

Then add in Easter (which I’m kind of still celebrating 😋) and it’s time to “get with the programme” as they say, eat a bit healthier, get a bit more exercise, and perhaps… get on board with our Prime Fifty Today’s Special Value (TSV) coming up on Monday!! 😃

It’s a 60 day supply of their Skin, Hair & Nail Anti-Ageing Supplements (also available on Auto Delivery!!). It’s true that whilst eating better and regular exercise is a must for good general health, sometimes we need a bit extra help… especially as we get older. Dr. Max who brings us the range is truly the fount of all knowledge when it comes to supplementation and really does emphasise that not all supplements are created equally. The quality of the Prime Fifty range truly is exceptional and of course if you don’t see a noticeable difference within that 60 day time frame… then you simply send them back for a refund. Now personally, with the areas that are being targeted in this instance it will be easier to notice that difference (rather then perhaps a more subjective area like, bone health or mineral absorption for example). So in essence on Monday we will be encouraging you to get on board with our TSV for shinier, healthy-looking hair, the appearance of a glowing complexion and stronger-looking nails to show off that perfect manicure.

Now to be kind to myself… has it really been weather of late for outdoor exercise? Well perhaps from the photo of my hanging baskets a week ago, I would beg to differ! Snow? Really? At this time of year? Well I guess so! That is the shock part of the title of this blog.

The surprise part? I finally found my Dyson fan remote control which I’d lost in the move (remember I’d put it away somewhere “safe”). Well yesterday I discovered it in a cosmetics bag that also had my watch in it (I hadn’t even noticed that I’d lost that 🙄). Anyway I was absolutely delighted and thought I’d report back to you!

Join me this weekend for lots of Gardening Shows which I really need to be personally investing in with my new but very bare garden, as well as some tech on Saturday and our Great Beauty Event on Sunday too.

Take good care of yourselves and see you Friday!

Anne xx

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  1. Hi Anne,
    Great that you found your remote! And watch! Haha. Done that myself! I’m sure you’ll be rustling up nice food soon given your cooking skills! Now if only we all had them! Take care x
    Ps hope your toe is healing.

  2. I am always putting things in a safe place then forgetting them! Once put all my jewellery dotted around the house before a long holiday and was still finding things behind books etc months later!

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