You cannot put a price on…

Yes we can all finish the above sentence with…”a good night’s sleep!”

Hey everyone! Hope you’re all well and dandy. 😊

Regarding the above statement, it’s funny how we only ever realise the quality of our night’s sleep when it is clear that it is either poor or inadequate. If you’ve been watching for a while, you may remember years ago me saying that I could barely count to 15 after my head touched the pillow before I’d be asleep. Well, those days are long gone!! Why? I don’t know exactly… but I do know that we have lots to help you in this department if that’s an area you struggle in.

Our star buy on Saturday (7th May) is of course from Silentnight and for many this is the last word on reliability in the sleep world. What an offer we have for you and if ever there was a time to give a mattress topper a good go, well, as we will be pointing out… a 60 ‘night’ money back guarantee is the perfect way to try!!

It could potentially breathe new life into an old mattress or protect the investment of a new one. What a price too for ultra-supportive Miracoil Zonal technology – the lovely Becky Redfern will be on hand this Saturday to explain all.

There are however, other products that we have at QVC which have personally helped me enter into the land of nod a bit quicker, and perhaps more importantly… stay there!! I’m sure many of you will know by now what a huge Cozee Home fan I am. Winter or summer now (thank goodness) I am truly able to drift off into some serious slumber with this bedding range.

Incidentally I also have my Tempur pillow (thanks to the recommendation of Mr Charlie Brook), but perhaps my most recent and “wouldn’t be without” addition is from This Works. It’s their amazing Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. I simply spritz the pillow and the top of my duvet cover, then whilst I’m doing my night-time skincare routine (which believe me is quick) “it works” its magic. It really does smell divine and as I always spend about 15 – 20 minutes reading before lights out, I truly feel it helps get me into that relaxed sleep-ready zone.

No screens at all in my sanctuary, except my mobile phone which is switched off and face down at the other side of the room (that way when the alarm goes off I simply have to get out of bed!!).

I haven’t perfected this whole sleep routine quite yet as every night I say I’m going to go up to bed at 10pm, but it just doesn’t seem to happen a lot of the time. I do have to be careful though as often if I’m watching a bit of TV, it’s easy for me to nod off and then wake up at 1am!! Not good! (I’m actually contemplating setting my alarm before switching the TV on just in case).

Anyway folks… check out online everything we have to help in this area and don’t forget to join me at 7pm Saturday night when I’ll be taking a closer look at our fab Today’s Special Value (TSV) from Silentnight. 😊 We also have an amazing Julien McDonald TSV tomorrow! Complete change of topic I know, but that’s me… look squirrel! (I have these moments regularly!!).

See you at the weekend everyone,

Anne xx

P.S. Whatever you’re up to next weekend… well I’m not exactly saying cancel it, but my goodness we do indeed have a super event!! It’s actually two events in one. If I said part of the reason is to get us all set for celebrating something that only comes around every 50 years and is going to last four days… does that give you a clue? I’d better stop there before I give too much away! 😉

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