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Hi, welcome to this week’s update. Thank you so much for all of your very kind comments on my previous blog. I always read every one of them even if I do run out of time to reply to each individually. Please never underestimate how much it means to me that you care enough to write.

I was looking for a specific photo the other day and came across this one which was taken in January on my trip of a lifetime to New York City with my best boy buddy, Steven. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t having the most buoyant of days so when ‘HOPE’ filled my screen I took it as a little sign to always hold on to hope.

The reason I asked Steven to take this photo was because there’s an almost identical structure in London’s Tate Modern art gallery. Instead of ‘hope’ it says ‘love’. My partner, Jamie, and I had our photo taken in front of it when we visited late last year. Love and hope are such strong themes to try and hold to for the times we find ourselves in.

My heart aches for those who have lost dear friends and relatives during the current crisis. Sadly, I think more and more of us now know someone who has been directly affected either through the disease itself or the current circumstances, which surround funerals and end of life goodbyes. Coping with bereavement at any time is never easy. Having to deal with loss in these new and unchartered waters is one of the most unthinkable scenarios I can imagine.

Mental health is a subject very close to my heart. If you’ve read my previous blogs you may already know that I’m an ambassador for a charity run by the bereaved for the bereaved. It’s called The Good Grief Trust. They do such incredible work to help people with both love and hope. They have an online presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and they have seen a surge in new followers during these last few weeks. People who are reaching out for comfort, understanding and just someone to be there who may have some idea of what they’re going through.

The Good Grief Trust website is full of helpful links, personal stories and hope. There is a new link on their front page entitled ‘Corona Bereavement Advice’. Whether it’s for you or someone you care about I just thought I would use this platform to let you know of its existence. I think we all feel helpless when we are witnessing the suffering of others. This could be just a small way to reach out and offer some help and comfort during these unimaginably hard times. Sometimes there are no words, there’s certainly no ‘right’ thing to say. When it comes to bereavement we are all just finding our way in the dark. Just knowing someone cares can be a great comfort.

We, at QVC, have been so moved by some of the stories you’ve been telling us. We’ve had emails and messages saying that you are glad to have us there to help keep some ‘normality’ in your lives. A familiar face or voice in the background has been reassuring to many who are feeling very isolated. Thank you for sharing your world with us and allowing us to be a part of it. We are just as grateful for your company, too.

One of the reasons people have cited for enjoying QVC’s live TV programming is that it takes their minds off what’s going on. News channels serve a very important purpose but it’s good to switch them off sometimes and allow a little light distraction. For this reason I’ll stop talking about it, myself, for now. Time to tell you about something which is pure escapism…

The sparkle of Diamonique Day is nearly upon us! Next Thursday we are dedicating an entire day to our range of beautiful simulated diamonds. It all begins with the launch of a stunning droplet necklace Today’s Special Value from ’Escape by Melissa Obadash’ at 9pm on Wednesday. I’ll give you a tip though, if you want to get in early it will be available to order from Tuesday, the 28th. Item number 344282.

We’ve been bringing Diamonique to the nation for over a quarter of a century now so expect to see some extremely special shows and pieces on the day. Of course the prices are going to be really wonderful, too. There’s definitely something for everyone.

I’ve been buying Diamonique since my QVC journey began. That’s 16 years! My first ever purchase was a gems book to help me learn about the jewellery I’d be presenting. My second was a pair of Diamonique stud earrings. I have them to this day and they still look exactly as they did then! I’ve had bracelets, rings, pendants, bangles. I simply can’t get enough. One of my favourites is this snowflake pendant. It comes out every Christmas. It’s not just a pendant, though. It’s also a brooch. It always gets commented on. Another favourite is a key pendant I bought myself to celebrate my 15 year anniversary at the Q. I never tire of my sparkling collection.

If you fancy joining me on the day and getting all glammed up I’d love to see your photos over social media during my shows, I’m @catherinehuntleytv on Instagram . I’ll be with you at 1pm and 3pm and I plan to get my glad rags on! I’m very much looking forward to it and I hope you are, too.

Sending you all my love and thanks for your support as always. Oooh, speaking of support. HUGE thanks for all the money you’ve raised for the National Emergencies Trust alongside us. If you’d like to know more please click here. Thank you again.

Love Catherine xxx

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  1. Hi Catherine, thank you so much for sharing your lovely blog. And all the tips. I am so grateful for having qvc and all of the presenters. I have bought things for the garden, beauty and home. This channel has been a God send. I am so grateful that we have such a wonderful Nhs. God bless them all. You and Jamie look so happy. So happy for you both. Stay safe and God bless you. Antoinette x

  2. You are such a lovely, kind, sweet person Catherine, you and your partner Jamie make such an adorable couple. I keep hoping to see a sparkling engagement ring on your finger. PS You are one of my favourite presenters.

  3. I contacted the Silverline 18 months ago after loosing my brother in law and sister 8 days apart, they were wonderful. Thank you all at QVC for being there at this time, being a comfort for those of us who are alone. Hope it won’t be long before you and Jamie can be together again, till then I hope you and your family stay safe and.well xx

  4. Hi Catherine I always love watching you. You may make the odd blunder (sorry) but I think that is why people love you. You are always so natural. It’s lovely to see you and Jamie together. I hope you and your family stay safe.

  5. Is Catherine ok? I haven’t seen her on screen for ages and l am worried about her. I hope she is well and happy – she is such a beautiful person – inside and out.

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