Cats caught on camera!

Hello and a big warm welcome to this week’s blog. I hope you’re doing well. I’m absolutely freezing at the time of writing and I can’t wait for springtime to burst into bloom.

On my drive to work I pass a Marie Curie ‘Field of hope’ which is a small expanse of grass that explodes into a carpet of yellow daffodils every year. I saw their tiny green shoots today as they prepare for their moment in the sun. My favourite flower, they always make me feel joyful as well as hopeful for brighter days ahead. If they can’t get brighter for a while I’ll certainly settle for warmer!

I thought I’d update you on my feline friends. The integration process between Popsie and the boys is progressing slowly and steadily. They spend a bit of time in the same room together every day under close supervision. I give them a treat, which is like a long thin sachet containing a sort of yogurty mixture made especially for cats, to share between them. I squeeze a little out at a time so they can each lick a little bit, taking turns. I’ve taught the boys to sit and wait nicely. I say firmly but kindly, “staaaaaaaaayyy”, and they stay! What good boys! Popsie is older and wiser and wouldn’t need such instruction, whereas Bowie and Ziggy are like excitable little teenagers. Boisterous, lively and very noisy, ha, ha! Rather entitled too, but I think that’s just cats in general. We are here to serve them. We know it and they sure do too!

The reason I have them share a treat is to reinforce a feeling of positivity around them spending time together. If they can have a positive association with seeing each other it’ll make for a smoother integration. I’ve been doing this with them for quite a while now. Whether it’s cutting my hair, laying a driveway or carefully introducing cats to each other I always do a lot of homework. I knew that it was never going to be a case of just putting them all in a room together and hoping they’d instantly form a friendship. I’m not saying that doesn’t sometimes work out, but I wouldn’t recommend it! First impressions last with cats so if it’s done too fast it can have lasting impressions which are formed on shaky foundations of fear and aggression. If you’re thinking of introducing a new pet or pets to your existing one(s) I’d suggest doing a fair amount of research online to make it as smooth as possible.

For us, it’s been three months of careful scent swapping, room swapping, supervised hanging outs and treats. Lots of treats. They’re good cat currency! A dog will often do something because they wish to please their fur parent. A cat wants something in return!

I’m pleased to say that their supervised sessions of being together are feeling calmer and are lasting longer as they are slowly becoming less bothered by each other. Bowie and Popsie have an easier relationship than Ziggy and Pops do, thus far. They even had their first nose kiss the other day! I was so delighted! Ziggy seems on high alert around Pops as though he’s a bit afraid of her but she’s just a big fluffy teddy bear of a cat. He’s getting gradually more relaxed in her company, though. It’s just going to time some more time and patience before I could leave them all in the same room unsupervised.

At night times Popsie sleeps in my room with me and the boys sleep in the lounge. They’ve been very good about that. I say goodnight to them and as I’m shutting the door, they give me their best “how can you leave us like this” eyes but then they soon settle down to sleep until about 7:30 or thereabouts. I’ve now had that confirmed thanks to video graphic evidence!

A few months ago, I bought the Blink home security camera system after presenting it with our lovely tech expert Lee Holbein who loves it. I bought the system for outside but it’s actually an expandable indoor and outdoor system so you can grow it and adapt it to suit you and your home.

Last week I discovered Lee has a forthcoming Today’s Special Value from Blink, this Saturday 13th February, which includes the Blink Mini, an indoor camera with two-way audio that records in day and night modes like the outdoor versions. I decided to trial it ahead of the TSV launch.

First, let me tell you what’s on offer. It’s the ‘All-new Blink Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Security HD Camera & Mini Camera’ which will be available at a fantastic price, one of the lowest prices for a blink TSV we’ve ever had. In fact, it’s quite possibly the lowest ever! Of course, it’s also backed by our 60 day try it and see Money Back Guarantee.

Let’s talk about that price for a moment, though, because our buyers have struck a fabulous deal for us. From 9pm on Friday until midnight on Saturday you’ll be able to pick up the entire package from QVC for just under £95 plus P&P!

It’s such a good deal I’m considering it, myself, so I can add one more outdoor camera and then use the mini to keep an eye on my cheeky boys, Bowiecat & Ziggycat!

I really love how easy it is to set up. The one for outdoors is battery-powered, the batteries will be included, and they can last up to two years! You don’t have to get an electrician out to wire it all in for you. It’s honestly so easy, it doesn’t take long at all. It’s great that you can view what’s going on even when you’re away from home via the app.

The built-in microphones mean that you can talk to whoever is on camera and they can hear you and respond! For example, if I happened to check my app whilst I was out at the supermarket and I see my postie, Sharon, is knocking on the door with a parcel (most likely from QVC) I can press the ‘talk now’ button and ask her to leave it on the doorstep as I’ll be home in 5 minutes!

My (feline) boys are very clingy. My son tells me that they cry for me like two little pining dogs when I leave for work. Awww, bless their tiny hearts! Don’t worry, though, they settle after a few minutes.

With the Blink mini I have been able to talk to them from work and watch them via the app in real time! The first time I spoke through the camera it was rather funny to see their reactions. They suddenly sat up, very alert and a little confused but soon settled back down and ignored my giggling at their cuteness. It’s lovely that I can just pop on to the app and see how they’re doing! I’d imagine if you have a needy little doggy who gets lonely and stressed when you’re out it might be a comfort for both if you to be able to check in with them. It’s also the very first time we’ve ever seen blink mini!

I can imagine people benefitting from the mini even if they’re not leaving the house. If you’re working from home in one room and the kids are doing their schoolwork in another it could be a very useful tool for checking on them without having to interrupt them and perhaps reminding them to carry on with their work if they become a little distracted!

Well, I thought I’d share with you some of the lovely little video clips captured on an average night in the Chez Huntley lounge with Zig & BoBo…

Enjoy and I’ll be catching up with you again very soon.

Love Catherine xx

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  1. Hi Catherine
    It’s lovely to hear that Popsiecat, Bowie and Ziggy are continuing to make friends with each other. What an adorable picture of Popsie and Bowie nose kissing – too cute 😀 The videos you have of your boys are great – they look like they have a lot of fun and it must be reassuring for you that you can see what they’re getting up to 😀
    Wishing you all the best
    Love Jules x

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