A quick thank you and a great Lock & Lock deal

Hello, I hope you’re managing to keep safe and well. And, occupied too.

We receive such wonderful feedback from so many viewers who are enjoying our company more than ever here at QVC. And, I’ve always said this – even when you’re not shopping with us, it’s lovely to know you’re watching and keeping us company too. Thank you, it means a great deal.

Also, you should perhaps be warned, with me, you never quite know when things may or may not go to plan. Only a week or so back I was on air with Amy and I completely lost control. Amy, a complete professional, managed to hold it together… most of the time! If you didn’t see the clip, well, here it is for you. I’ve never had so much feedback on a blooper… I couldn’t stop laughing!


Who knows what will happen next time 😉

So, as always there’s so much to look forward to here at QVC. A brand which is back with a Today’s Special Value this coming Wednesday 28th, is a brand which has been with us for many years. When it comes to storage, whether it be for leftovers, portion control, snacks, or odds and ends in the shed, garage, or toolbox, this is the go-to name time and time again for so many of us. Of course, I’m referring to Lock & Lock.

We always find another use for them in the Brook household. Working weird shifts, I reach for Lock & Lock to pop my snacks into, but we also use them for storing craft items, and bits and pieces like nuts bolts and screws. The list of uses goes on and on.

We have a fantastic 17-piece TSV that I’m launching tomorrow (Tuesday) evening, the 26th, at 9pm. Fabulous colour options too, and of course, all backed with our 60-day money back guarantee.

I’ve been really fortunate to receive a sample of the Lock & Lock TSV. It’s simply brilliant and already providing homes for dog treats, cashew nuts, bread, chocolate (that won’t stay in there long!), and some grapes for me to snack on at work – which won’t get squashed in the bottom of my bag! I’m also about to decant some yoghurt into one of them too. So many uses!

I’d love to hear what you use yours for and, if you’re planning to get this set, how and when they’ll be utilised!

Take care and see you back on air very soon.


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24 Responses

  1. Hi Charlie
    Your blooper will have made so many of us smile – it’s a good giggle to watch 😊
    Like you, I also use Lock and Lock for storing pet treats. Being airtight and with such secure lids, treats certainly last longer since I’ve used mine 😀
    Wishing you all the best (and many more giggles)

  2. Charlie, please mention that all these containers will be great to use at ‘fill your own’ health food stores and shops.

  3. Hi Charlie,
    I would never miss any of your shows!!! If I’m feeling down during these uncertain times, I know my spirits will be lifted at some point during the show lol
    So good to laugh!!! Thank you so much lovely Charlie x

  4. Hi Charlie

    It’s well known that laughter is the best medicine and you’re Dr giggles so don’t stop please.!!! We do o need that more than ever .

    In addition, we get to pick up some great purchases along the way.

    Take care Charlie and keep laughing!! You’re a tonic you really are.

    Much love

    Christine x x

  5. Hi Charlie i loved watching that clip, really cheered me up! You are the funniest presenter by far and youre not afraid to take the mick out of yourself either! I love it. Keep up the good work. Lock and lock is great too, love how they keep airtight and keep everything so fresh xx

  6. Hi Charlie I loved watching that clip of you it really made happy I love watching you on qvc you are my favourite presenter from Geraldine Carron

  7. Hysterical! Let’s face it life is fairly sober and dull so a fit of the giggles is infectious and I’m sore there wasn’t anyone who didn’t laugh. Keep at it!

  8. Hi Angela and thank you. I’m glad it popped a smile on your face! Who knows what will happen next time!?

    All the best


  9. Hi Jules, many more giggles on the way, for sure! When, who knows?!

    Yeah, Lock and Lock has SO many uses. Love them!

    All the best


  10. Thanks Sue, once I start giggling, it’s really hard to stop! I hope my manager understands!

    All the best


  11. Hi Maureen, I hope you’re doing ok.

    I’m glad we’re able to lift your spirits from time to time. These are such challenging times aren’t they. Thank you for watching and for your kind words. And, no doubt I’ll be in fits of giggles again, sometime soon! I don’t plan it, but I can’t control it either!

    All the best


  12. Ahhh, Christine, thank you so much.

    I do feel a lot better after a good giggle and a laugh. I’m rewatching all my favourite comedy right now and it’s a real tonic!

    All the best


  13. Hi Karen, such a compliment, thank you! And, yes, Lock and Lock are brilliant aren’t they!

    All the best


  14. Hi Jane,

    Yes, VHS, cassette tape and reel to reel we used in the early days of my radio career!

    All the best


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