A busy start to February!


So February is upon us and I hope this blog finds you safe and well.

Lovely to see the evenings are starting to get lighter. I don’t know about you, but I’m really looking forward to spring and summer this year. I love winter and the cold crisp winter mornings, but I’m ready for warm sunshine now.

I write this week’s blog from my kitchen table. I’ve just had to lift down one of my dogs from the table who decided this was the best place to take a nap this morning. I was on the hunt for a few biscuits to have with my green tea as I write this, but I can’t find any (think they’ve been hidden from me…) However, I’ve found some chocolate which is making a very tasty substitute!

It’s been a really busy weekend at QVC. We enjoyed some fabulous gardening shows, with beautiful lighting, water features and of course plenty of plants too. Our site is always worth a browse for stunning plants and flowers, and of course keep a close eye for upcoming Today’s Special Value offers for your garden too.

I enjoyed other wonderful shows recently including two hours of L’Occitane last week. I was really hoping I’d get to keep the bicycle. I kept asking, but it seems it’s been put away safely… not sure where? I also had a great time on air with Patrick for a couple of hours of fashion.

I have a few days off coming up and it’s all a bit upside down at home at the moment. We were planning to have new carpets fitted a few years ago, but the pandemic put all of that on hold for us. Well, the time has finally come and the carpets are going down. I’m clearing stuff from under the beds and finding stuff I never knew we owned. It was a good opportunity to have a thorough clear out with lots of trips to the dump and recycling depot, as well as plenty to our local charity shops, too.

Lots to look forward to at Q. There’s always plenty to discover via our homepage and we have brilliant Today’s Special Values on the way too. One to watch out for is this coming Sunday 13th Feb. It’s another superb Elemis offer with a five-piece collection.

I’ll be watching from home, doing my best to ensure the new carpets don’t have too many doggy paw-prints on them!

Stay safe and well and I’ll see you on air soon.

Charlie x

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  1. Hi Charlie, we’ve had quite a lot of work done at home and new carpets throughout are the final thing left, hopefully in a couple of weeks. It does involve a lot of furniture moving, doesn’t it? As you say, a very good chance for some clearing out and decluttering. Very theraputic! I’m also looking forward to some Spring sunshine now.
    Enjoy your time of, will see you back at the Q very soon. xxx

  2. Hi Cherry, yes, it is the final stage and we’re nearly there! Phew! Yes, sunshine for sure and warm weather please.
    Good luck with your new carpets. We’ve opted for grey!

    All the best


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