Christmas shopping and my chocolate confession


So, I think I’d better start this blog with a bit of a confession. I mentioned previously how I treated myself to the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser. It arrived, discussions were had, and it was decided it would make a great Christmas present for me. All was agreed and my Christmas present was well and truly sorted.

Well, in my rather poor defence, it hadn’t been properly hidden away. When I was recently ‘home alone’ (great Christmas film, Home Alone) I found the Velvetiser and before I knew it, I was drinking the smoothest, silkiest hot chocolate imaginable. Soooooo delicious. I have to be honest, I have very little guilt. Thankfully though, now that I’ve made hot chocolate for others, all is forgiven. Well, sort of!

I hope your Christmas shopping is going well. I’ve been ordering some fabulous gift ideas from Q, but I can’t say too much incase it gives the game away.

As ever there are many great offers to be found. Today’s Special Value offers, Big Deals, Black Friday offers – the list goes on – all of which you will find via our home page. I’ve always loved to champion the money-back guarantee, too. It really gives peace of mind,  plus it’s extended for those gifts until the end of January – just perfect!

There’s lots to look forward to. This coming weekend looks set to be exciting when QVC is ‘unwrapped’ on Saturday. I’m off work so I don’t know a huge amount about it, but do tune in to QVC to see more of what goes on behind the scenes. That really is all I know at this stage.

Sunday night (21st November) at 9pm you’ll see the launch of our Monday Todays Special Value offer from Silentnight. It’s an amazing brand and we’ve had a great relationship with them for many years. I think this one will be very popular! It’s the Airmax Bundle with a topper, two pillows and a duvet.

I’m also on air on the Monday at 7pm, featuring Silentnight.

Till then, sweet dreams and see you soon!

Charlie x

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