DIY home haircut and keeping occupied


I hope you’re keeping safe and well. And, managing to stay as occupied as possible.

In the forever ‘chaos’ of the Brook household we’ve been playing our favourite board games like Monopoly and Pictionary while watching some of our favourite TV shows too. Do you have any recommendations for Netflix, Amazon Prime or BBC iPlayer?

I’ve really been enjoying ‘Money Heist’ on Netflix, and we’re reliving our favourite comedies too. Friends, never fails. The episode with Ross and the leather trousers is surely one of the best… ever.

Like, so many others, we’ve been stepping out onto our doorstep every Thursday evening at 8pm to clap for the NHS and everyone else who is working so hard for us all right now. It’s a very emotional moment and so moving to hear everyone joining in, far and wide. Our Cairn Terriers have joined in too and have barked, almost in time, to the clapping!

Our nearby health centre has always played a big part in our lives, for which we have always been so grateful, and our local Boots chemist has given us the most wonderful service over the years too. I recently picked up a prescription. I really like their new packaging. At first, I thought it was an ordinary plastic bag…  but this one isn’t… it’s brilliant.

So, onto my hair! I wanted to stay on top of my hair cut I managed to get before lockdown. I didn’t think they’d be keen, but my family jumped at the chance when I suggested we head into the garden and give it a trim… I thought they’d need a lot of persuading, but none needed at all! I think they did a pretty decent job, although there are a few dips and dents here and there – but nothing a bit of styling product won’t conceal! I caught some of it on video for you!

Charlie Brook lockdown haircut

QVC UK presenter Charlie Brook has a home hair cut during lockdown

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So, we’re doing our best to stay safe and busy at QVC whilst bringing you lots of your favourite programming. And, I’m thrilled to be launching Diamonique day which is coming up on Thursday 30th April. Keep an eye out for the beautifully themed shows throughout the day. I’ll be taking care of the midnight hour, but also the preview show Wednesday evening at 9pm when I’ll be launching the gorgeous Escape by Melissa Odabash Droplet Necklace in Sterling Silver.

I do hope you can join me. In the meantime, stay safe and well, and if you have a ‘DIY’ at home haircut planned… Good Luck!!

Charlie x

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  1. Hi

    I too have been enjoying Money Heist, can’t get the theme song out of my head though. Looking forward to the next series which apparently won’t be filmed until 2021/22 if even then.

  2. Hi

    I too have been enjoying Money Heist, can’t get the theme song out of my head though. Looking forward to next series which apparently won’t be filmed until 2021/22 if at all.

  3. Hi Charlie
    My viewing recommendation to everyone, if you have access to Amazon prime, is Jack Ryan. Beyond brilliant.
    Stay happy and safe.

  4. Hi Charlie. I don’t think your hair looks bad at all.
    On Netflix I really recommend ‘Dead to Me’. Christina Applegate is brilliant in it. It’s only a half hour show but I challenge you to stop at 1! There is another season coming soon.
    Also, if you’ve not already seen it, ‘The Haunting of Hill House’. There’s another season of that out this year, too.
    I haven’t watched it yet, but ‘Ozark’ has been highly recommended to me.

    Look after you and yours
    Lisa x

  5. Hey Judith and thanks for the suggestion. I haven’t heard of that show. I have Amazon Prime so I’ll be sure to take a look!

    Take care.


  6. Hi Marlene,

    What a TV show Money Heist is! I’m on the last episode. I’m saving it for later on this week… and then we have to wait years potentially! Nooooooo!

    Oh well!

    Take care


  7. Hi Ellen,

    A friend of mine suggested Jack Ryan. Thanks for the reminder.

    Take care and happy viewing.


  8. Hi Charlie My husband and I have just finished a series on Netflix called power, it is 6 series long and it is a great view, it follows the up and downs of a nightclub owner, who wants to get back on the straight and narrow, it is not one for the under 18s, but the twists and turns blow your mind, it does start of slow however if you do watch it it gets better every episode, love when you and Dale do shows, you really cheer me up and make me laugh, lots of love to you all at QVC xxxx

  9. Hey Andy, that’s a good point…

    I wonder if my former radio boss (he was great by the way!) would ever consider putting me back on air?!



  10. Hey Hilary, I’ve watched a few seasons… I agree, it does build up.

    Thank you for your kind words. We love being on air!

    Take care


  11. Hi Lisa, thanks for the recommendations. I haven’t seen those.

    There is a chunk of hair which got a little hacked but I’ve managed to style it out, a bit!!

    Take care


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