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I hope you’re keeping well. It’s blisteringly hot as I write this and my two mischievous Cairns are avoiding the garden and are loving, right now, the cool tiles of the kitchen floor!

If you’ve read my blog, over the years, and caught me on air, you’ll know I love animals. I’m besotted! We’re that family that will spend an afternoon, doing our best, to encourage a wasp out of our home back outdoors. I love so many aspects of wildlife from a chilled-out snail leaving its snazzy trail, to the beautiful fox that plays in our front garden.

So, you can probably tell, by all of that, that my Cairn Terriers are loved, adored and utterly spoilt. I don’t encourage naughty behaviour, but their antics make me smile and laugh! I know they shouldn’t have – but the time I caught one of them asleep on the dining room table was hilarious. I wish I snapped a photo.

I thought I’d focus some of my attention this week browsing some of the wonderful product range we have for pets on our website. Several years ago, we even had a pet show and my two Cairns made a special appearance. They were on their very best behaviour… a touch of bribery helped!

So, some fantastic items to be found. Including this, which I’ve been trying out, it’s a really neat idea, is made in the UK, and already proving very popular. The Dicky Bag Dog Waste Bag Premium & Additional Scented Discs. If out and about and you’ve collected your dog’s deposit (nicest way of putting it) and there’s no dog waste bin in the vicinity – well, here’s the answer. Simple and so clever. You can catch a recent presentation with Lorna.

When at home, providing our pets with fresh water is so important. When out though – it’s essential to take water with you for them as well. If my Cairns drink from a puddle, I’ve no idea what else could be mixed in with the rainwater? So, I really like this set of two Portable Pet Water Bottle and Bowl. It’s very clever the way the bowl integrates into the bottle.

Muddy paws and coat after a walk? I LOVE THIS! It’s brilliant and do watch the presentation online. The dog is adorable. It’s the Mud Daddy Portable Mud and Dirt Washing Brush. Also handy for boots after a walk as well.

I’ve touched on Silentnight previously. Beautifully designed and made is the Orthopaedic Pet Bed. 20/27 reviews are 5 stars.

While browsing for your pets… maybe treat yourself to something along the way as well!

Stay safe and well and I’ll see you soon!


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  1. Oh Charlie

    Your dogs are beyond cute. I like you love animals (better than people most of the time). I bought a new leather recliner recently as I have a bad back we have a rescue cat who is 5 this year like you don’t promote bad behaviour in pets but had to laugh the other morning when I found him snoring on my chair didn’t have the heart to tell him off.

    Take care May

  2. Charlie once a Animal its a no Brainer you are hooked for life and its a joy my Dog Finn Mini Schnauzer and my Son Matt dog Dexter are best Buddies he is a Black Schnauzer, 10 Finn is a Black/Silver soon to be 5 in August so I like the way they play together, and as Dexter comes to stay alot like a Big Brother when he wants a rest he puts his PAW on Finn Head and that’s a NO haha I like the PORTABLE Drinks Bottle I need that in my Life great when your out on a Hike! Charlie you are a great Presenter I love it when you and Dale work together haha Always a Great SHOW xx Pamela

  3. Hi Charlie,
    I have been watching you on QVC for the past 13 years! I love al of your shows but especially when you get together with Dale. Like you & Dale I am a huge dog lover & have 3!! Harry – black lab, Ruby – sable roan cocker spaniel & Ellie- golden sable cocker spaniel , we adore all three of them.
    Keep up the good work Charlie,
    Best Wishes

  4. Hello May,

    I hope your back is feeling better… it sounds like your cat secured the best heat in the house!

    All the best


  5. Hi Pamela. I’m thrilled to hear how much joy your wonderful pets bring you. Mine never fail to pop a smile on my face! Even when they’re cheeky and naughty!

    Thank you for your kind words too.

    All the best


  6. Hello Mandy. Sounds like you have a wonderful trio of pets there! Fabulous! I’m not too sure where all those years have disappeared to?

    All the best


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