Switching off for Sleeptember


Well, what a few weeks it’s been. A really exciting time for me to see the launch of my Diamonique design in celebration of 25 years of Diamonique at QVC!

Thank you to everyone who placed an order. I’m really touched and I hope you enjoy wearing the design soon. I’d love to know your thoughts, so do leave a comment below if you get a chance. If you follow this link here you can find out more about Wish Upon A Star!

So, September is upon us and at QVC we’re acknowledging Sleeptember!  It’s an annual event run by The Sleep Council which raises awareness about the importance of sleep, what you can do to achieve a better night’s sleep and what benefits a good night’s sleep can bring.

Watch out for our specially themed shows during the month, and of course you can catch fabulous collections online from the likes of Silentnight, Northern Nights and Cozee Home.

We also have a blog with tips from Silentnight’s sleep expert Dr. Nerina. She has over twenty years experience as a physiologist, author, consultant and sleep therapist!

For me though, what has made the world of difference is leaving tech out of the bedroom. I got into a real habit of browsing the web, watching films and TV shows.

Now the screen is left elsewhere and I’m reading a book, just like I used to years ago! I now fall asleep quicker and earlier too! I’m definitely feeling more alert and refreshed!

There are lots of fabulous offers to be found online during the month of Sleeptember, and, of course, throughout the year!

We have some brilliant Big Deals  commencing the week 16th September, one of which is the GX Bedding Set of two 2nd Generation Suspension Pillows. It’s so clever. It’s made in the UK and being the 2nd generation it is new and improved based on customer feedback. What a fantastic idea.

There are unique internal ties which pull the pillow ‘up and in’ to help gently cradle the head and neck, and it also has a venting strip to improve airflow and help keep the pillow cooler!

There are so many other clever features too, so find out more online or see the presentation. It’s definitely worth a try, and of course it’s backed by our thirty day money-back guarantee. Available in soft/medium or medium/firm. It’s feature packed.

Then of course, there’s Cozee Home Bedding! This collection receives so many five star reviews and I’m not surprised.

We love the range in our home and we’ve got a fabulous Today’s Special Value offer on Wednesday 18th September. It’s the faux mink four-piece duvet set, available in five colours. It is so inviting and deliciously soft, in fact, you probably won’t want to get out of bed in the morning!

It’ll be launched with Debra at the new time of 9pm the night before, then again at midnight as we head into Wednesday.

I’d love to know your hints and tips on helping to achieve a better night’s sleep. Do leave a comment below.

Take care and sleep well!!

Charlie x

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