Keep smiling!

It’s been a while since I touched base on here and when I say a lot is happened since, it’s like we’re almost living in a different world right now. I hope you and your family are okay.

I know everyone reacts in different ways to any circumstance and rest assured there will be ups and downs for everyone. Through all of this nobody knows exactly what to expect, how long it will last, what will happen, but we should remain immensely positive, to the point that we practice positivity.

None of us are naive to the fact that we are experiencing widespread loss, devastation and destruction, but I can’t help believe in the midst of all the craziness the world is experiencing that it’s truly going to be a better place on the other side. The best thing right now is to just take each day as it comes, which may sound like a cliché but it’s the only way.

Each day brings its own challenges and stresses but also brings new moments of joy, laughter and expression. I’m going to use this blog to explain the types of things I have really found helpful over the last few weeks and some of the things I learnt whilst deserted on an island in the South Pacific for three months, for TV programme Shipwrecked.

I was isolated from friends and family, no connection to the outside world, no shelter except for the one I built, little in the way of food and just 21 years old.

My learning curve was steep but the skills I learnt and memories I have will never leave me. It was only the other day I realised a lot of what we are experiencing in terms of emotions, uncertainty and fear reminded me of my first few weeks on the island. These are some of the things I feel help to retain a sense of sanity and normality (if there is such a thing at this moment in time).

I know there’s a lot of advice out there at the moment to help with our thoughts and positivity and I just want to remind you this isn’t advice, I’m just sharing some of the simple things I feel have helped with my own state of mind. I know everyone’s situation and household is different but we can all only try our best.

Routine: try and keep one. Up at the same time each day. Get dressed. Make a plan of what you want to achieve, write it down if it helps, include exercise, work, jobs, gardening, creativity, reading, cooking, eating, relaxing and connecting with people.

Gratitude: when your eyes open, mentally list three things to be grateful for and create a vivid picture in your mind of these. If it is grandchildren, then see them clearly in your mind smiling, vivid colours and noises of laughter, imagine they are with you. As you put your feet on the ground out of bed say “Thank you”.

Breathe: deep breathing in the shower, filling your belly, I like the Wim Hoff technique but there’s plenty out there to choose from. Do your own research to find a suitable one.

Music: this next one is really important and it is throughout the day. Play a song that you love whilst you’re cleaning your teeth, getting dressed or making the bed or whatever you do. Make it a positive upbeat song. Here’s a few I love: Happy by Pharrell Williams, Lovely Day by Bill Withers, Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars. In fact, anytime you feel low or are wallowing play a song you love. Music has the capacity to change your state and mood instantly. If you want, sing your little heart out. I’m listening to an 80’s playlist now and Womack and Womack Teardrops just came on, I love this track!!!

Eat well: and regularly where possible. Get your goodness from your greens. Take your vitamins and supplements. Cook delicious food, chew it properly, eat it slowly, enjoy every mouthful. I’ve currently got a chicken and vegetable soup on the go in the slow cooker from a roast chicken at the weekend.

Get creative and learn: try something new, cook a new dish, learn a language or instrument, share skills with your household or friends, learn a magic trick to show at all those parties next year.

Move: move your body, whatever level you can. Walk around the house, garden, jig and dance in your chair, boogie in the kitchen, do anything you can manage. If you’re feeling fitter, keep your strength up by home training with weights or makeshift versions like tins of soup. There’s lots of support online to help you.

Time out: by reading to exercise the mind, meditating or stretching, ideally in peace. Have a bath, do a face mask, whiten your teeth. Even just lie on your back and breathe deeply.

Sleep: wind down at the end each day, stay away from the news later in the evening, yoga if you can, read something lovely. Simple stretches before bed. Good restful sleep is paramount during tricky times, don’t underestimate it.

Don’t forget to laugh hard, be silly, be childish, dance, sing and be playful. Nothing lasts forever and neither will this! Together we’ll get through it xxx


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  1. WOW thank-you I am feeling so much more positive and feeling alive and I making a tick list of what I am doing its jumping up and down and my pi[ates machine is ready because I cant go for my daily walk because of my SLE lupus due to the peak in this pandemic keep safe and well xxx

  2. Hi Chloe, really enjoyed reading your blog, excellent tips for coping in these difficult times, thanks for sharing. Best wishes to you x

  3. Hi Chloe. I read all the presenters blog’s. I must say, this one really stands out. Your all lovely gals and guys, but you’ve taken me by surprise. What a fantastic blog you have put together. I’m really finding this situation we are all in, nerve wracking. I’m aware I’m not alone feeling like this. I won’t go into details, I don’t want to depress you. What you have said in your blog, I say to myself in the early hours, in going to do so and so tomorrow, tomorrow comes and I still sit here a nervous wreck, but I’m am seriously going to try and put into place, all you have suggested on here. Your a lovely mindful lady. Stay safe and be well. Xxx

  4. Hi chloe just wanted to say what a lovely blog this is filled with positive thoughts for everyone . Thank you . Keep safe and well luv jilltx

  5. What a lovely blog with great advice Chloe! Particularly love the sentiment in the last paragraph.
    Thank you very much and stay safe😍
    Dee x

  6. What a lovely, upbeat, positive post, Chloe – something we all need in these testing times. I’m trying to follow much of what you have suggested and have also yesterday signed up for an Open University course! Even if you’re keeping up routines, if you are not working as much as usual, there’s a lot of time to fill and I hope it will keep my brain busy!

  7. Hi Chloe, such a lovely post giving us really good advice during these difficult times….I am now singing “Happy” cant get the tune out of my mind lol…but it is making me smile! Keep well and thank you xx

  8. Hi Chloe, thank you for sharing your lovely blog. Your tips are great. Both me and my husband we have been dancing in the kitchen
    And keeping in touch with some of our elderly neighbours and friends. Stay safe and healthy. God bless you. Antoinette

  9. Still working. I am a pharmacist based in 3 GP surgeries. Dealing with script queries. Please did not panic order prescription items and please do not abuse my colleagues in community pharmacy. It is not their fault! Thanks. Be kind everyone.

  10. Chloe you are true inspiration to all of us at this extremely unusual world we are all currently living in.

    My our thoughts everyday be with those who have been lost to this world and may they all rest in peace.

    Keep safe everyone and remember to take each day at a time and stay positive if you can.

  11. Hi Chloe, just love your positive energy on the show. I am a childminder and have had to close, so have lots of time on my hands. I’ve always loved QVC, thanks to my Mum! I have suffered with anxious depression and watching you really inspires me to get up and do something positive! Thank you so much. Keep safe and well!
    Christina xx

  12. Chloe what an inspirational post.
    I totally agree with your Philosophy and although especially important at this time, a real blue print for life.
    Let’s celebrate the simple things.
    As the saying goes ‘we can’t change the wind, but we can adjust our sails’
    Thank you

  13. Thank you Chloe.
    I would not normally get the opportunity read the blogs. Even if I just pick one from your list. I have been struggling (single mum of 3 one only 3 years old) in fact sending myself a little mad. The not looking at the news at night has so helped. I am going to make it my goal to do the breathing.
    Thank you once again for a very positive blog. Stay safe.

  14. I’ve been critical of you, but this is an excellent piece. It’s genuine and helpful and thankfully short on advertising

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