Into the New Year with a bang!

I’m calling it 2020 The Year of Plenty, plenty of whatever you decide! So I’ve dried up completely this January, zero alcohol for the whole month, I’m loving it so far a week in. Christmas was lovely and so much fun but serious levels of over indulgence, plus I had that manky cough cold virus thing that’s still doing the rounds. I am in fact nearly fully better so I’m all ready to master my new year’s resolution of being leaner, greener and cleaner! Let’s break it down because this is also something everyone can be on board with and really is down to the particular connotation you place on this.

Leaner: I’m going to simplify my life, cut out the things I don’t need. By that I mean any foods that don’t serve me well such as sugar, gluten, extra alcohol. I’ve also found out I’m allergic to nightshades so they have to go too! The other take on this is that I’d like to get leaner, particularly around my tummy area. So that’s more gym and less calorie intake. I’d love to simplify my beauty regime but through the nature of my job, I also have to interrupt routines to try new products, but I’m not complaining because I love it.

Greener: let’s look after our planet, recycle more, cut back, reduce carbon footprints and do our bit. Eat less meat and more plants, use less paper and look at paperless options. Turn out lights and appliances when you’re not in the home/room. I’m looking into starting a compost pile in the garden too, that project is underway. Also let’s all try and switch to canvas or bags for life rather than plastics. There’s so much we can do and if we all take a little bit of responsibility it will make a massive difference.

Cleaner: I’m trying to eat and drink clean, keep it natural, favouring homemade and raw ingredients, and cutting out the chemicals, additives, stabilisers and preservative. Really making an effort to go organic where possible. Also keep my home and work space clean and tidy which in turn helps with a tidy mind.

On that note, let’s talk about lovely clean beauty and our Liz Earle Today’s Special Value which is available now. Wave goodbye to apres festive dull skin that’s been over worked with the amazing Liz Earle Overnight Restore Skincare Collection!

It features the brand new Cica Paste to calm and soothe our complexion, plus all of your much loved favourites such as the monster award winning Cleanse & Polish in both original and Rose & Lavender, along with Instant Boost Tonic and Skin Repair Moisturiser. Direct from Liz Earle you’d pay £112.50 but on this special day and the run up to it, it’s just £45 from QVC UK or three interest-free monthly instalments of £15! (While stocks last).

This kit goes to air on Sunday but is available right now!

On that note, my hair is also cleaner and leaner but actually more blue than green!

What are your resolutions? And how are you doing?

Much love,

Chloe XX

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  1. Oh Chloe, isn’t Ted just adorable…..I even love him myself !!!! Please, please lets see more of Ted on Cozee Home shows, actually why doesn’t QVC have a pets at home show, and all the presenters could bring their dogs, yes even cats dare I say (or maybe not). Just me being silly but it would certainly create some ‘interesting’ moments. Take care and love him to bits cause pets are so precious.

  2. Happy New year Chloe, thank you for your lovely blog. You are a very inspirational young lady and a great presenter. Love reading your blogs. I am nearly 69 years old. And I get to much tips from qvc make-up fashion home beauty love it. There’s that saying you are never to old to learn. Wishing you all the happiness in the world and good luck for the future. Antoinette x

  3. Happy new year Chloé! You look amazing anyway so don’t worry about losing weight on your tummy! I love your hair too! It was lovely anyway but you suit it for a change x

  4. Really enjoy your blogs. You’re always so jolly and upbeat. Live your new hairstyle. What do you do to get it stay straight and un that bib? Want to try with my mine. 🙂

  5. Hair is lovely have you a partner someone mention about you being engaged? Love watching your presenting. Hope you can get a pets programme to present.

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