The best yet!

We all thought it would never happen and to be honest Dyson themselves said it would never happen, but it is and it’s going to! What are we talking about? The big Dyson Supersonic Today’s Special Value (TSV).

It’s the only one they are going to be offering before Christmas, it’s the only time they’ve ever reduced the price and naturally, everybody is going wild for it right now up and down the country. It’s brought in new customers from all over the UK who just want to get their hands on the Limited Edition Red Dyson Supersonic, with the matching Ferrari red box.

So what QVC have managed to do in conjunction with Dyson, is bring you this awesome offer for a very limited time with a finite stock on six interest-free instalments (Easy Pays), with no postage and packaging to pay, with the box included, and all at the lowest price they have ever done.

So if you have been contemplating getting this, watched the videos and the live shows and wished you owned it, or are wondering what all the big fuss is about – now is the time to try it. Unbelievably here at QVC we will let you try this for not just 30 days, but if it’s a gift will extend that through to the 25th of January as a trial period, so if you don’t love it send it back. So Dyson tell us this revolutionary hairdryer dries our hair much quicker at lower temperatures and therefore is better for the health of our hair, well now you can see and try it out for yourself.

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I, like many, have found I can dry my hair in under five minutes and this for me in the morning has been life changing. It gives me so much extra time, I absolutely love it as I have zero patience and this fits right in with my lifestyle. My hair is also in much better condition. As I said, we never thought this would happen and it’s going to go quick, so join us live on QVC at 9pm tonight for what could be the best gift you’ve ever bought for yourself or a loved one or get yours now here.




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