Seamlessly segue into spring

Oh, it’s SO time to refresh and feel like we’ve shaken off the dirges of winter, isn’t it? Colour palettes brighten and fabrics lighten, lifting both our step and mood as we seamlessly segue into spring.

To help ease you in, we have a fabulous Fashion Event here on QVC, with so many wonderful new pieces from a collection of both our much-loved and newer brands.

One of this week’s Big Deals is a specially designed dress from Monsoon

It’s available in easy-to-wear colours and – oh my word – a lovely soft 100% viscose, which drapes beautifully and feels gentle on the skin.

As it was Valentine’s Day when I was attempting to capture some pictures, I opted for the red! A pretty red, not too bright or harsh and a lovely mix of dots and florals combined. It does a good job of masking when you’re feeling less than vibrant – I always feel colour does that so well.

It’s a great midi-length with working buttons all the way through, so you can be as risque as you’d like! A flashing of legs and all that. And whilst I found the neckline fine, it could easily be pinned a little higher should you wish…

Depending on your footwear choice, I think it can take you to loads of places! It’s smart in the navy and black option, but throw on some pumps and a denim jacket and it will become that fab dressed-down look.

I slipped it straight over the head, although there is also a side zip to add to the great fit. It is that perfect ‘go anywhere, do anything’ dress yet feels so comfy… my kind of dress, for sure.

I tried to show off this dress … oh believe me I tried!!!… as this little montage will prove.

June (our make-up artist) and Michael were making me laugh so much as they were completely taking the mickey out of my attempts to get some pics… whilst laying on the floor may perhaps have taken it a tad too far (I was just trying to see if I could get a longer shot, you see!!!) we ended up laughing – a lot ! I’m smiling as I write this, that’s good for the soul, is it not?!

In fact, I’m off to Marrakech with the girls this week and it will be so perfect to take with me because the sun is going to be shining!!! Woohoo I cannot wait! Hamman’s and Camel Rides are on the agenda and Dan wants me to bring back some spices, but I’m not sure I’ll have the haggle abilities… I bet my friend Kate will have that skill, though! So watch out Dan, I may be chartering a plane to bring back my wares!

I failed to get anything else much worth sharing with you, aside from this picture of the delicious MarlaWynne TSV for this Tuesday…

I wore the Sea Grass shade here. The colours MarlaWynne bring us are always so classy and elegant – we also have Oyster, Copper, Black and Dark Slate available, too.

It drapes and falls away from the body, it’s effortlessly elegant and it’s kind of sleek with the placket at the front. I always feel well dressed and sophisticated whenever I wear it and I really think it’s one my Momie will look fabulous in, too. She’s often needing to dress for occasions and gets a feeling of dread, so with this in her repertoire to wear with loose trousers and a little jewellery too, I suspect she’ll be happy… It’s not long until we celebrate Mother’s Day after all, so it could be a smug ‘I’m sorted’ feeling for me!!! I think either the Sea Grass or Oyster for her…

I think we have some incredible and knowledgeable, not to mention stylish (well, that’s a given) fashion guests at QVC and it will be a joy to show lots of our new season fashions over the coming few weeks. Don’t miss out on these fabulous offers with a limited time scale though, and enjoy perusing our website where you will be spoilt for choice!

A Marrakech catch-up coming next!!! Unless the camel runs away with me, of course!!!

Much love until then,

Claire xx

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  1. Hi Claire. How lovely is the Monsoon dress. I now have it in the green and tried it on with the TSV from Moda in Pelle, just like you have. As a women in her 60’s and not one to normally wear dresses I can’t thank QVC enough for giving us women the opportunity to try something for 30 days without a shop assistant trying to convince us how lovely something looks when we know it really doesn’t. On this occasion I don’t need the 30 days as I know it is a keep item. If this dress comes back in stock from Monsoon I will buy another one even if it is at a higher price, possibly in the red.
    Thank you Claire and all the QVC presenters who do a magnificent job.


    1. Oh Sue, I’m so pleased you are liking it . I know exactly what you mean…there’s a little bit of peace knowing you can really calmly decide for yourself !! Hope you get lots of lovely wear from it xx

  2. Hi Clare I’ve purchased so much MarlaWynne .I hoping come the good weather I will make a real stylish statement .I don’t go out really only with the dogs so don’t feel as though I can wear my Marla xxxsherrie

  3. Oh Sherrie, just think how gorgeous you will look, make sure you wear and enjoy your Marla and yes come on better weather so we can be at bit more free with our choices , love Claire xx

  4. Hello, I watched today at lunch time and you had the most stunning green shirt dress on with pink fans. I need it in my life is it from QVC?

  5. Claire can you help me. Aisling on Style Channel wore a khaki jumpsuit last week. Is it available on QVC. She was on the Live Channel with the presenter (male) who usually presents Centigrade. I would really appreciate information on same.

    Stay safe in those troubled times.



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