We’ve got this!

Hello hello, we are nearly out the other side of the so-called ‘worst month’. To be honest, I don’t want any days to race away too fast as there is certainly so much happening that makes us very grateful to be here and present.

However, it’s been relentlessly wet and rather dark… so to see the blue sky and some sun out amidst the wind and cold as I write is rather lovely.

Forgive me for my less frequent and chatty blogs of late… too many tabs open on the computer (my head!!) and I’m just trying to stay afloat. I know from all your wonderful comments here and on my Instagram and Twitter feeds that you are the kindest of souls and that so many of us are juggling loads.

It’s important therefore to stop and recognise that ‘this is a moment of difficulty’ and knowing others are also experiencing a less than easy time does actually keep perspective.

My Compassion course, which is stage 2 of the Mindfulness Association, is providing an outlet. It’s hard as you look inwards – and crikey there’s a lot in there – that one has to sit with and work through, but I love doing it and I feel this is a year of exploration and development.

Family life is full on here. Maddie forgot her phone this morning and when Dan kindly drove to catch her up on her commute I spotted Joe’s phone on the stairs! What on earth… now that shows there’s some other minds in the house that are also rather too full.

Madds is panicking about her GCSE’s. Dance Practical and Art have become a little overwhelming for her; there’s SO much to do and thank heavens I was able to extract that information from her, so tonight we can calmly look at where she’s up to and I hope I can help.

‘Extracting information’ is actually quite a pertinent phrase at the moment, as I feel it’s all being sucked out of us regarding Tom and his next steps… a challenging time with meeting after meeting and people spending a mere moment in time with us and basing decisions about his future on their findings – bearing in mind he has good days and bad days and so much can also depend on his mood as to what he says and does. I feel fearful, frustrated and uncertain.

Add into to the mix a difficult time for my middle one and the boat feels decidedly rocky. BUT… we talk, we do, we love and we will crack on and navigate into smoother waters. I am certain.

I posted this on my social media page as it really felt appropriate and SO made me laugh…

One piece of advice I’ve been given is to get outside, re-tune with nature, re-balance and renewing. I mean, just look at the genius that is Mother Nature happening quietly, silently and constantly right under our noses.

This hibernation period of winter should maybe teach us a lesson that we too need to stop, re-charge and then, like the little new shoots I’m spotting all around, we too will surge forth with our equivalent ‘new shoots’.

I was beyond fortunate to visit my two happy places last week and breathed in the beauty of the Dales, and then at the end of the week I absorbed the sea air in Suffolk.

It was a flying visit to both, but a visit nonetheless and a morning walk on the beach set me up for the day, that’s for sure. I want to be there NOW… but work is calling !

All this getting-out-more that I have every intention of doing will please my boy Gus immensely. What Labrador wouldn’t look hopeful when that’s suggested!

Correct attire that’s warm and appropriate is needed, so I have been having a sort-out and now have a bag of coats from us all, including footwear to pass on to the local shelter, who do an incredible job in feeding and clothing the people who need it in our area.

A cleanse and a purge can also make a nice little space for some newness!! So a road test of Emu’s by is always a pleasure !

I know Sarah Booker always puts the boots through their paces, as you can see here. More often than not, she too is on a beach near her home.

Beaches are not required in order to own these beauties coming up as this Friday’s TSV (178509).

They are warm, cosy (as we are due some cold aren’t we?) and brilliantly constructed and stylish to boot… see what I did there!? Where on earth do some of these phrases originate from?at a fabulous price. They will look amazing striding out on pavements, flagstones, fields, cobbles and tarmac any-flippin-where !!!!

Oh, hold on… here you go:

The idiom to boot, meaning in addition or besides, has nothing to do with footwear. This sense of boot is left over from the Old English bot

And Middle English bote, where the word meant an advantage or something included in a bargain, and the phrase to boot has been in common usage since the time of Old English “to bote”

Incidentally, is it just me or when you copy and paste, do you hold your finger in the air thinking ‘I mustn’t touch anything else till I’ve pasted as it’s magically suspended in my finger..?!’

So, a new month is looming, so new Pick of the Month’s for Gardening and Beauty will be yours on QVC with zero P&P.

And the Big Deals are a superb selection and the fabulous brands on offer from Sunday midnight for a whole week are Laura Geller, Kim & Co, Vionic and Skullcandy.

There’s still a couple of days left for this weeks offers, don’t forget!

My latest QVC buy that gave me a smile and a little buzz is right here from Joules:

The prints is so happy, sunny and putting a great message out there – and it’s felt the love on my Instagram! Beee yourself, save the BEES, BEEEautiful and possibly my favourite: BooBEES!!

I think my Queen Bee print may buzz off and sell out soon, but it’s also available featuring other gorgeous animals, too!

Oh, and on another note: who even knew Calligraphy was soooo tricky??!! I so enjoyed my workshop experience alongside my sister in law but was surprised at how hard it was!

I assumed I’d be quite good at it (never assume, it makes an ass out of you and me!)… thank you to the dearly missed Jill Goldsmith for that ‘oft said phrase!

Oh, and I admit I was a tad disappointed to be called Claire as it just didn’t look swirly and wooshy enough… I was given the ink and the nib to practice with, so be warned, you may get a handwritten calligraphic blog next (if there ever were such a thing).

Huge love to you all and I’ll tell you as I’m telling myself…. ‘WE’VE GOT THIS!’

See you on QVC soon.

Claire xxxx

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  1. On Claire you are wonder woman never forget that such a lovely person my daughter Clare is also always juggling everything a three and a half year old and six month old baby. I help her out as,much as,I can I expect there could be another grandchild in the near future my son Gary got married last Sunday so watch this space. Anyway you take care in sure they will all thank you and your lovely husband for your care and love . Best wishes Loraine xx

  2. Yes you have got this. No-one realises just how “hard” it is to deal with some of mother nature’s special gifts. My daughter, like you, has her moments, I am so very proud of her and although I have no idea of your life and it’s intracancies, yes you, like her, have GOT this. My love to you and yours. Enjoy your life. X

  3. Life is riding the waves! Claire, just listen to your heartbeat, believe in yourself and be kind to yourself.
    Peace is within us we just have to say ‘hello’. Go gently and smile, you’re special.
    Angela 👼

  4. I am very fortunate to live near the water in Essex and no two days are the same if you walk along the seafront and it makes me feel very lucky. I can appreciate your enjoyment of your days out.

    I hope things start to become easier for you and all your family.

  5. Hi claire,
    Totally understand about just trying to stay afloat so never worry about that. It’s just so difficult for so many of us these days with demanding jobs and family members to take care of as you well and truly know. You do an amazing job and never forget it. As for people making judgments after only a few minutes, I know it can seem awful and we’re all different but remember these are experienced professionals too so trust in them as well. Still, it’s your baby.
    Take care x

  6. Hi, Claire; Keep ploughing forward; you’re doing an amazing job with Tom. As a disabled person myself, I’ve kind of seen first-hand how frustrating life can be for parents in your situation, but know that, however tough it gets, Tom, in his own way, appreciates your love and care for him, despite the difficulties (and the fact that he may not always show it!!) xxx

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