Hot Chocolate, Baubles, Candles, & Mushrooms!

Hello! Hope you are well and thanks for reading my blog. Well, I reckon this is possibly the most bizarrely named blog I’ve done in ages, it made me giggle….. so let’s take this one by one:

Hot chocolate: our Today’s Special Value on Saturday 16th is the incredible Hotel Chocolate Velvetiser. It comes with Hot Chocolate Satchets which are flakes of real chocolate, and makes the most creamy, velvety hot chocolate. Hence it’s name! It’s actually available on our website early, so get in there first if you fancy it – it makes a wonderful present too!

Baubles: on Monday 18th we have another wonderful Todays Special Value offer from Home Reflections (only available at QVC) in the form of a Christmas bauble. It has a choice of cheery Christmas designs and is beautifully illuminated too. Whilst there is a hook that can be used to hang it (make sure the branch is strong enough!), ideally these are designed to take pride of place in an table, shelf or sideboard. Join me on Monday when I’ll show you more.

Candles: then the following day on Tuesday 19th we have the BIG priced candles offer of the season – the bumper collection from heritage candles brand Prices Candles. As we’ve seen in previous years this is a set that includes tumbler candles & tea lights in a variety of festive inspired fragrances all presented in boxes ready to gift so you can start ticking names off that Christmas list. I’ll be taking you through the collection on air and it’s a good idea to order quickly as the collection is always popular.

Mushrooms: have you seen this month’s Supersize of the Month? It’s from Origins and even though it’s new at QVC it’s one of their most popular products. It’s called Mega Mushroom Relief & Resilience Treatment Lotion and it’s a water-like essence that you use after cleaning before your serum, oil and moisturiser. I’ve really enjoyed using it and have loved the balance and brightness it’s instantly added to my skin. Take a look at this video where I tell you more.

And the best bit: as a temporary offer at QVC we have a 400ml bottle with us double the regular size from Origins yet only costs a few pounds more- brilliant!

So, there we go, strange blog title explained, haha!

See you on-air soon and remember you can also find me on Instagram and Twitter too @craigrowetv.

Big big hugs

Craig x


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  1. Correct me if I am wrong but this version of the Velvetiser looks considerably smaller than the original version
    from which you could pour the two pod cups full of chocolate. Recent demonstrations on Qvc have shown that
    one full Velvetiser only fills one pod. Is this the case? If so it doesn’t represent good value for money.

    1. Hello , I bought the original Velvetiser and you can only get 1 pod cup per chocolate use. So it is the same as before

  2. I see you are going on to A Place in the Sun. Well done. Clearly the episodes have already been filmed, and I look forward to watching. HOWEVER, please please please do not be one of those presenters who refer to potential clients as “you GUYS”. These are customers and need to be treated in a professional manner. I should know, I used to sell property in Spain, and calling – ladies in particular – GUYS is not good. So good luck

  3. Just love to see you on QVC…… Such a joy!!!!!! Merry Christmas to you and your family 🌲🌲🌲….. All the best… Xx

  4. Craig on no you are leaving my fellow Bristolian I wish you all the luck in the world for the future . I will miss you xx

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