Therapy delivered by Theragun

Hello and thanks for reading my blog. I hope you are safe and well and keeping warm through this cold snap.

My blog this week is all about a new device coming to QVC as a Today’s Special Value that is sure to bring you a feeling of absolute bliss.

It’s called the Theragun and has been created after 10 years of research by a Dr Jason Wersland, a doctor with chiropractic expertise who has worked with top sportspeople and had incredible press coverage.

I have been lucky enough to try it over the last couple of days and I’ve been really impressed by the tension release, plus increased feelings of wellbeing and relaxation it’s brought me.

At the moment I am being very active as I am on a bit of a health kick. I find even if I am disciplined with my stretching (which often I’m not!) I still get a lot of tension and stiffness in my body especially around my back, legs, feet, arms and neck.

The Theragun has really helped me address this by gently but affectively massaging those parts of my body using a patented design that makes it easy to relieve signs of tension. It’s light, comfortable to hold and works cordlessly so you’re not tying yourself in knots while using it.

However please don’t think it is just designed for sports people, because actually if you’re someone who enjoys gardening, have a desk job, drive or just feel that your body could do with a refreshing and nourishing massage then you will love Theragun as it can be used by pretty much anyone.

If you decide to invest in one, it’s something both your partner or other members of the family could use because all the heads and attachments are non-absorbent and can be easily cleaned and sanitised. It’s also perfect to use with your SBC Arnica Gel or Elemis Massage Balm.

Currently on pre-launch, you can see the official launch of the Theragun this tonight with Miceal and then with me at 4pm and 6pm on Thursday.

In the meantime, take a look at my Instagram where there are some videos on how to use it in addition to the photos here on my blog.

If you have any specific questions, free feel to message me on Twitter or Instagram and I can get them answered for you during the show from the Theragun team.

Big hugs,

Craig x

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