A gardener’s work is never done

I hope all is well… so spring/summer is kind of bumping along isn’t it? It’s not really got going yet but as always, we Brits remain ever hopeful of those balmy days of summer.

Whatever the weather, a gardener’s work is never done, albeit a labour of love.

Mrs F and I have been very busy in the garden tidying up, removing moss and planting out new flowers including this beautiful rhododendron from Plants2Gardens (pictured above), which I think sold out in super quick time. We cut some of our fabulous Plants2Gardens “Gudoshnik” tulips as well and put them in a vase indoors – see for yourselves how spectacular they are!

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden or allotment to maintain, one of the jobs that needs doing on a regular basis is turning over the soil and/or planting new plants or vegetables etc. This job can be made three times as hard when we raise our spade high in the air and bring it down only to bounce off a hidden root, sending a jarring shockwave through fingers and wrist and ends somewhere around your neck! I’m sure many will relate to that unpleasant sensation!

If so… you may be interested to learn that we have the excellent Radius Garden Multi-Purpose Root Slayer as our Today’s Special Value (TSV) this Monday the 9th of May.

It has an ingeniously designed “arrow” like shape with sharp serrated edges that will carve through tough or compacted soil with or without roots. It also has a tough bar at the widest point as you can see in the images, which enables you to give that extra “welly” for particularly tough jobs.

We’ve a great price and I’ll be with Tommy Cross at 4pm on Monday in our Tools for the Home & Garden show, then back again with it at 6pm in our DIY hour. I hope you can join us!

I’ll be back with another blog next week as we have a great upcoming Summer Garden Celebration weekend including four hours of Andi Peters’ Food Fest. 🙂

Until next time, stay vibration-free and well!

Dale x

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