Celebrations, Diamonique and poorly paws

I hope all’s well…

September is so often a glorious month for weather and in fact that was one of the reasons Mrs F and I chose it as the month to get married in – 35 years ago! Yes, it really was that long ago… my wife Tracey says it only seems like 70 years. 😉

We often look at our wedding photo and ask where those children have gone!

Most years the weather is kind to us and this year was no exception, so we had a lovely pub garden lunch to mark the occasion. Before I’m accused of being tight, it was Tracey’s suggestion – to be honest we are just as happy in relaxed surroundings, to chat and take stock of the past, present and future, along with some tasty pub food.

Toby (our eldest bearded collie) has had to have another operation on his foot and thankfully this dry weather has made it so much easier to keep his dressings dry. We have a wonderful local vet who has regularly dressed his foot in an array of coloured bandages and I’m happy to report that he is on the mend. Sadly, no walks for him for a few more weeks yet and although Ellie (our younger beardy) misses her bestie to walk with, I think secretly she quite likes the individual attention.

I’ve mentioned it before that Ellie displays more of her “wolf” DNA than Toby – she stalks anything that moves, is very curious (nosey) and loves the occasional roll in pungent substances to mask her own scent (usually provided by a local fox!). She also howls whenever she hears emergency sirens in the distance – a throwback I’m told to when different wolf packs communicated with each other?

My daughter Ali captured her howling the other morning on her iPhone – it’s quite impressive and haunting in the same breath!

I’ve had a few days break away from the Q, some of it planned and some due to a throat and tummy bug doing the rounds ☹, but I will be returning on Friday the 11th at 11am as it’s Diamonique Day!

Although I’ve been away for a little while, I know that our buyers have been busy preparing a scintillating day for all our jewellery-loving customers. There are literally hundreds of gorgeous items for you to treat yourselves or a loved one to – the Today’s Special Value (TSV) being one of them.

It’s a fabulous Vintage-Style Emerald-Cut Stepped Design Ring in a choice of Simulated Diamond, Emerald or Tanzanite, set in sterling silver with a lavish rhodium-plated finish – the look of many thousands of pounds at a fraction of the price. This is our first ever “vintage-style” Diamonique TSV and there will also be matching earrings and pendant necklaces offered on the day if you are looking to create a stunning matching set.

I’ll also be showcasing other simulated coloured gemstones at midday including our popular Diamonique Design of the Month – a Simulated Gemstone Friendship Bracelet. At 2pm I’ll be back with the stunning Escape by Melissa Odabash collection – this Pave Snake Ring caught my eye!

On Saturday I’ll be with lovely Ruth Langsford at 11am for her fabulous and hugely popular fashion collection, then I’m back at 2pm for an hour of brilliant Firelight created diamonds! Created diamonds are taking the jewellery world by storm at the moment, as they are indeed diamonds but created in a laboratory and look absolutely incredible at a much more affordable price than their mined cousins of similar quality!

So I hope you can join me at some point over the weekend, it’ll be great to have your company. 🙂

Until next time… I hope you stay in “howling” good health and sparkle!


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  1. You look lovely in the wedding photo. Your wife’s dress is absolutely gorgeous and i am sure she is also beautiful both inside and out. Take care both of you and happy anniversary. ❤️

  2. Happy anniversary Dale to you and Tracey. I hope you had a lovely day. My husband and I also celebrate our anniversary next week. I don’t know where 53 years have gone! September is my favourite month of the year, hence our chosen marriage month. I love the gradual transition from summer into autumn with the promise of the beautiful autumnal colours to look forward to. Poor Toby. He does look rather sorry for himself. I hope he’ll soon be going for walks with you and Ellie. Listening to her howling is so funny. The Diamonique TSV ring looks amazing. I hope you’ll feel better soon.

  3. Be lovely to see you back on the screens Dale a lovely photo memeory of you and Tracey on your special day. looking forward for the new collection i am loving the vintage emerald step ring. Hugs for Toby and Ellie glad Tobys paw is ok and Ellie howling wonderful. Our pets are amazing and beautiful and are a lot smarter than people think.
    Thank you for sharing looking forward to purchasing the ring and may be a few more items.
    Amanda . X

  4. We also got married in September would have been 49 years this year but sadly my hubby passed away 2years ago. Love the month and autumn. Mrs F looked lovely xxxx

    1. Thank you Linda .. I’m so sorry to hear of your loss … I’m sure you have many cherished memories of your precious time together … Dale x

  5. Ruth please can we have some trousers in tall other than jeans for us long legged women.? could do with it across the whole of qvc fashion as 31in is too short as dont want ankle swingers.

  6. What a lovely photo, you haven’t changed at all. My anniversary too, it’s my favourite month , love the arrival of Autumn both in nature and fashion, jumpers, boots , coats etc! Glad Toby is on the mend, xx

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