Shows with Tova and a fantastic Ninja offer

Just a quick blog. Well, March has arrived and I’ve got my “chefs” apron on for this fabulous up and coming Today’s Special Value (TSV) from Ninja, more of which I’ll explain later.

But first, I’d like to say how delighted I am that this Thursday and Friday I will be working with the very elegant Tova Borgnine, presenting her beautiful Diamonique collection, which includes a selection of spectacular pieces featuring stunning simulated D flawless Diamonds and other precious gemstones.  I always enjoy our shows together as Tova recites wonderful stories of her times being a part of Hollywood royalty, during the Golden Age of movies.

Tova, a very successful business woman in her own right was married to the late Oscar-winning, Hollywood legend Ernest Borgnine (her beloved “Ernie”) and she often talks of both the many jewellery gifts from Ernie and designs owned by her Hollywood friends that have inspired her own Diamonique collection.

Following on from Diamonique’s unique sparkle and brilliance – it’s so good to see the sun re-appearing, albeit in short bursts, signifying that spring is well on its way and nothing is more cheering than spotting daffodils growing randomly along the grass verges on my journey into work or when out walking my two dogs.

So it’s definitely the time to start thinking about our poor feet, which can tend to get somewhat neglected during the winter months when they’re not on show (out of sight out of mind), so do join me next Monday at 11am for an hour in the company of foot expert, Margaret Dabbs. Mrs F has been a massive fan of Margaret’s range for many years and finds her foot file invaluable, it even goes on holiday with her! We have it in stock currently in various kit configurations, but if you just want the top-rated professional foot file you can get it here and it even comes with twelve replaceable pads!

Now on to the amazing Ninja Grill and Air Fryer TSV I mentioned earlier, a sample of which I got to try out in the Q Prep Kitchen with lovely Jo-Anne, who runs and manages it with military precision. It’s just as well, as it is frantically busy in the hours before our Food Shows, as the many guests have to set up and prepare their food displays all at the same time – then the likes of myself and Andi Peters simply arrive to eat it!

The Ninja Foodi is very versatile and can air fry, grill, roast and dehydrate all sorts of food, in a neat worktop design. It’s easy to set up too, with simple instructions that are easy to follow and includes a recipe booklet. It utilises Cyclonic air technology reaching temperatures up to 265 degrees C. It also features a built-in timer and temperature control, plus can be used as an air fryer which means you can use up to 75% less fat than deep frying. You can also roast, bake and even dehydrate fruit and vegetables in it.

I’ll be in the QVC kitchen with Ninja at 4pm next Tuesday with guest Gail Samways and I hope you might be able to join us.

Until next time… stay well filed and fed!

Dale x

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  1. Hi Dale gorgeous pic of you and your adorable dog. I love Tova, she is such a lady and i have several of her beautiful pieces of diamonique in my collection. I also love Margaret Dabbs, she is so informative and i am awaiting my 3 piece hand collection from her range. Cant wait and i also introduced my best friend to the foot balm too. Great blog xx

  2. Hello, what delightful photos of your dog he/she obviously loves you to bits. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Dale, thank you for your lovely blog. Your dogs are adorable. Make me smile every time I see them. Best wishes. Antoinette

  4. Can you not do a blog without mentioning qvc this is more about them let’s see if it gets shared

  5. Hi Dale, Could you tell me if the chain necklace with crystals entwined that Tova, and the model, was wearing ever came up for sale? I watched every show that Tova did ready to place my order. Was she just teasing me?

  6. Hi dale hope you your good lady are well hope your daughter and son are doing well at univeristy if you dont mind me asking what are they studying.

  7. Hey Dale, I think you got nagged a bit there!!😁
    Love to watch you trying to keep a straight face when you are on air, loving the dog too 🐕

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