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I promised an update on Richard Jackson’s Moss Remover that I treated my back garden with in a previous blog video and I am so far very impressed with the speed at which it seems to have killed off the moss, already I’m seeing the shoots of grass starting to break through – so far so good Richard! 🙂

My ‘Gudoshnik’ Tulips from Plants2Gardens are about to burst into glorious bloom (see top photo) and I believe they are available to order this weekend in a pack of 20 bulbs for next season. Talking of which, I wanted to tell you all about some other great gardening ideas also featuring on-air this Easter Bank Holiday Weekend.

On Easter Saturday (16th April) the well-established brand of Thompson & Morgan have a Today’s Special Value (TSV) featuring two clematis ‘Taiga’, which come complete with a growing tower! The popular tower set up is ideal if you’re looking to add colour and height to your balcony, patio or garden.

The clematis ‘Taiga’ is the result of some clever Japanese breeding and has beautiful bluish purple and green flowers that look a little like passion flowers and will bloom from June to September and grow over six feet high! Another benefit is that with regular watering and feeding the flowers will come back year after year.

I remember a very well respected clematis expert once telling me that clematis like cold feet but a warm head! The tower planter comes in four stages so you can plant up your clematis in a good quality compost (I used Richard Jackson’s Peat-Free Compost) and add the stages as the clematis grow or assemble all at once as I did and wait for the Taiga’s to reach the top! Clematis are renowned climbers and will find their own way up the tower but you can give them a helping hand in their early growth stages if you like.

On Easter Monday (18th) our TSV is the Luxform Westminster 200cm 80 Lumen Lamppost with Planter, which has been designed especially for QVC UK. Luxform are masters of utilising the sun’s rays to power their garden lights and this lamppost has a beautiful lantern atop a post with rails and a planter at it’s base.

Simply screw together the post itself, attach the lantern to the top and the post to the planter base, then ideally place some ballast (perhaps sand or bricks) in the base. Fill the rest with compost and your favourite bedding plants, maybe some trailing geraniums or begonias? Then sit back and enjoy the warm glow as the sun begins to set. We have a choice of Black, White or Bronze in a durable weather-resistant blend of plastic and coated stainless steel.

I hope you can join myself and guests for an hour of Outdoor Living at 11am and later for the Enjoy Your Garden lunchtime show at 1pm.

Just a quick mention that the following day (Tuesday 19th) we have a great TSV from Margaret Dabbs London. My wife Tracey is a huge fan of Margaret’s amazing products and this offering comprises a Hands, Legs & Feet Treatment Trio. All three products are supersizes and our TSV includes a new launch – the fantastic Pure Exfoliating Hand Wash! Watch out for a great price saving and interest-free instalments (Easy Pays)!!

So until next time… stay towering, illuminated and supersized!


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  1. Hi Dale
    I’m in panic mode as there are just 6 items on the L’occitane page on website, has qvc stopped stocking this brand?? Thank you

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